#CREtech Picks: Week of 7/21/17

How Uber, self-driving cars and more are changing real estate

News - Albuquerque Journal

A little more than 10 years ago, Lower Merion and a small group of municipalities across the Philadelphia region jumped headfirst into a nationwide sensation. Cities and towns across the U.S. were excitedly clamoring to be the next to build a “transit-oriented development” — a rapidly popularized mixed-use concept that combined dense housing, retail space, offices, and more within a walkable community steps from major transit lines.

Robots Take Over Retail Jobs

News - Wall Street Journal

Last August, a 55-year-old Wal-Mart employee found out her job was being taken over by a robot. Her task was to count cash and track the accuracy of the store’s books from a desk in a windowless backroom. She earned $13 an hour.

In the future, everything’s possible: Here’s what that means for CRE

Blog - Apto

Before digital spreadsheets, it would take a bookkeeper an entire day to calculate the impact of changing a single business variable. When VisiCalc appeared on the market in 1979, suddenly people could get those calculations instantly.

Do Or Die: Cities Face Falling Behind If They Don’t Implement Digital Infrastructure

News - Bisnow

Smart technology is changing how cities are run, how residents live and how businesses attract employees. For the last decade, cities have been building high-speed internet and using digital technology to expand city services.

3D Tech In CRE Is Just A Gimmick, Unless Paired With This Service

News - Bisnow

Ever since "Back to the Future, Part II" premiered in 1989, we have been waiting for hoverboards and wearables to enter our everyday life. It may not be exactly how we imagined, but the future is finally here.

Resource preview: Why you should pay attention to the Internet of Things

Blog - Buildout

The ecosystem of everyday objects embedded with computing devices (also known as the Internet of Things) is growing rapidly. Soon, every item we interact with in our daily lives could be controlled through another device. But why does that matter?

Top Tech Cities Research: Looking Ahead

Blog - Cushman & Wakefield

What better way to launch our new Tech Cities series than with a ranked list? A data-driven snapshot that provides order while simultaneously promising that change is coming. Nothing stays #1 forever, and during the journey we can cheer and jeer the results.

Podcast #143 Richard Sarkis CEO Reonomy.

Blog - Duke Long

Take a deep dive into one of the original #CRE #Tech Companies. What is quality data for #CRE? What are the problems associated with that data? Take a journey from idea to concept to a viable product. What does it take to create a company and raise millions of dollars in the big city of New York?

CRE//Tech, Me, LA and Driverless Cars

Blog - Neuerspace

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I am obsessed with the idea of driverless cars. I have frequently said that I will be among the first to own one when they become available, and my hope is that my children will never need a driver’s license.

How technology is helping restaurants connect with guests
Blog - JLL Real Views

From touch-screen tables to chatbots taking orders, food retailers are experimenting with technology to attract customers. Domino’s is trialing delivery by drone in Australia, while restaurant chains including Itsu, Bill’s and the Cheesecake Factory are letting customers pay via their mobile phones.

3 Things We Should Learn About Integration

Blog - Jonathan Schultz

Remember back in the old days when job positions were more specialized? Managers and data entry clerks rarely performed the same daily tasks at work – before cross-training became the biggest buzzword in HR, that is.

Is Your Grocery List Digital? These 7 Apps Can Help You Get There

Blog - Regency Centers

Knowing how shoppers shop can be a great opportunity for retailers to provide helps for making grocery shopping easy and enjoyable. One of the ways grocers can aid shoppers is to streamline visits with the use of grocery list apps. The top apps available for both iOS and android range from free to paid subscriptions. Functionality can be as simplistic as manually creating a list similar to handwritten ones or supercharged as auto-creating lists based on real-time tracking of household inventory. Many grocery list apps also offer in-app ads, through which retailers might consider running promotions.

