#CREtech Picks: 12/15/17

Dealpath Launches New Features, Streamlines User Sign-In

News - Bisnow
San Francisco-based Dealpath, a commercial real estate deal management platform, on Monday launched a single sign-on functionality and integration manager to its platform to improve the user experience. It also will be the first commercial real estate tech platform to be listed on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.


Why this real estate tech firm chose Orlando over Silicon Valley for its global HQ

News - Bizjournals

The region offers key factors that will help this company grow even more.


Embracing the Tech Catalyst in Real Estate

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Commercial and corporate real estate executives face new opportunities and new challenges in today’s marketplace. Agile and savvy real estate executives go from just seeing technology as a necessary expense and additional challenge to embracing it as an opportunity. Successful real estate executives tackle the cost per square footage equation from the perspective of cost containment and business value/productivity enhancement.


5 Questions for Building Engines’ New CEO, Tim Curran

Blog - Building Engines

This year, we introduced new mobile innovations with an enhanced mobile tenant services app, The Hive, unveiled the characteristics of high-performing CRE organizations in the industry’s first CRE operations benchmarking research, hosted our community of CRE professionals at the annual TRANSFORMProperty Management Summit, launched the third annual Property Hero Awards, and have made a number of leadership announcements to support our continued growth.


Seattle might be the next San Francisco — here's how the two major tech hubs compare

News - Business Insider

Seattle and San Francisco have been at the epicenter of the west coast's tech boom since the dot-com era. Today, both cities are home to some of the most influential companies in tech: Seattle with Microsoft and Amazon, and San Francisco with Twitter, Airbnb, Lyft, and Uber.


Podcast #164 Duke Long. What Are The Top Four CRM Companies in #CRE? Listen And Find Out!

Blog - Duke Long

What is one of if not the most effective and underutilized tools for commercial real estate today? A spectacular CRM solution. What are the four you must try? Listen to find out and I tell you why!


How Emerging Technology Is Changing the CRE Appraisal World

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Scores of innovative companies have emerged in the last decade aimed to disrupt the commercial real estate brokerage sector. While billions of dollars invested have improved everything from lease management to securing deal funding, the commercial appraisal sector remains in the shadow. According to IBIS World, the commercial appraisal sector is a $4 billion-dollar industry.


Nextdoor reportedly closes $75M in funding

News - Inman

Nextdoor, a social network specifically designed to connect neighbors and is serving 100,000 U.S. neighborhoods and counting, has reportedly raised $75 million in a recent funding round, according to an article published today by subscription tech news website The Information.

Math by Bruce Springsteen: 1+1=3

Blog - Neuerspace

I was lucky enough to see Springsteen on Broadway recently. Everything you have read about it is true. My favorite quote about the show comes from Oprah Winfrey who said, “It was the most searingly beautiful performance I’ve ever seen a person give. You come away feeling more like a human being.”


How Tech Companies Relocating is Impacting the Real Estate Market in the United States

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Earlier this year, Amazon called for various cities to offer proposals on its second corporate headquarters. The tech giant plans to invest $5 billion in a new facility, as well as generate 50,000 high-paying jobs in the span of 10 to 15 years after it becomes operational. Around 238 cities have submitted their proposals, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami, and smaller cities such as Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Orlando, and Denver.


“Commercial Real Estate is an Antiquated Business” and 5 Other Highlights from CRE//Tech 2017 in New York

Blog - Realmassive

Not many industry events have the ability to fill a conference agenda with leading voices from global companies, active industry venture capitalists, CIO’s from the most recognized Commercial Real Estate brands and the leading landlords in New York City.


#CREtech Exhibitors: NavigatorCRE

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

NavigatorCRE is a cloud based software that aligns real estate and property data, programs and operations on a single platform. Companies and teams can then seamlessly collaborate around their data, create valuable insights, present in-depth interactive market overviews and ultimately streamline the leasing, sales and development processes in commercial real estate.


A venture firm focused on real estate, Navitas Capital, just raised $60 million

News - TechCrunch

Real estate heavyweights clearly don’t want to be left in the dust by tech startups that see opportunities to do things more efficiently, more transparently and more affordably than has previously been possible in the long clubby, expensive and opaque world of real estate.

#CREtech Exhibitors: FUEL

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

FUEL Enterprises develops cloud-based technology platforms for CRE. With a focus on valuation, forecasting and data, FUEL Enterprises solutions are intuitive, fast, accurate, collaborative, open and affordable. Our flagship product FUEL Valuation is designed to enable real-time valuation process and transparency for everyone -- from executives to analysts and from individuals to institutions -- throughout the commercial real estate ecosystem.

