#CREtech Picks: Week of 10/20/17

Waltz, Inc. Expands Board of Directors with Additions of Transit Titan Jay Walder and Leading Commercial Real Estate Investor Konrad R. Kruger

Press Release - Business Wire

Waltz, Inc., an innovative new technology company that provides a fast, smartphone-based way to access secure spaces and pay transit fares, today announced Jay Walder, CEO of Motivate, and Konrad R. Kruger, a co-founder of Five Mile Capital Partners, joined its board of directors.

CompStak Announces Strategic Partnership with Moody’s Analytics to Serve Commercial Real Estate Finance Professionals

Press Release - CompStak

CompStak, the leader in commercial real estate information, is pleased to announce today a new strategic partnership with Moody’s Analytics, a leading global provider of risk management solutions.

National Association of Realtors® makes strategic investment in Notarize to help scale online notarizations across the country

Press Release - Notarize

We’re thrilled to announce that Second Century Ventures, the strategic investment arm of the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) (the largest trade association in America), has made a strategic investment in Notarize. This follows our participation in the REach Accelerator program. REach reviews hundreds of companies every year and 40 companies have participated in the REach program over the past 5 years, but we’re honored to be 1 of only 13 investments that NAR has ever made through its venture fund, Second Century Ventures.

Podcast #156 David Collier Co-Founder REsimplifi.com Brokers Behaving Badly Part 2.

Blog - Duke Long

Oh, the things they do. Want a fascinating take on the legal side of brokerage? Would you even attempt to cross the line? How do you know when and if you are? What if it’s happening today? You might be surprised. All this and so much more. 

CRE // Tech Releases 2017 Mid-Year Report

Press Release - CRE // Tech

CRE // Tech announced today that the 2017 CRE // Tech Mid-Year Report is now available for free download. This bi-annual report is considered one of the most important analysis of the commercial real estate tech sector and provides a detailed analysis of the sector’s overall trends as well as includes a comprehensive listing of the industry’s leading startups.

CRE Tech – What’s Going On?

Blog - Neuerspace

From the time I was a kid until my mid-30’s, I was a big fan of Sports Illustrated. It would arrive every week and I would typically read it from cover to cover. There were a few special issues throughout the year that peaked my interest, but nothing more than Sportsperson of the Year. It would include a huge feature on the person that they chose every year that impacted sports in a positive way. The issue would also provide a year-end perspective on sports, allowing you to look back on everything that happened in the past 12 months.

Sidewalk Labs chooses Toronto for its high-tech urban district

News - Curbed

Sidewalk Labs, the urban innovation unit of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, announced during a press conference this afternoon that it will be working to develop a new high-tech urban district on Toronto’s waterfront, planting a flag in Canada’s largest city, a move that’s been expected for weeks.

Blockchain and the Construction Industry

Blog - Dreamit

Building Information Modeling, known in the industry as BIM, first emerged around 2002 and has rapidly increased openness and collaboration in the construction industry. BIM is a catch-all term for a range of software that allows multiple parties to access digital representations of projects’ physical and functional characteristics. 

Why You Need to Understand Blockchain Technology for CRE…..Now

Blog - SIOR Pulse Blog

I know a lot of readers will roll their eyes at the title of this article, but if you’ve got this far, hey you are still reading! First, let me clear up a few common misconceptions about Blockchain – Blockchain is not Bitcoin. Blockchain is not something used by nefarious underworld characters, at least no more so than the web and internet are.

Amazon and Big Apartment Landlords Strike Deals on Package Delivery

News - The Wall Street Journal

Amazon.com Inc. is taking over the package rooms of some of the country’s largest apartment landlords, in a move that could help consolidate its control over how goods make it from the warehouse floor to the front door.

Tech Evolution

Blog - The Balance Sheet by Yardi

The six-member panel described the current real estate technology paradigm that considers tenants, guests, employees and shoppers as interrelated elements of a user experience.  As a result, property owners and managers aim to deliver a high-value experience by using new property management software systems that can capture and apply data inclusive of all occupant touchpoints, from reservations to parking to the building environment.

Exclusive Q&A With #RETAS Sponsor David Beitz, Partner at Planned Grocery

Blog - Real Estate Tech News 

The Planned Grocery® site is a data mapping platform which tracks grocery store real estate developments through the development cycle all across the United States.

How Loan Defaults Work &; Investing In Bridge Loans

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Before you start investing in debt in any capacity, it is important that you understand how loan default consequences unfold for investors and debtors alike. Defaults are rare, but they do occur, and you should have a plan for recovering your investment if they should happen.