Technology and the Future of Office Space

Blog - Reoptimizer

Our mobile devices, computers, automobiles and household electronics and appliances are constantly evolving as technology continues to advance and open the door to new features and functionality. The lighting fast advancement of tech is also impacting the business world in new and exciting ways. New technologies are even shaping commercial real estate, setting the stage for office spaces that are more advanced than ever before.

Jet.com is installing Latch access systems in 1,000 NYC apartment buildings for easier deliveries

News - TechCrunch

Jet, the online retailer bought by Walmart last year, has struck a deal with smart access provider Latch in an effort to make deliveries easier for its customers in urban areas. Over 100,000 residents living in 1,000 buildings will get free and full access to Latch’s residential “R” system for the exterior door of their building, with the install paid for by a “joint investment” from Jet and Latch.

Other Than Social Media, How Often Do You Use Apps For Business?

Blog - theBrokerList

I was on a conference call yesterday with Linda Day Harrison from The Broker List, Howard Kline from CRE Radio & TV, Kateri Osborne from The News Funnel and CRE//Tech, and Zach Watkins from RealMassive. Linda asked me the question, why did I decide to pivot QuantumListing away from being an app only to being an app and website. My answer was that most people don’t want to do data entry on their phone.  

Commercial Real Estate Platform Truss and Immersive Media Technology Company Matterport Partner to Improve the Office Search Process

Press Release - Truss

Today Commercial Real Estate (CRE) platform Truss and immersive media and virtual reality (VR) pioneer Matterport announced their partnership to provide commercial tenants with a completely new form of immersive 3D media when touring office spaces remotely on the Truss platform. With Matterport’s state of the art technology, Truss customers will be able to experience full 3D models of properties and understand exactly what it’s like to be inside a space. 

TH Real Estate Achieves Wired Certification for 16 Buildings in New York City and Boston

Press Release - WiredScore

WiredScore, the company behind the world’s leading rating system for technological capacity in commercial buildings, and TH Real Estate,  an affiliate of Nuveen (the investment management arm of TIAA) announced today that TH Real Estate has achieved Wired Certification for its 16-building office portfolio in the New York City and Boston areas.

#CREtech Picks: Week of 7/14/17

The Next Job Humans Lose to Robots: Real Estate Appraiser

News - Bloomberg

Twenty-five years ago, Brian Weaver was told at a seminar that the real estate appraisal profession would be killed off by technology in five years. It didn’t happen. But he now thinks the forecast wasn’t exactly wrong—just early.

10 Sales Productivity Apps You Will Actually Want to Use

Blog - Digsy

With targets and deadlines to beat, salespeople are always on the run to meet clients, do presentations, or attend a training session. Therefore, mobile access to company software and sales tools is a necessity for their productivity.

Podcast #142 Keith Kleinmaier CEO Tenant Tracker.

Blog - Duke Long

Deep roots in both #CRE and #Tech. Operations, ownership, management. Workflow. Productivity. Is it just tech for the sake of tech?

Why Technology Adoption Is Key To Transforming Real Estate

News - Forbes

The real estate industry is not well-known for technology adoption. For too many years, the 2 million real estate agents in the U.S. have relied on a disparate set of more than 250 third-party technology tools — none of which are integrated, creating more work, not less.

Data Science: Big Money and Big Data

Blog - Jonathan Schultz

Big data, a profession once referred to as “sexy” by the Harvard Business Review, is believed to be the next big thing to disrupt commercial real estate. While some may argue that real estate has taken a more conservative approach to the data-driven model than other industries, things are starting to pick up in the field. 
#CREtech Exhibitors: GeoCV

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

GeoCV enables everyone the ability to capture and share reality in volumetric 3D, using your phone. Their 3D viewer for web, mobile, and virtual reality showcases photorealistic visualizations with smooth navigation. Founded by 3D computer vision experts with 12 years of experience in the field, GeoCV has developed an advanced automated solution for producing the full marketing suite of 3D virtual tours, photography and floor plans at the highest quality, all at an affordable price.