How Baum Realty Group uses tech to get more deals done

Blog - Apto

Baum Realty is a retail brokerage firm based in Chicago, IL. For years they’d been struggling with a siloed tech stack and data spread across a variety of sources and tools. And then they switched to Apto.

#CREtech Picks: Week of 12/8/17


Blog - Bixby

Advancements in the way information is shared, accessed, and managed in every aspect of our lives continue to shape the way communication takes place. This presents a new opportunity for property owners & managers, who are turning their attention to more efficient mechanisms for engaging and interacting with tenants & residents.

What to know about the 3 cities offering Amazon the biggest incentives to house HQ2

Blog - Apto

Early next year Amazon will choose one North American city to house its second headquarters. The company welcomed city proposals to explain why Amazon should build its $5 billion campus and create some 50,000 jobs within their borders, and no less than 238 cities responded.

IoT, Self-Driving Cars Could Mean Data Centers On Every Street Corner

News - Bisnow

Technological advancements are pushing data centers to the edge. The Internet of Things, self-driving cars and artificial intelligence are changing the way data center operators and tech companies think about data processing as they seek to bring those capabilities closer to where they are needed.

From chicken farm to tech powerhouse: As Microsoft's campus renovation plans emerge, look back at the site over the years

News - Bizjournals

Microsoft is planning a multibillion-dollar overhaul of the company's Redmond campus. Here's what the land looked like throughout the past 100 years.


Blog - Duke Long

WiredScore is the organization behind Wired Certification, the internationally recognized digital connectivity rating system for commercial real estate that helps landlords design and promote their buildings’ great digital connectivity to tenants.

4 key metrics telling the story of Opendoor's growth

News - Inman

Opendoor, the real estate startup that purchases homes directly from sellers, leads the pack of a new breed of real estate tech companies. It continues to innovate and improve the experience of buying and selling a home, and as the analysis below shows, the "iBuyer" is making significant improvements to its business model as it continues to grow.

Fifth Wall: Rethinking Technology and Real Estate

Blog - Neuerspace

Fifth Wall has received investments from CBRE, Prologis, Hines, Macerich and others to deploy capital into built world tech. When you consider the overall value of the real estate market, including office, industrial, retail, and residential, the numbers are staggering. It clearly makes sense to invest in this space.

#CREtech Exhibitors: CompStak

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Find timely, analyst-reviewed commercial lease comps, sales comps, and property details on CompStak’s platforms. We gather and quality check CRE data from the professionals making deals so you can focus on meaningful networking, accurate analyses, and closing business.

#CREtech Exhibitors: Property Capsule

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Long time supporter of CRE // Tech, Property Capsule returns for its fifth year exhibiting at CRE // Tech New York. With Property Capsule you can centralize, automate and publish your properties with ease.

Flowspace is AWS for warehouses

News - TechCrunch

Got too much internet traffic? Get servers on demand from Amazon Web Services. Got too many pallets of physical goods? Well now you can get on-demand warehousing from Flowspace. The startup aims to become the next critical logistics service by making atoms as easy to store and ship as bits.

Spotlight Feature: Q&A with Tanner McGraw, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Apto

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Apto provides technology to help brokers organize their data, build relationships and work their deals. It’s not just about having all your data in one place anymore. Our tool helps brokers efficiently act on their information so they can strengthen their relationships and grow their business.

#CREtech Picks: 12/1/17

$20 billion startup WeWork continues its shopping spree with $200 million for Meetup

News - Business Insider

WeWork, the startup building a network of coworking offices and apartments, announced on Tuesday that it had bought Meetup, a service that makes it easy for groups to start regular meetings in real life. 

The Real Estate Software Powering Our Growth: Featuring Dealpath

Blog - A Student of the Real Estate Game

Over the past 7 years, Atlas has acquired 45 properties with a total deal value of ~$800M. Over that time, we’ve grown from 3 guys in a 100 SF shared office, to an integrated team with 5 operating platforms. It’s been a wild ride full of exciting expansion, but along with rapid growth comes growing pains.

BREAKING: Xceligent Owner To Conduct Strategic Review Of Business Including All Options And Writes Its Value Down To Zero

News - Bisnow

The parent company of Xceligent is undertaking a strategic review of options for the business and has written its carrying value down to zero. London-listed Daily Mail and General Trust said in its results for the year to Sept. 30 that it was reviewing the future of its five U.S. property information businesses: Xceligent, BuildFax, Trepp, SiteCompli and EDR.

Do You Have A Quant? If Not You Better Get One NOW!

Blog - Duke Long

Hedge funds now think its a must. There are even classes and associations being formed just to help the hedge business understand the dynamics and uses of quants as we speak. Hmmm, now there is an idea for you. #CREQuants (You saw it here first.)