InsideMaps Brings iPhone-Based Affordability to High Quality Real Estate Video Walkthroughs

Real Estate Tech News - Blog

InsideMaps, a leading provider of 3D Tours and floor plans for real estate, is announcing InsideMaps Video Walkthroughs.  InsideMaps Video Walkthroughs are fast, stable, perfectly lit and under $100.  They give home buyers a quick sense of the home’s features and layout.

CBRE Group snaps up tech-focused San Francisco brokerage

News - San Francisco Business Times

With a star-studded roster of technology clients, San Francisco-based Custom Spaces sold itself to CBRE Group Inc. (NYSE:CBG), the Los Angeles commercial real estate behemoth. Terms of the deal weren't disclosed.  

Hey, Amazon, this report says NYC is a tech dynamo

News - Crain's New York Business

The past decade has been a good one for New York City’s tech sector, according to a new report.  Altogether, the technology ecosystem has added 76,000 jobs since 2006, for a total of 326,000 and a gain of 30%, the report found. The city’s overall job growth during the same period was 16%.

Big Tech Ought to Step Up for Cities

City Lab - Blog

Dynamic entrepreneurial companies have long been the drivers of America’s economic growth, and innovators like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Steve Jobs held up as heroes. But today, high-tech companies are increasingly cast as villains. Uber was recently thrown out of London; Airbnb has been criticized for taking housing off the market and driving up rents; and Google, Amazon, and Facebook are described by many as monopolies.

Opendoor's buying homes at a rate of $100M per month

News - Inman

Opendoor, a three-year-old San Francisco startup that uses technology to quickly buy and resell homes, reports that it's reached a $1.3 billion annual purchase rate, which rounds out monthly home purchases at about $100 million. "It really shows that this new behavior of selling your home online is more mainstream than it seemed," Opendoor CEO Eric Wu told Axios.

#CREtech Picks: Week of 10/13/17

Podcast: Selling to Property Managers

Blog - Dreamit

There are now about 50 million rental homes in the U.S. with 100 million tenants. And this does not even include commercial spaces. The gatekeepers of this huge market are property managers, notoriously busy people who often manage dozens of properties, all with different needs and requirements.

CRE Tech Virgin, No More!

Blog - theBrokerList

Our road trip was filled with sites and food you can only find on this road! Yes, we stopped at the Mad Greek Cafe which is literally an authentic Greek restaurant with every delectable item imaginable, including the amazing Greek desserts. The views are always amazing to me coming from the midwest, including the gigantic solar farm and the beautiful mountain scenery and desert vistas.

Kilroy Realty Signs Largest Office Lease Of Year In San Francisco

News - Bisnow

Dropbox has just signed the largest office lease in San Francisco so far this year. The tech company inked a 15-year lease with Kilroy Realty Corp. for the entire 736K SF of office at The Exchange on 16th in San Francisco. This mega-lease follows close behind Facebook’s lease at 181 Fremont for the entire 436K SF of office.

Artificial intelligence is the key to safer cities

Blog - Buildout

We’re already deeply connected to the cities we live in and visit. With our smartphones, we can quickly get information about what’s happening around us whenever we need it. We can summon cars to take us where we need to go, efficiently navigate to our destinations, learn what areas to avoid and more.

AR is now a must-have in retail

News - Business Insider

Consumers now expect retailers to have some form of an augmented reality (AR) experience, according to a report by DigitalBridge. Of the consumers surveyed, 20% said they expect retailers to have an AR tool now that iOS 11 has been released, while 49% say they expect retailers to launch AR features within the next six months.

Exclusive Q&A With #RETAS Sponsor Mark Smulker, Co-Founder & CEO at Bixby

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Bixby is a mobile building communication & hospitality platform making it easier for owners & managers of all property types & portfolio sizes to provide top quality service to their tenants and residents. 

Honest Buildings Raises $13M in Series B Round of Funding

Press Release - Honest Buildings

Honest Buildings, the only project management technology built for real estate owners and operators, has raised $13 million in its latest round of funding. The round, one of the largest announced for real estate owner specific software, is backed by leading landlords, including global real estate firm Brookfield Property Partners, Rudin Management, C-III Capital Partners, as well as venture capital firms Navitas Capital, Greensoil Building Innovation Fund, Bienville Capital Management and Riverpark Funds.

Ten-X acquisition deal closes

News - Inman

In case you missed it last week, private equity firm Thomas H. Lee Partners announced the closing of its more than $1 billion majority acquisition of Ten-X. The online platform operates Auction.com as well as other brands, including the Ten-X Wallet app and Card, which let customers pay for goods with leading cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum among them).