4 Tech Trends Shaping CRE

Blog  - Lee & Associates

As the world becomes more connected, there are four huge technology trends that will affect just about everything we do. From the internet of things (IoT) to virtual reality (VR), new technologies are changing behavior and providing new ways to create, manage and solve. These same trends are also changing the CRE paradigm with potential to change the way commercial real estate is owned, bought, marketed, analyzed, planned, and occupied.

Apple unveils smart home experiences in its retail stores worldwide

News - TechCrunch

Unless you’ve had a chance to try some Apple HomeKit products in someone’s home or apartment, it can be hard to understand how it all works. In order to help with that, Apple has unveiled interactive HomeKit experiences in 46 of its retail stores worldwide.

ProspectNow Launches Predictive Digital Marketing Platform

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

The competition is fierce amongst lenders and real estate agents to land and close customers. In the drive to generate leads, lenders and agents tend to "blanket" advertise, or spend money on marketing tactics reaching customers not ready for their services. Talk about wasting money! Stop marketing to owners who aren’t ready to refinance or sell.

Real estate venture firm Fifth Wall launches an early stage accelerator

News - TechCrunch

The venture capital firm Fifth Wall, an investor in construction and real-estate focused startups that is backed by some of the country’s largest real estate companies, is expanding into early stage investing with the launch of a new accelerator program.

Website Debuts to Buy Commercial Real Estate Online

Blog - theBrokerList

Atlanta based commercial real estate asset and occupancy services firm Bull Realty, Inc has created a new website to buy commercial properties, apartments, and land online. Users can see available properties and execute purchase offers online with DocuSign, right on the website. For properties with more sensitive documents, users can sign confidentiality agreements online.

Regus to launch Spaces co-working concept in Manhattan, at the Helmsley Building

News - The Real Deal

Regus plans to launch its co-working concept Spaces in Manhattan at RXR Realty’s Helmsley Building, where the executive-suites company recently inked a 55,000-square-foot renewal.

Why Redfin’s IPO matters so much to other real estate tech companies

News - The Real Deal

When it launched in 2004, online real estate brokerage Redfin blazed a trail for companies such as Findwell, Compass, TripleMint, ZipRealty and LG Fairmont. But while it’s been expanding steadily and increasing revenues — it was involved in the sale of 75,000 homes worth more than $40 billion since its launch through the end of 2016 — the company is still far from profitable.

CrediFi enables real time streaming of real estate deal and client data directly into Salesforce

Press Release - PR Newswire

CrediFi Corp., the premier market intelligence and deal discovery engine for commercial real estate (CRE) finance, has announced the launch of a new solution that seamlessly streams CrediFi data into the Salesforce® CRM platform with the click of a button.

Ripe for Disruption: How Open Architecture APIs Could Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Open architecture application programming interfaces (commonly referred to as APIs), make many of the apps and websites we use daily possible. Twenty years ago, the airline industry took the lead in developing an API for accessing flight reservation data. Household names such as Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Pinterest all utilize open architecture for various sharing features.

Travtus Analyzes Your Property’s Health

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Tenants are the greatest source of information for a property manager. They report issues and status of your asset better than any inspection. But this information is often lost in the reactive nature of managing repairs. Property managers juggle full plates. It's easy to fall behind when dealing with tenants, scheduling maintenance, handling amenities, and collecting rent. Often we have patterns being reported that we can’t see.

#CREtech Picks: Week of 7/7/17

Xceligent countersues larger rival CoStar

News - Bizjournals

Blue Springs-based Xceligent, the target of a lawsuit by The CoStar Group, has filed a countersuit arguing that its larger commercial property listing rival has created a monopoly and engaged in anticompetitive behavior for years.

Duke Long’s Updated 2017 Top 150 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Connect With On LinkedIn.