Tech-by-the-Bay: Less of a bubble, more of an economic revolution

Blog - JLL

This may be news to some of you reading this, but the revered “three dot” Chronicle columnist Herb Caen christened San Francisco “Baghdad-by-the-Bay” because of its diversity and multiculturalism. While that diversity still exists, if he were alive today I’d like to think he’d propose a name like “Tech-by-the Bay”.  After all, the Bay Area is clearly the world’s largest technopolis.

#CREtech Exhibitors: REthink CRM

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

With REthink CRM you can manage prospects, deals and comps all in the cloud. It also offers quick property and comp search, one click marketing, better data and better business insight. Our team at CRE // Tech recently caught up with REthink to learn more about their site, strategy and vision.

Latch and Comelit Partnership to Compete with Amazon Key

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Thanks to an exciting new partnership between Latch, a smart access system provider, and Comelit, a world leader in intercom systems, the first complete intercom and smart access solution for all multifamily and commercial buildings will be introduced in 2018.

Digitalization and innovation in a conservative branch

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

The commercial Real Estate branch is normally considered a quite conservative one, mainly because leases and sales require legal eyes and personal valuation. However, it is one of the industries, which stands next in line for a digital makeover. Of course, internet portals for private real estate have been around for a decade, because it lowers costs and time consumption for real estate agents.

Q&A Feature with ICSC: How Technology is Changing the Retail Landscape

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

CRE // Tech is thrilled to partner with ICSC to host an Innovation Lounge at ICSC’s New York National Deal Making held at the Jacob K. Javits Center from December 6th - 7th. ICSC’s second largest global deal making event, New York National Deal Making, attracts more than 10,000 attendees in over 200,000 square feet of exhibit space, filled with 500 plus exhibitors for two full days.

CRE Data Visualization Can Transform Business

Blog - Reonomy

Successful commercial real estate (CRE) investment has always hinged on access to — and effective use of — good information. From occupancy reports and tenant viability analyses to owner debt summaries and maintenance and utilities logs, information is often the most valuable thing an investor and their broker can possess when looking to identify and close a profitable deal. But while technology has increased access to these types of information, it has in many ways — and somewhat paradoxically — made data organization and deployment  increasingly difficult.

Best SAAS Tools for Tech in B2B

Blog - SIOR Pulse

There has never been a better time for entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to thrive in the B2B sector. With enterprise activity and competition at very high levels in 2017, B2B companies require advanced tools to run their business processes, and they are more interested in finding the right Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools than on developing in-house solutions. 

Microsoft announces huge expansion to ‘modernize' its Redmond HQ

News - TechCrunch

Microsoft has announced a massive expansion plan aimed at modernizing its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Unlike fellow Washington-based tech giant Amazon, which is seeking a second HQ in a new location, Microsoft is building on existing ground in order to “grow right here at home.” Its current Redmond Campus includes 125 buildings that house a workforce of around 48,000, but its expansion will add capacity for an additional 8,000 staff and introduce more scenic elements to the site.

Alexa and AI

Blog - The Balance Sheet by Yardi

As the popularity of Artificial Intelligence is on the rise and corporate giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple are racing to develop the best commercial AI product, the focus has shifted from humans being more intelligent like machines, to developing machines to act more like humans.

#CREtech Picks: Week of 11/24

Retailers Already Placing Orders For Tesla's Electric Semitrucks

News - Bisnow

Retailers are putting in orders for Tesla’s electric semitrucks even before they hit the market. Though the vehicles will not start shipping until 2019, the environmental and cost benefits have Walmart and Loblaw Cos. signing up to be among the first to add the trucks to their delivery fleet.

The Internet of Things……IoT

News - Connected Real Estate Magazine

The Internet is an information highway with an infinite number of lanes. It is far vaster than you can imagine and although it has been around for several decades, we are only at the early stages of understanding its reach and power.

Concentrated Tech Talent Pools Emerge In New Markets

News - Bisnow

As more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) graduates enter the market, a large portion of the highly skilled talent is emerging beyond traditional tech hubs to markets like Indiana, Idaho and Alabama.  

Where #CREtech Has Been And Where It’s Going. Guest Post Vishu Ramanathan, CEO of Buildout.

Blog - Duke Long

The old cliché that the CRE industry is behind the times may have been true 10 years ago, but it’s not the case anymore. Some of the most exciting applications for cutting-edge technology like virtual reality are getting their first commercial applications in CRE, and as a tech developer myself, I’m excited about what will happen in the near future.

Built raises $21 million, aims to revolutionize construction lending

News - HousingWire

Built, a provider of construction lending automation software and a 2017 HW Tech100 honoree as one of the top technology companies in the housing industry, announced this week that it raised $21 million that it plans to use to “transform” the construction lending industry.