Why these two real estate influencers aren't scared of Zillow, Redfin

News - Inman

In the past 20 years, we’ve seen major industries disrupted or vanish completely due to tech innovation: Netflix said goodbye to the video rental industry, Amazon put brick-and-mortar bookstores under, Apple made buying CDs obsolete -- the list goes on and on. It's easy to look for similar analogies in real estate. But the reality is a little more complex. Buying a home, for the vast majority of us, is the biggest investment we’ll ever make.


Press Release - Jetty

Jetty, the financial services company that designs products and solutions to help people reach their life goals faster by removing obstacles and risks, today announced three new hires who have collectively worked for some of the most well-respected consumer technology brands from the last decade, including Bonobos, IAC, LendingTree, Mic, Pandora, Poppin, Maple, and Spotify.

#CREtech Exhibitors: Dealius

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Dealius is making its debut appearance at CRE // Tech New York on December 7th. Dealius was designed to automate the transaction process and broker management within commercial real estate brokerage companies. 

Intuitive Integration

Blog - The Balance Sheet by Yardi

Making the switching to an integrated platform allows Merrill Gardens to avoid missed billing opportunities and increase revenue. Previous a CFO for a property management company, David was once a third party consultant for Yardi. When Merrill Gardens began implementing the Yardi platform, David and his team worked side-by-side with Yardi to ensure the switchover went smoothly.

How to Showcase a home with just a mouse click!

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

The best way to sell your home is to make your home look as attractive as possible to the greatest number of potential buyers. 

#CREtech Picks: Week of 10/6/17

18 apps that should integrate seamlessly with your CRM

Blog - Apto

When writing about broker productivity and management, we sometimes use the term “tech stack,” which refers to a set of tools that helps you do the core parts of your job. That includes a system for customer relationship management, prospecting, marketing, etc.

The Beginner's Guide To CRE Tech: Buzzwords And Why Customers Are Confused

News - Bisnow

Once deemed slow in its tech adoption, the industry now uses a vast array of apps, drones and software solutions to serve its needs. But the rapid growth of the CRE tech landscape has led to confusion for some customers.

New Platform Has Tenants Posting Yelp-Like Reviews Of Their Office Space

News - Bisnow

Rating restaurants and bars is commonplace, but rating the workplace? That is a new service that Austin, Texas-based tech startup Tenavox has created to help tenants make more informed decisions before entering a lease agreement.

Venture capitalists are betting big on real estate tech

News - Business Insider

While the Great Recession did a lot of harm to the US real estate market, start ups in the sector are finally making a come back. Real estate technology companies are finally getting some major attention from venture capitalists, according to data from PitchBook.

5 Ways Drones are Changing CRE

Blog - CommissionTrac

Drones, we’re told, will change everything. But if you’re reading that sentence and thinking of package drop-offs, pizza delivery, or professional photography, you’re thinking too small. In fact, drones are already creating seismic change in commercial real estate.

Awards Recognize the Best Real Estate Tech Sites in the Industry

Press Release - CRE // Tech

CRE // Tech, the leading resource for all things commercial real estate tech, announced today that polls are now open for their fourth annual Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS). The survey, which is open to the public and receives thousands of votes each year, will determine the 2017 leaders in the commercial real estate technology sector in the following categories...

New York’s Leading Commercial Real Estate Landlords to speak at CRE // Tech New York on December 7

Press Release - CRE // Tech

CRE // Tech (cretech.com) announced that the 2017 CRE // Tech - New York Event will feature a panel of New York City’s leading landlords in commercial real estate. Moderated by Paul Amrich, Vice Chairman, CBRE, panelists include Tommy Craig, Senior Managing Director, Hines, Albert P. Behler, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Paramount Group, Inc., William C. Rudin, CEO and Vice-Chairman, Rudin Management Company and Andrew Mathias, President, SL Green Realty Corp.

Random Thoughts And Observations From CRE//TECH Intersect Los Angeles, Where Narcissism Is Not Only Encouraged It's Rewarded.

Blog - Duke Long

Well, well, well, yet another CRE//Tech Intersect event and this time in LA. I have to say it’s been long overdue. LA is the second largest #CRE market in the US and the weather is always nice so why not.

The Internet of Things is Changing Retail For the Better


A customer sees a trendy blouse online but isn’t sure how it will look on their petite frame. They save the shirt in their account. A few days later, they walk into the store but all the customer service representatives are busy. No problem! Their smartphone just buzzed with a special alert, letting them know their saved item is in stock, and would they like directions to find it? Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), retailers can deliver this level of service to their customers. IoT is improving brand relationships with customers, providing new data streams, and refining the behind-the-scenes workflow.