Blog - Duke Long

Advertising’s Integration Transformation

Blog - Cushman & Wakefield

The television series Mad Men portrayed the “golden age” of advertising, but frankly Don Draper would be lost in a contemporary agency. Sure, there would still be coffee service and even spirits on occasion, but Don could look high and low for the typography department, typing pool, even the studio—formerly the heart and soul of an ad agency—and he’d be stumped.

Walmart installing automated vending machines for online order pickup

News - Chain Store Age

Walmart continues to explore new ways to make it easier for customers to pick up goods purchased online. The discounter is expanding its deployment of a giant self-service kiosk, which it calls a Pickup Tower, that spits out online orders to users of Walmart's buy-online-pickup-in-store service.

Five Places U.S. Employers Are Finding New Tech Talent

News - Urban Land

High salaries, low unemployment, and a lack of cheap housing and office space have driven some companies to look beyond the traditional San Francisco–San Jose corridor for talent and office space. While other large U.S. cities have their own tech and venture capital ecosystems, unemployment and affordability are often comparable.

From 320,000 Properties to 47 Million: What I Learned From Successfully Scaling a National Commercial Real Estate Data Platform

News - Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur can pinpoint his or her “eureka” moment -- the first time the big ideas came together to form what could potentially become a cohesive business concept. 

Office technology: Is seamless human computer interaction the secret to workplace productivity?

Blog - The Broker List

Offices have come a long way since typewriters and rotary phones. The rise of the Internet transformed the work environment, and now, integration across platforms is making workplace productivity even better. However, this is just beginning of what’s coming for office technology.

Meet the RE Tech Founder: Rod Smith from Realtor Profiler

Blog - Geek Estate

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with the founder and CEO of Realtor Profiler, Rod Smith.

May I cut in? StreetEasy rivals see opportunity amid NYC listings fight

News - The Real Deal

Late last week, representatives for Apartments.com, a subsidiary of real estate tech giant CoStar Group, began reaching out to executives at some of the city’s largest residential brokerages.

The Latest on the State of Social Media Marketing

Blog - The Content Funnel

Surprise! Over half of content marketers are planning to use video marketing in the next year. Okay, maybe that number isn’t that much of a surprise for content pros in the know, but it is one of the insights in the 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by the Social Media Examiner.

Why mobile ordering is the next big thing for retailers

News - JLL

As more people turn to their mobile phones to order food and drinks on the go, retailers are adapting their stores and operations to meet growing demand.

Manhattan's Cool Tech Neighborhoods Come of Age

News - Fox Business

Technology companies have transformed Manhattan's Midtown South neighborhoods such as the Flatiron District, Chelsea and SoHo into the cool office locale. These days, other sectors are ramping up their presence.

Meet the RE Tech Founder: Justin Shum from AskAvenue

Blog - Geek Estate

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with the CEO of AskAvenue, Justin Shum. I certainly agree there is an opportunity to improve consumer-agent communication via chat (and give control back to the consumer in the process). 

New feature alert: Apto Mobile now with Listings

Blog - Apto

A few months ago, we made it easier for our customers to take their brokerage platform with them anywhere. Apto Mobile was designed to optimize the tasks commercial real estate brokers need to complete when they’re away from their desks—giving them their to-do list, properties, and contact information. Now, brokers can access listings on the go, as well.

#CREtech Picks: Week of 6/30/17

Douglas Elliman Launches Third New App For Agents

Press Release - PR Newswire

Douglas Elliman Real Estate, the #1 real estate brokerage in NYC and #4 nationwide, is proud to introduce the Douglas Elliman Mobile App for Consumers and Agents, personalized with names, individual photos and Douglas Elliman company branding. The app, which works with both Apple and Android phones and tablets, is expected to increase both leads and referrals by enhancing the business of Elliman agents and benefiting firm clients.