#CREtech Exhibitors: Raisal 

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Raisal is making its debut appearance at CRE // Tech New York on December 7th. With Raisal you can access hundreds of lenders, banks compete for your business and you can secure terms that work for you.

Would a Focus on Friction Inspire CRE Tech’s Next Big Thing?

Blog - Jonathan Schultz 

You can’t be a CRE blogger and not talk about Amazon. They have single-handedly impacted not only the way the entire retail space operates, but the physical structures of commercial real estate, as well. More recently, I’ve talked about my thoughts on Amazon Go and some other ways the ecommerce behemoth has been shaking up literally everything we know.

Leading RealtyShares Into Its Next Chapter

Blog - RealtyShares

I started RealtyShares four years ago with the idea of creating a company that would make real estate more accessible, efficient, and transparent. RealtyShares has come a long way since those early days in my living room. It is now a 100-person operation and the leading platform for online real estate investing and capital formation.

Bill Gates wants to build his own ‘smart city' in Arizona

News - Albuquerque Journal

Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates put down $80 million for a massive swath of land in Arizona, about 45 minutes west of downtown Phoenix, KPNX reports.

HomeJab Announces New “Elite Package” for Luxury Real Estate Listings

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Luxe listing video for ultra high-end homes includes professional actors, producer and cinematographer. Today, HomeJab, a real estate photography company, announces the “Elite Package” for home sellers who need maximum online exposure and a fast sale. 

Tech industry growth boosting local office market, report says

News - Indianapolis Business Journal

Growth in the technology industry has become a big driver of activity in the local commercial real estate market, according to a new report by CBRE, which ranked Indianapolis fourth for tech-job increases among U.S. cities.

Digitalization and innovation in a conservative branch

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

The commercial Real Estate branch is normally considered a quite conservative one, mainly because leases and sales require legal eyes and personal valuation. However, it is one of the industries, which stands next in line for a digital makeover. Of course, internet portals for private real estate have been around for a decade, because it lowers costs and time consumption for real estate agents. However, the commercial branch have always had a high cost and high inefficiency. The reasons for this is unknown, but it might change soon.

#CREtech Picks: Week of 11/17/17

Truss Launches in Houston to Help Local Businesses Find, Tour and Lease Office Spaces With Incredible Speed and Ease

Press Release - Truss

Today Truss announced that its platform is now available to startups and small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Houston, enabling them to find and tour office spaces in two minutes flat. With its AI-enabled web and mobile platform, Truss provides office-seekers with properties that best match their needs and helps them lease “the one” more quickly than ever before.

Notarize Enhances Mortgage Platform to Enable Online Closings for Title Agents
Press Release - Notarize

Notarize, the first digital platform for legally notarizing documents online, today announced the next iteration of the Notarize Mortgage Platform with a suite of new services that allow the entire industry to connect and serve buyers and sellers online. The platform features a stack of three new products: Notarize for Title Agents, The Notarize Title Network, and The Notarize Smart Routing Service, all of which address the critical role of the title agent in real estate and mortgage transactions.

Open Letter To Duke Long. “Are You Adapting to Commercial Real Estate Technology Quickly Enough?” Bradford Harries.

Blog - Duke Long

I always enjoy your perspective on the CRE Tech world. Your piece on “Are You Adapting to Commercial Real Estate Technology Quickly Enough?” brings me back to a historical perspective that I have frequently told over my almost four decades as a technology investment banker.

IOTAS Receives Investment from Intel Capital

News - IOTAS

IOTAS, an innovator in premier smart apartment technology, announced today it has received investment from Intel Capital. The funding will be used to expand IOTAS’ internal engineering team and accelerate the development of core features in its smart apartment technology platform, which allows property managers and developers to bring a cohesive, connected Internet of Things (IoT) experience to residents.

Next Wave of CRE Tech: Harnessing Data to Unlock Value

Blog - NAIOP

The CRE tech revolution is underway, and the industry is coming to terms with the critical need for data-driven organizations, teams and results. The current tech landscape enables financial data to be aggregated into a single, company-wide system of record rather than compiling disparate data from separate, siloed systems. How organizations leverage and analyze the data is what will ultimately provide the competitive edge they need to rise above the rest.

Miami zoning tech startup Gridics raises $1.6M to boost platform adoption

News - Realty Biz

Miami-based real estate software company Gridics has announced it has raised $1.6 million in additional seed capital. The round was led by BH3, a real estate developer with projects in South Florida and New York City, and Dune Road Capital. The company will use this investment to accelerate development and sales of the Zonar.City platform to cities and real estate developers.

Exclusive Q&A with #RETAS Sponsor Chris Atkinson, CEO of IMS

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

IMS is the first investor and investment management software platform for technology-ready real estate investment firms. Our platform allows you to better manage your investors by providing transparency through an investor portal, CRM driven communications, digital document distribution as well as distribution waterfall calculations.