How PropTech Is Set To Soar In 2018 & Beyond
News - Global Real Estate Experts

PropTech, which represents the many real estate and property technologies created as a byproduct of startup incubators, is anticipated to disrupt an industry that has been doing business in a relatively similar fashion for years.  Before we dive into the current PropTech climate, the investment landscape and where the biggest opportunities lie, it’s important to understand how we got here.

The Robot Revolution Is Happening Right Now — You Just Didn’t Notice It

News - Huffington Post

We’re still pretty far from modern cities being truly energy-efficient ― when sun and wind can power entire metropolitan areas, bullet trains whisk commuters hundreds of miles in an hour, and affordable electric cars and self-driving vehicles make fossil-fuel-powered rides obsolete.

InsideMaps Brings iPhone-Based Affordability to High Quality Real Estate Video Walkthroughs

Press Release - InsideMaps

InsideMaps, a leading provider of 3D Tours and floor plans for real estate, is announcing InsideMaps Video Walkthroughs.  InsideMaps Video Walkthroughs are fast, stable, perfectly lit and under $100.  They give home buyers a quick sense of the home’s features and layout.

With A Little Help From My Friends

Blog - Neuerspace

Last week, I attended the CRE//Tech event in Los Angeles. While I flew 3,000 miles to be there, the journey started over a year ago. It started with a simple phone call to my friend, Pierce Neinken, the founder of what was then called CRE//Tech Intersect. I explained to him that I was hoping he would partner with Michael Beckerman and The News Funnel to take it to the next level.

RealNex Releases Next Major Advance-- A Total Tech Solution for Commercial Real Estate

Press Release - RealNex

RealNex, a commercial real estate technology company, today announced the launch of its largest-to-date release -- RealNex 3.0. New features and advanced integration between CORE CRM, MarketEdge (financial analysis, reporting and deal room capabilities), and MarketPlace, a single, new listing, search and marketing platform. RealNex 3.0 empowers CRE professionals with hyper-efficient tools to prospect, market and manage transactions – increasing exposure and shortening deal cycles.

Exclusive Q&A with #RETAS Sponsor Stefano Sanchini, 4URSPACE Founder & CEO

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

4URSPACE is the online marketplace that connects construction vendors and other professionals providing assistance to the construction industry to the clients who need their services.

HomeJab Delivers Real Estate Media in a Snap

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Two significant factors impact a real estate agent’s ability to land an offer on their listings: quality property imagery and speed. Very few people buy real estate blindly. What you see, sells. Not all photography is created equal.

Exclusive Q&A With #RETAS Sponsor Turner Levison, CEO of CommissionTrac

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

CommissionTrac was created to streamline and automate all commission and accounting processes for modern brokerage companies. Easily integrate with CRM, Quickbooks, Property Management platforms and more. 

Convene Takes 58K SF for Largest Location at 101 Greenwich Street

News - The Commercial Observer

Meeting space provider Convene has signed a lease for a 58,000-square-foot space at 101 Greenwich Street in the Financial District to relocate its headquarters and establish its 11th New York City location and largest in the country, Commercial Observer has learned.

Auction.com Parent Ten-X Gets New Ownership

News - Wall Street Journal

Private-equity firm Thomas H. Lee PartnersLP has closed its purchase of a controlling stake in Ten-X LLC in a deal that values the online real estate marketplace at $1.6 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.

#CREtech Picks: Week of 9/25/17

The Tech Revolution Has Arrived For Alternative Lending

News - Bisnow

As more developers look beyond banks and other financial institutions to fill the gaps in their capital stacks, nonbank lenders are offering a new source of financing. Unlike traditional lenders that are highly regulated and constrained by recent rule changes, alternative lending has grown in popularity as accredited investors enter the market, capitalizing on demand and a lack of traditional capital. 

Cushman & Wakefield partners with appraisal start-up Bowery Valuation

News - Real Estate Weekly

Cushman & Wakefield has signed an agreement with Bowery Valuation that will automate and optimize the entire appraisal process.As part of this initial phase of the agreement, Cushman & Wakefield appraisers will be able to provide multi-family valuation services in the New York market utilizing Bowery’s proprietary technology.

This Tech Company Aims To Connect Online Retailers, Landlords With Empty Storefronts

News - Bisnow

In a growing trend, online retailers are leasing retail shops for short periods of time. Vancouver-based Thisopenspace, which operates a concept that could be compared to Airbnb for retail real estate, announced its expansion into New York last week, Crain’s New York Business reports.