Introducing the Fifth Wall Podcast  

Blog - Fifth Wall

Several weeks ago, Fifth Wall decided to give a trial run to a tried-and-true concept: the podcast. We interviewed Ari Mir & Brian Thomas, co-founders of Clutter — one of our Fifth Wall portfolio companies that is leading a transformative approach to self-storage (if their $64 million Series C round earlier this month led by Sequoia Capital, Atomico, Google...

How the Internet of Things will change city CRE and a broker’s job description

Blog - Buildout

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular buzzword across industries. McKinsey characterizes the IoT as sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects and linked through wired and wireless networks, often using the same Internet Protocol (IP) that connects the Internet.

How To Get the Most Out of a Digital Building Directory System

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Considering adding a digital directory to your building lobby? Digital directories are a great investment–they'll enable you to display property rental and listing information and communicate important announcements and information with building visitors through a medium that 76% of respondents to a Neilsen survey said has higher message recall than online ads.

Tech Is Booming, But Lack Of Affordability Is Pushing Everyone Else Out, CRE Experts Say

News - Bisnow

It is no secret Bay Area housing prices are expensive. Recent data revealed three counties now have average housing prices above $1M. Housing dynamics remain strong, but a lack of affordability could be a problem in the long run. And rents and pricing do not appear to be heading downward any time soon.

Cloudflare launches app development platform, announces $100M investment fund

News - Tech Crunch

Cloudflare launched a brand new app development platform today called Cloudflare Apps, and announced the $100 million Cloudflare Developer Fund, started by its investors to back some of the better ideas.

Early-Stage Real Estate Tech: 120+ Companies Building The Industry’s Future

Blog - CB Insights

Real estate is a massive asset class representing trillions of dollars in value. To date, the industry has not been thoroughly affected by technology and software, but investment from venture capital investors into technology startups operating in the space reached new levels in 2016. 

Tech 1.0 Report Generates Plethora of National Media Attention; Ranks Top 25 Tech Cities

Blog - Cushman & Wakefield 

Cushman & Wakefield’s Principal Economist Ken McCarthy and Regional Director, Northwest U.S. Robert Sammons have co-authored an in depth research report ranking the top 25 tech cities in the country. The report has been covered widely by top tier press, as well as online tech and business publications. Scroll down for press coverage.

Three Key Trends in CRE Marketing

Blog - theBrokerList

When it comes to CRE marketing we have been doing the same things for a long time, but technology is adding a new spin to three principle tasks. Unlike selling widgets, CRE marketing has three major stages, each with its own set of strategies and tactics. First, you need to win business. That means getting hired by a property owner. Then you need to promote the asset to generate leads, and finally you need to convert leads into transactions.

The NYC Urban Tech Ecosystem

Blog - DreamIt

Since launching our venture accelerator focused on scaling "urban tech" startups, our team at Dreamit UrbanTech has met with over 500 founders building products that solve pressing problems for cities and their inhabitants. We have also built relationships with dozens of larger organizations that work with or support these fledgling companies. 

Other Than Social Media, How Often Do You Use Apps For Business?

Blog - QuantumListing

I was on a conference call yesterday with Linda Day Harrison from The Broker List, Howard Kline from CRE Radio & TV, Kateri Osborne from The News Funnel and CRE//Tech, and Zach Watkins from RealMassive. Linda asked me the question, why did I decide to pivot QuantumListing away from being an app only to being an app and website. My answer was that most people don’t want to do data entry on their phone. 

PropTech investors bullish as appetite grows for innovation

News - Real Estate Weekly

CBRE’s acquisition of 3-D startup Floored and Blackstoneʼs purchase this month of a slice of London-based temporary workspace business The Office Group are two huge benchmarks of the growing appetite for PropTech innovation by real estate owners, according to industry accelerator MetaProp NYC.

#CREtech Exhibitors: Integrated Business Systems (IBS)

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

As a boutique business technology solutions firm, IBS provides an intensely customer-focused experience centered on helping clients keep their systems current and create competitive advantage.