Three Reasons to Digitize Property Management

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Stop using three-ring binders to manage properties. In a digital world where we can host a video conference with someone a thousand miles away, it doesn't make sense to track your property in printed spreadsheets. It's time to go digital with your property management and here's why.

The Three Dimensions of Pain (Points)

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Find-a-roommate apps generally fall into this bucket. For young founders in cities like New York & San Francisco, this can be a real problem but it's irrelevant to married couples and in most cities where the cost of living makes renting your own place affordable.

Stop Syncing, Start Connecting, and Convert Leads with AgentNow

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

How you manage your contacts is mission-critical for a real estate agent. It's no wonder that the technology tools developed to aid real estate agents center around communications. We now have voice tools, email, customer relationship management systems (CRMs), contact databases, social media management, and so much more.

The augmented reality RE apps are coming!

News - The Real Deal

Apps where users can alter an apartment to show their furniture or design preferences as they walk through the space are coming — but they will take some time to get good enough to use seamlessly.

Truss Expands to Houston: Local Businesses Can Find Their Next Office Space in Two Minutes

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Finding and leasing office spaces is no longer a complex and timely process for businesses located in Houston. In fact, starting this week, local startups and SMBs are able to tour office spaces in just two minutes flat.

Roommate-matching startup Roomi raises $11M in Series A round

News - The Real Deal

Online roommate finder Roomi raised $11 million in a Series A round, as investors continue to pile into shared-living startups. Atami Capital led the round, which also included Rosecliff Ventures, Townsquare Media, JXC Investors, Great Oaks Venture Capital and DCM. Citigroup executive Dan Keegan, former Trulia president Paul Levine and Global Switch CEO John Corcoran also invested, the company announced Monday.

#CREtechPicks: Week of 11/10/17

Compass raises $100M on $1.8B valuation, IPO ‘possible'

News - Inman

Compass raised $100 million in a Series E investment round, putting the rapidly growing real estate technology company one step closer to a potential initial public offering, officials announced Wednesday. 

Gridics Raises $1.6 Million to Expand Zonar.City

Press Release - Gridics

Gridics, a Miami-based real estate software company, announced it has raised $1.6 million in additional Seed capital.  The round was led by BH3, a real estate developer with projects in South Florida and New York City, and Dune Road Capital.  The company will use this investment to accelerate development and sales of the Zonar.City platform to cities and real estate developers.

Leading Change in the Digital Age – Part Two: Beware Complacency!

Blog - Cushman & Wakefield

We touched on the speed of change (in case you haven’t noticed) and I raised the specter of quantum computing, which will make even millennials feel like dinosaurs in the digital age.

Old school experience, new school technology

Blog - JLL

In today’s digital age, consumers’ expectations of their beloved brands are expanding. Shoppers now have an increased need for a more personalized shopping experience – which only a physical retail store can deliver.

Brokerage Can't :Live Without These 4 Real Estate Tech Tools

Blog - CommissionTrac

Making the brokerage go round and round requires serious legwork. Luckily, the real estate industry now possesses the tools that allow brokerages to spend more time focused on clients and agents. Work more efficiently and accurately with these four essential real estate tech tools.

The Not-to-Miss Property Management Tech Trends for 2018

Blog - Updater

The most important tech trends for property management in 2018 will be centered around easing resident pain points to improve the quality of life within apartment communities. These trends will build upon the technology developed over the past year. While many properties already employ the first iteration of these trends, their growth and implementation will increase greatly in 2018.

The Next 2 Tech Game Changers

Blog - National Association of Realtors

By now it’s clear how mobile technology has disrupted real estate, but it’s already time to prepare for the next tsunami: Blockchain and artificial intelligence. That was the message that Mark Lesswing, chief technology officer for the National Association of REALTORS®, delivered to attendees of the Emerging Business Issues & Technology Forum on Saturday

Exclusive Q&A With #RETAS Sponsor Sohin Shah, Founder of Instalend

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

InstaLend is an online lending platform for residential real estate, allowing accredited individuals to invest as little as $5,000 in senior debt opportunities.

Say Good-bye to Property Management Headaches with Rentigo

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Property managers wear multiple hats in the course of their workday. They are constantly coordinating with on-site vendors, tenants, visitors, prospective tenants, and most importantly, the owners.

Exclusive Q&A with #RETAS Sponsor Mike Mullin, President of Integrated Business Systems

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

A boutique and customer service-focused CRE technology solutions firm founded in 1979, IBS builds and supports high-quality property management/accounting software for commercial and multifamily real estate owners, operators and associations. Imperium Powered by Acumatica, IBS’s cloud based system introduced in 2016.