Tesla wants to build 'mega supercharging' stops that sell food and coffee (TSLA)

News - Business Insider

Tesla owners already have it pretty good when it comes to juicing up their vehicles. Customers can drive to one of the companies' many Supercharger stations and be back on the road in just 30 minutes.

Facebook and Amazon are so big they’re creating their own company towns — here’s the 200-year history

News - Business Insider

In Menlo Park, California, Facebook plans to build a new campus with 1,500 residences, a walkable retail district, a grocery store, and a hotel for its employees. Meanwhile, Amazon recently announced that it will build a second headquarters that could effectively turn the chosen city into a company town — much like what happened to Seattle when the online retail giant came to Seattle in the late 1990s. Dubbed HQ2, approximately 50,000 employees will work there.

Close Quarters: Where Smart Money Investors Are Betting On Real Estate Tech

Blog - CB Insights

Real estate is a massive asset class that tech entrepreneurs and venture capital investors alike are trying their best to break into. The industry has been slow to adopt new technology, but some of the most successful venture investors are placing bets on companies that might change the way real estate is bought, sold, and managed.

How Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology Are Changing CRE

Blog - CommissionTrac

Blockchain — the technology underpinning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — is already slowly changing the landscape of CRE for the better. It’s still in its infancy, but once it reaches full bloom it will be nothing short of revolutionary. Here’s why.

Microchip implants at work, and the Google glasses are back

Blog - Cushman & Wakefield

After sales were suspended in 2015, the Google Glass augmented-reality headset is making a comeback. The team behind the tech stopped production in order to rethink its development, and now the wearable has re-emerged with a new business focus.

#REBNYTECH Hackathon 2017 Will Award A Total Of $75k In Cash And Prizes To Tech Innovators!

Blog - Duke Long

Hack cutting-edge solutions to real-world challenges faced by the world’s leading real estate companies to compete for a total of $75,000 in cash and prizes! The deadline to register teams is October 6th.

HomeASAP Named a 2017 BizTech Award Winner for Technological Innovation

Press Release - HomeAsap

Real estate technology company, HomeASAP (https://homeasap.com/) has been named a 2017 BizTech Award winner by the Jacksonville Business Journal. The awards honor Northeast Florida-based businesses that are on the cutting edge of creating, using and selling technology, that have demonstrated a strong record of innovation and outstanding performance over the past year.

6 Gadgets to Get the CRE Tech Lover in Your Life

Blog - Jonathan Schultz

Now that technology is becoming integrated into CRE, one of the best things about working in the field is all of the cool things you get to play with. From gadgets that help you stay organized and prepared in your day-to-day life, from big boy toys like drones and cameras that make fieldwork fun, here’s a list of the best accessories to get as a gift for that special real estate tech nerd in your life.

NavigatorCRE Impresses at TechCrunch Disrupt, CRE//Tech

Press Release - NavigatorCRE

NavigatorCRE leaves big impressions at TechCrunch Seattle Meetup and Tech Crunch Disrupt, will be in Los Angeles at CRE//Tech event September 28th. NavigatorCRE’s team just returned from a prosperous showing at TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco last week. NavigatorCRE represented the CRE technology industry vertical with pride, and drew significant and impressive response from the large host of attendees.

Announcing the Notarize Mortgage API - Fully automated online closings are here.

Press Release - Notarize

If you’re a lender, the Notarize Mortgage API eliminates all manual processes to create an online closing. You can integrate directly with your LOS or other systems to create fully digital online closings - and you can automate your entire closing operation as you’ve always dreamt.

Big Data is the Property Manager’s Friend

News - NREI

For the sake of our survival, we must not only see the rise of big data as an inevitable part of the industry’s growth, but embrace it as a key tool in our ability to remain competitive.

Transit raises another $5M from Accel to become a hub for public transportation

News - TechCrunch

Transit started off as a slick app that helped you get in a complex metro area with public transportation, but now CEO Jake Sion has higher ambitions than that: being the go-to spot for getting from point A to point B, regardless of method.

Pi Labs, a ‘pre-Series A' property tech VC based in London, closes $10M second fund

News - TechCrunch

Property Innovation Labs (Pi Labs), an accelerator-turned-early-stage VC fund that invests in property tech startups ‘pre-Series A’, has closed a second fund of $10 million, from which it plans to make a total of 35 investments.

Facebook drops $35M on first urban office in San Francisco

News - The Real Deal

The tech giant inked a $35 million lease for 436,000 square feet of office space because busing employees about two hours through infamously bad traffic to company headquarters in Menlo Park was becoming unwieldy. Surprise, surprise. The deal is the biggest office lease signed in San Francisco in three years, according to Business Insider.