The New York City offices of PayPal and Venmo have candy drawers, Taco Tuesdays, and a conference room so cushy that employees take off their shoes

News - Business Insider

PayPal is in a good place, right now. Markets Insider reported its latest earnings report sent its stock price up by 6.04%. Meanwhile, its total number of active users has surpassed 210 million people around the globe. 

6 CRE Trends to Watch in 2018 (And How They Impact Your Prospects)

Blog - ProspectNow

What does the commercial real estate industry look like in 2018? How will today’s emerging market dynamics affect the business in the long run? The commercial real estate industry saw incredible growth in 2016 and 2017 and CRE professionals and investors are anticipating another great year for the industry. Let’s take a look at 6 CRE trends to watch in 2018 and how they will impact your prospects.

#CREtech Picks: Week of 11/3/17

WeWork will open a new SF HQ in the Salesforce Tower

News - TechCrunch

WeWork has money to blow, so the $20 billion startup is putting some of it toward a second headquarters — this time in San Francisco instead of New York, Recode reports. The plan is to locate the HQ in the new 61-floor Salesforce Tower, which is slated to open next year.

Tech Doubles Down On San Francisco Office Space In Q3

News - Bisnow

This is becoming the year of the large tech lease. Dropbox just leased the largest amount of space in San Francisco’s history weeks after Facebook said it would take up all of 181 Fremont’s office space. This year is becoming the most active leasing year since 2014, when activity reached 9.8M SF, according to a report from Cushman & Wakefield.

Exclusive Q&A With #RETAS Sponsor Maggie Burns, VP of Real Estate at Breather

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Breather is the leading provider of high-end, private, on-demand meeting spaces, offering professionals flexible spaces through its mobile booking technology. With an expanding network of nearly 500 spaces across 10 global markets, Breather serves as a trusted meeting room solution for today’s workforce.

These Machines Will Park Your Car For You

News - Bisnow

The Hive and Star Tower are not, as their names might suggest, the secret bases of crime fighters Green Hornet and Green Arrow. These structures are packed with impressive technology, and they are saving developers money and square footage while cleaning up the streets.

Resource preview: The future of office technology

Blog - Buildout

What’s next in office technology and what does it mean for you as a commercial real estate professional? This is a preview of our guide to the future of office technology and the types of tech you should be watching.

'A technological revolution' is tearing through retail

News - Business Insider

British retail employment suffered a record decline in the third quarter of 2017. Hours worked in UK retail fell by 4.2% compared with the same quarter a year ago, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The decline is an acceleration from a 3.3% fall in the second quarter and the steepest fall since the BRC began measuring employment in 2008.

Firmspace Launches Upscale Co-Working Spaces, Opens First Location in Austin

News - Business Wire

Firmspace, the luxury co-working suite for established professionals, is announcing the company launch and grand opening of its flagship Austin, Texas location. Designed to address the needs of the professionals forgotten by first-wave co-working, Firmspace is re-defining the executive suite—with a modern, upscale community flair.

Walmart is putting even more robots in its stores

News - CNN

For the past three years, the company has been testing shelf-scanning robots in some stores in Arkansas, Pennsylvania and California. The machines, which move up and down aisles, look for out-of-stock items and products that are mislabeled or incorrectly priced. They then flag these issues to store workers.

Starting a Brokerage? 5 Tech Tools Making It Easier

Blog - CommissionTrac

Experienced or not, starting a new brokerage isn’t easy. Besides hiring the right people, you need to equip your staff with the right tools to ensure their success. Help your top talent produce results with tech that makes selling real estate easier.

The head of WeWork's co-living arm says WeLive is ‘constantly evolving'

News - Crains

A few years ago WeWork anticipated that its co-living division—WeLive—would account for more than 20% of the company’s revenue by 2018. So far that projection isn’t panning out. To date there is one WeLive residence on Wall Street and another in Arlington, Va., both above co-working spaces. More are on the way. In January WeWork hired James Woods, a former Starwood Hotels and Brooklyn Bowl executive, to be the first head of WeLive.

Property Buddy goes to the Cloud, partners with Landlord Studio

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

For a long time, property managers have been using products built solely for the desktop computer. Landlord Studio aims to change this and take the landlord out of the office and allow them to manage their properties, tenants, payments, expense and more from wherever is convenient.

Leading Change in the Digital Age – Part One: People Get Ready!

Blog - Cushman & Wakefield

People in and outside of the commercial real estate world ask me all the time, what makes this period different. They know technology is hitting all aspects of our lives, but that’s basically old news, right? Well, sorry to say, but we haven’t seen anything yet.

The Symbiotic Relationship Between WeWork, Brokers, and Enterprise By: Julia Davis.