#CREtech Picks: Week of 9/22

Robots Are Coming Online to Change Construction Forever

News-Commercial Observer

Earlier this year, SAM—or a “semi-automated mason”—showed up at the construction site of Shenandoah University’s new 80,000-square-foot James R. Wilkins Jr. Athletics & Events Center in Winchester, Va.

Take Back Your Weekends with Key Please


Finding and onboarding new tenants is a huge headache. The process devours time: answering the prospect queries, coordinating showing appointments, and driving to-and-from the property.

Inside Nielsen’s Cool New NYC Technology Hub

Blog-Office Lovin

Nielsen, a global performance management company providing a comprehensive understanding of what consumers watch and buy, recently opened its new technology hub office in New York City.

Accenture to Add 800 Midtown Jobs at Tech Square’s Centergy Building

Blog-My Midtown Mojo

Accenture, a professional service company is planning a major expansion in Midtown…that will add some 800 jobs! The addition will happen in Tech Square’s Centergy building, where Accenture will add some 40,000 sq. ft. to their existing 33,000 square feet. 

Amazon just showed us what really happens when robots replace jobs

News - News9.com KWTV- Business News

There are as many opinions about jobs and artificial intelligence as there are people who have them. A Vanguard global economist recently said AI will replace 1in 2 jobs.

Ikea set to debut an augmented reality app

News- Business Insider Retail 

Ikea is rolling out a new augmented reality (AR) application, called Ikea Place, according to Retail Dive.

Amazon Setting Up Shop At Campus Pointe In University City

News- Bisnow

Seattle-based Amazon is expanding its presence in San Diego, leasing nearly 107K SF at Alexandria Real Estate’s new Campus Pointe office complex in University City, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. 

First Bitcoin Real Estate Purchase Recorded in Texas

News - PR Newswire

Kuper Sotheby's International Realty is now the first brokerage in the State of Texas to close on a home purchased entirely with the popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

11 Tech Buzzwords Real Estate Professionals Need to Know

Blog - The Hightower Blog

With tools and processes evolving at a breakneck pace, it’s difficult to keep up — let alone find reliable educational resources. Yet neglecting to learn the most commonly used tech buzzwords and concepts may put you at a disadvantage when it comes to selecting a technology solution for your real estate business.

A Simple Way to Implement New Technology in Old Properties 


Did you know 90% of America's rental stock was built before 1999, according to a 2011 Harvard University housing study? That’s before the iPhone, Blackberry, cellphones, even PCs. Most people received TV via antenna! 

#CREtech Picks: Week of 9/15/17

RealtyShares Raises $28 Million Series C Round To Transform Commercial Real Estate

Press Release - RealtyShares

San Francisco - RealtyShares, a leading online marketplace for real estate investing, today announced it has raised $28 million in Series C financing from Cross Creek Advisors, Danhua Capital, Barry Sternlicht (Founder of Starwood Capital and Starwood Resorts) and Bow Capital, along with prior investors Union Square Ventures, General Catalyst Partners, and Menlo Ventures.

CoStar To Acquire Multifamily Listing Company ForRent In $385M Deal

News - Bisnow

CoStar, the D.C.-based commercial real estate data giant that has acquired at least 26 smaller companies on its way to becoming a $9B behemoth, has just made another acquisition.  In a $385M deal announced Tuesday, CoStar acquired multifamily advertising company ForRent, a division of Dominion Enterprises. The deal included $350M in cash and $35M in CoStar stock.

Real Estate Tech Funding: What and Who to Know

Blog - A Student of The Real Estate Game

“The real estate industry is slow to adopt new technology”. How many times have you heard that statement? While there may be some truth to it from a relative perspective, there are so many exciting things happening in the world of real estate technology today.

As a relieved Tampa assesses its future, one of its millionaires plants a flag for VC and tech

News - TechCrunch

While Tampa Bay residents are beginning the process of removing the sandbags from their homes and getting back to the business of daily living in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the city’s multi-millionaire real estate developer, Jeff Vinik, is busy with plans of his own. 

Driverless cars could be your new mobile office

Blog - Buildout

When their use is widespread, driverless cars will operate much like public transportation––constantly moving and rarely parked in centrally-located areas. Once this shift occurs, office buildings will no longer need to provide parking for employees. As a result, areas previously set aside for parking will be transformed into green spaces or retail that employees can easily access on their breaks.

How Uber, self-driving cars and more are changing real estate

News - Albuquerque Journal

Cities and towns across the U.S. were excitedly clamoring to be the next to build a “transit-oriented development” — a rapidly popularized mixed-use concept that combined dense housing, retail space, offices, and more within a walkable community steps from major transit lines.