Blog - Duke Long

Due to changing global consumption patterns, the way people work and live is undergoing a fundamental shift — specifically the structures of community, urbanization, and sharing. In response, WeWork has found itself at the forefront of this evolution, offering companies of all sizes the opportunity to redefine employee experience and productivity through vibrant design, engaging community, technology and enhanced benefits for all.

b8ta, the Retail Store Designed for New Tech Products, opened two new locations Projects by Fleetwood


b8ta, the retail store that sells trendy tech gadgets has opened two new locations at The Galleria in Houston TX and The Village at Corte Madera CA. Fleetwood is the millwork company who has worked with the brand on these projects. Fleetwood is proud to be a world-class provider of exceptional custom retail fixtures and furnishings. From our nearly 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Leesport, PA, to our global partners’ facilities in the Americas, Canada, Europe and Asia, all things are within your reach.

Hudson’s Bay/WeWork Deal Might Point to a Solution for Struggling Department Stores

News - NREI

Few retail experts were surprised to learn last week that Hudson’s Bay sold the flagship location of its Lord & Taylor chain on New York’s Fifth Avenue, or that Hudson’s Bay would scale back its square footage at the location. The march of department store closures has these kinds of effects on the business.

Will Driverless Cars Really Have an Impact on CRE?

Blog - SIOR Pulse

You can’t have a conversation about economics, labor, and technology these days without mentioning automation. The way computer programs and robotics will be able to reduce costs and increase efficiency is going to have a massive impact on the way we work in a few short years, not just in how we manufacture goods, but how we transport them as well.

Tech + Growth

Blog - The Balance Sheet by Yardi

In formulating a strategy to build on that success, ACCL’s executive team came to realize that expanding its portfolio across the Kingdom depends as much on harnessing new technology as on providing high-quality retail and leisure offerings. The task of keeping ACCL’s property management software in tune with the company’s strategy lies principally with Rashed Alothman, ACCL’s chief information officer.

Battle Heats Up Between Resi Building Access Tech Platforms

News - The Commercial Observer

Starting today, tenants at a batch of city apartment buildings are able to use Latch, a networked keyless-entry system, to receive deliveries when no one is home to open the door, Commercial Observer can first report.

The Long View: The dark side of real estate’s tech investment boom

News - The Real Deal

When it comes to hobbies, New York’s real estate executives show strong herd instincts. Everyone plays golf, everyone has a boat, everyone spends summer weekends in the Hamptons. And in 2017, seemingly everyone invests in real estate tech startups.

Exclusive Q&A With #RETAS Sponsor Bryan Colin, Co-Founder & CEO at VirtualAPT

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VirtualAPT’s mission is to help landlords and brokers market their properties in an immersive and interactive way; differentiating their offering while saving time and money. Our VR/360º videos recreate a walkthrough tour of real space. The combination of mobility, verbal sales presentation, and 4K-quality visualization is the most advanced way to view and market space.

#CREtech Picks: Week of 10/27

Artificial Intelligence is Reinventing Shopping


Artificial intelligence (AI) application in the retail industry improves a brand’s customer service. With AI, brands design shopping experiences both more convenient and more personalized for consumers. A study by Apptus found 52% of fashion retailers plan to invest in AI applications during the next year with 19% planning to join the trend next year. How exactly can retailers use AI technology to enhance how consumers interact with their products?

EXCLUSIVE: New Xceligent Head Frank Anton On Curry's Exit, Where The Company Goes From Here

News - Bisnow

As Daily Mail General Trust — the owner of Xceligent and commercial property data firms Trepp, SiteCompli and BuildFax — announced Anton as Xceligent's new executive chairman, Anton spoke with Bisnow about his new role, the company's direction and the future of the company's legal fight.

Why CRE will look totally different in 5 years

Blog - Buildout 

Thankfully, we don’t have to talk anymore about how the commercial real estate industry doesn’t use technology. That conversation is officially over. And now that CRE has adopted technology, we’re in the midst of a massive change. The CRE industry will look completely different in the next five years, and there are a few key factors leading to that transformation.

WeWork, the most valuable startup in New York City, just opened its first gym — and it looks gorgeous

News - Business Insider 

After raising $4.4 billion in funding from SoftBank Group and SoftBank Vision Fund in August, the new-age real estate firm just branched out into fitness with its first gym and wellness center, located at the WeWork FiDi facility in Manhattan.

How SIOR is Leading the CRE Industry and Planning for the Future

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Recently the Society of Industrial & Office Realtors® (SIOR) celebrated its 75th anniversary, and in true SIOR fashion, we have already begun charting what the next years will mean for the organization and the industry.

AI IN E-COMMERCE: How artificial intelligence can help retailers deliver the highly personalized experiences shoppers desire

News - Business Insider

One of retailers' top priorities is to figure out how to gain an edge over Amazon. To do this, many retailers are attempting to differentiate themselves by creating highly curated experiences that combine the personal feel of in-store shopping with the convenience of online portals.