The Store Of The Future: 200+ Startups Transforming Brick-And-Mortar Retail In One Infographic

Blog - CB Insights

Brick-and-mortar retail is a high-stakes business. And while it may seem that e-commerce is taking over, Americans still do roughly 90% of their shopping in physical stores. In fact, one of the latest trends in retail is the launch of physical stores by digital-native companies such as Bonobos and Warby Parker. Amazon, of course, has blurred the lines even further with its launch of brick-and-mortar bookstores and its acquisition of Whole Foods.

The Rise of the Brokerage Tech Stack

Blog - CommissionTrac

If you think your commercial real estate office is technologically up-to-date because you’ve given up your fax machine in favor of email, it might be time to rethink what you thought you knew. The technology behind CRE is changing quickly. Done right, it has the potential to make your brokerage smarter, more agile, and ultimately more competitive and profitable.

Driverless Cars, AI and the Impact on the Future of Commercial Real Estate to be the focus of CRE // Tech in Los Angeles on September 28

Press Release - CRE // Tech

CRE // Tech (cretech.com), the leading event, content and connectivity platform for the commercial real estate industry announced that it will host its second annual Los Angeles event on September 28th at CBRE Headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Virtual Reality Scores Agents More Business

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Real estate agents and brokers: what if you could generate more buyer interest and boost inbound seller leads, all while saving on your per-listing marketing expenses? With the introduction of Matterport’s all-in-one property marketing system, agents are doing just that. That’s because Matterport’s system delivers every visual asset - from an interactive 3D tour to print-ready photos, black-and-white floor plans, video, and virtual reality tours - from a fast, easy 3D scan.

Shop Kohl’s for Amazon Echo, Fire & More

Blog - Regency Centers

Kohl's Corp. announced Wednesday, September 6, that shoppers will be able to buy Amazon Echo, Fire tablets and other gadgets from select brick-and-mortar Kohl's stores. Customers in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas will be among the first to experience the 1,000-square-foot Amazon shops.

Vinik-backed Dreamit Ventures unveils first urban tech startups at Water Street Tampa

News - Tampa Bay Times

TAMPA — Jeff Vinik, Tampa Bay Lightning owner and now partner in the joint venture real estate development known as Water Street Tampa, may one day become best known as the man who helped turbo-charge Tampa Bay into a major tech community.

Bodega raises $2.5M to build a smart store kiosk in your apartment building

News - TechCrunch

A new startup called Bodega hopes to install kinds of convenience store-like kiosks right into apartment buildings, gyms, or other infrastructure that’ll sell the goods — like dish detergent — that residents need. The company has raised $2.5 million in a financing round led by First Round Capital and Homebrew Ventures and has 30 bodegas live scattered around the Bay Area.


Blog - Versapay

According to KPMG, this year in Q1 2017 global investment in FinTech companies hit $3.2 billion across 260 deals… and this is just the beginning. The way the internet changed publishing and music, FinTech is now changing industries like commercial real-estate (CRE) by modernizing the old-school processes used by finance.

You Need 4URSPACE and Here’s Why (Q&A)

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

At Real Estate Tech News, we love learning the inspiration behind novel ideas disrupting the commercial real estate industry. 4URSPACE is one of those ideas revolutionizing how project managers and vendors connect. There’s excellent work being done in the retail industry to create enhanced customer experiences through store design.

#CREtech Picks: Week of 9/8/17

Why WeWork Thinks It's Worth $20 Billion

News - WIRED

In the future, you’re going to love going to the office. Everything you need to do your job effectively will present itself without effort. You won’t have your own desk, because your employer will know you only use it for 63 percent of the day. But you won’t mind sharing it, because said employer will make sure you have a private room with green leafy plants, soundproof walls, and warm light between 2 and 2:20 p.m. so you can call your daughter. 

Amazon is building its first fulfillment center in New York City

News - Business Insider

The ecommerce giant announced on Wednesday that it's building its first fulfillment center in New York City, in the borough of Staten Island. According to the release, the warehouse will measure 855,000 square feet and provide over 2,250 new jobs in the area.

Amazon is looking for a 2nd headquarter city, a ‘full equal to Seattle'

News - TechCrunch

Amazon has made a name for itself as a giant in e-commerce, logistics and cloud services both for businesses and consumers. Now it’s embarking on a big move to expand its corporate presence, too. Today the company announced that it is opening a search for a city in North America to make its second headquarters, envisioned as a “full equal” to Amazon’s existing home in Seattle, Washington.

Companies Are Paying $33M More A Year To Be Close To Tech Talent

News - Bisnow

When it comes to the search for young tech talent, companies are not sparing any expense. Some employers are even paying a $33M annual premium to be located in the country's top tech city over a burgeoning market.