WeWork just bought N.Y.C. coding bootcamp Flatiron School

News - Fast Company

In a move that represents how WeWork is trying to become a hub for all of your professional life needs, the shared-workspace company has acquired the New York City-based coding bootcamp Flatiron School. The terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

How An Emerging VC Fund Manager Got Into Some of This Year's Most Competitive Deals

News - Forbes

Jordan Nof was working at Blackstone, the U.S. company seen as bellwether for the alternative asset sector, that now manages a record $371 billion worth of assets, when he saw an opportunity to expand the scope of the firm’s strategic investment portfolio beyond high-growth fintech companies and into the emerging sector of Real Estate Technology. 

Will You Be Ready When CRE Really Embraces the IoT?

Blog - Jonathan Schultz

Technology disruption is a common theme that comes up when we talk about the labor market and the future for businesses across the world. To the average person, words like technology disruption and automation elicit images of factories and warehouses being staffed with robots instead of manpower. The truth, however, is that new technology will disrupt the way that every industry does business, not just those that depend on manual labor.

How Tech is Changing Multifamily Lending

News - Multi-Housing News

While tech has been transforming many industries, lending has been slow to adapt. Obtaining financing for real estate projects can be a long, invasive and cumbersome process, preventing would-be investors from entering the market. However, firms are finally bringing innovation to the market through tech and revolutionizing the lending business in the process.

Lord & Taylor Building, Icon of New York Retail, to Become WeWork Headquarters

News - New York Times

From the moment it opened its doors more than a century ago, the Lord & Taylor building on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan has stood as an icon of old-school retail.

Exclusive Q&A With #RETAS Sponsor Jeremy Neuer, Senior Vice President at CBRE

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My blog is a unique take on the cross section of real estate, business, starts ups, technology, sports, music, pop culture, and lessons I come across in everyday life. Bruce Springsteen once said, “Maybe I’m going to write something I can stand to sing have other human beings hear.” While I am certainly not Bruce, in a world with so much mediocre content, my goal is to simply write something I can stand to read have other people read it too.

Google reprises holiday pop-ups in NYC and LA

News - Retail Dive

Google is expanding its holiday-time pop-up effort this year by featuring goods you can buy on the spot, at locations in New York (110 Fifth Avenue, open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily), and Los Angeles (8552 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, with the same hours) that open Oct. 19, Engadget reports.

Boundless, Navigator CRE and Off the Record take prizes at TechCrunch’s Seattle pitch-off

News - TechCrunch 

It was a lovely day for a meetup in Seattle, and the Showbox SoDo was packed as TechCrunch’s annual pitch-off in my home town took place last week. But as impressive as our 10 contestants were, only three would leave with tickets to Disrupt SF. And here they are.

Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs launches 800-acre project in Toronto

News - The Real Deal

An 800-acre project led by Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet, is officially moving forward in Toronto. Waterfront Toronto issued an RFP in March and this week declared Sidewalk Labs’ proposal the submission they would move forward with — a process that begins on November 1 with the project’s first town hall.

Exclusive Q&A With #RETAS Sponsor Glenn Murray, Founder & CEO of FUEL

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FUEL Enterprises develops cloud-based technology platforms for commercial real estate with a focus on valuation, forecasting and data. The flagship product, FUEL, is designed to enable real-time valuation process and transparency for everyone -- from executives to analysts and from individuals to institutions -- throughout the commercial real estate ecosystem. This includes lenders, investors, owners, brokers, operators, appraisers, etc.

CBRE acquires San Francisco-based tech brokerage Custom Spaces

News - The Real Deal

CBRE Group has acquired Custom Spaces, a San Francisco-based, tech-focused boutique brokerage that advises technology companies such as Airbnb, Cruise Automation, Medium, Gusto and Coinbase, on occupancy strategies.

Q&A Feature with CRE // Tech Report Co-Editor, Anthony Dominguez, CEO of AtlasX

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AtlasX is the operating system powering real estate firm’s acquisitions, dispositions, and capital raising from start to finish. We enable our clients to focus on deals by automating sourcing, standardizing data, compressing the time for funding decisions, and building our clients institutional memory of the market.

What our CRE // Tech Mid-Year Report Reveals That Everyone In The Industry Should Be Paying Attention To...

Blog - Michael Beckerman

After several months of intense research by our team and leading industry experts, we have released our 2017 Mid-Year CRE // Tech Report which provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the CRE tech industry as well as profiles on the hottest startups in the space. It’s a report that is considered to be the “go-to” analysis and update for much of the industry. How do I know, because it always has been for me and my own network.