“Conference Season” Is Here. How Is It Possible We Have Not Met Yet?

Blog - Duke Long

I get asked often and I always do appreciate the invitations that I get to attend all types of commercial real estate and tech events. Part of being in New York is that fact that there is almost something to attend every day and I do mean every day. It can be exhausting sometimes. I do love it though. It’s a good kind of tired and worn down. Some much knowledge and so many amazing people.

These 3 Companies Are Disrupting Real Estate Tech. Here's How

News - INC.com

There has been much ado about how real estate is an industry ripe for disruption, and a lot of speculation as to exactly how it will occur. Yet companies across the country already have boots on the ground, clearing a path for disruption to follow. It's no surprise that in 2016, 235 real estate tech companies received VC funding, compared to just 72 in 2012.

New rooftop cooling tech beams excess heat into outer space

News - Inhabitat

Heat rises, and, with a little help from scientists, can soar as high as outer space. A team at Stanford University has created a roof-mounted system which cools buildings, without the need for electricity, by incorporating solar panel-like machines that beam heat into the cold expanse of space. This system, known as radiative sky cooling, is seen as an early step to developing a full strength system to cool buildings without the need for an external energy source. 

Walmart and Whole Foods have a new weapon to win over customers

News - Business Insider

Walmart recently announced a partnership with Google to be listed on the tech giant's Google Express retail platform.

Will blockchain technology transform real estate?

Blog - JLL Real Views

It’s been described as a technology that will ‘change the world’. Banks believe it could be the future of financial transactions, utilities hope it will modernise the grid and musicians anticipate that it could change the way they receive royalties without going through a record label.

Real Disruption

Event - MIT Center for Real Estate

The MIT Center for Real Estate hosts the eighth edition of its Real Disruption conference series, featuring a panel of Founder/CEOs who will explore exciting and innovative new technologies that are changing the landscape of commercial real estate management – including powerful platforms and data applications that make operations, security, and strategic decision-making faster and easier.

Will Smart Sensor Tech Become a Leading Amenity in CRE?

Blog - NAI

Smart technology and the Internet of Things continue to make waves in the commercial real estate industry. For the multifamily specifically, smart sensor tech will change the way residents live and will enhance their way of life by offering new benefits. For other sectors such as retail, the sensor technology can help determine traffic flow. These are just a few of the reasons smart sensor tech is set to become a leading amenity in CRE.

Tech-focused Ironside Newark project earns WiredScore platinum status

News - Real Estate NJ

Edison Properties’ plan to build more than 450,000 feet of modern, loft-style office space at a historic Newark warehouse has earned the recognition of WiredScore, a rating service for technology and connectivity in commercial buildings.

Ten-X partners with lender Money 360

News - Real Estate Weekly

Online marketplace Ten-X has partnered with tech-forward lender Money 360 to swell their investor pool of buyers. Under the agreement, Money360 will work with Ten-X to determine which commercial properties listed on the Ten-X platform are appropriate for pre-arranged financing, and will then pre-underwrite bridge and/or permanent loans for qualifying properties.

Habito, an app that helps you find the right mortgage, raises £18.5M Series B led by Atomico

News - TechCrunch

Habito, a London startup that is bringing the entire mortgage process online, has raised £18.5 million in Series B funding. Atomico, the European VC firm founded by Skype’s Niklas Zennström, led the round, with participation from existing investors Ribbit Capital, Mosaic Ventures, and Revolutionary (Ad)Ventures. It brings the total raised by the U.K. company to just over £27 million.

Podcast #150 Michael Griffin Co-Founder CEO ClientLook CRM.

Blog - Duke Long

Are you using one of the most effective yet underutilized tools for #CRE? How well does your current commercial CRM integrate? How well does it integrate all of that data? Do you understand what automation and enhanced efficiency can do for your daily workflow? What if you had an assistant? What if you had a virtual assistant just for your CRM? All this and so much more.

Alibaba is building a brick-and-mortar mall

News - Business Insider

Alibaba is planning to open its first brick-and-mortar mall in April at its headquarters in Hangzhou, China, MarketWatch reports. “More Mall,” as it is reportedly called, will be five stories tall and offer products from brands on Alibaba’s Taobao platform and elsewhere. It will also feature retail technologies like virtual fitting rooms, high-tech makeup testing mirrors, and Alibaba’s tech-based grocery store.

Office Space Startup Truss Lands $7.7 M for Market Expansion

Blog- Real Estate Tech News

Tech startup Truss recently closed a $7.7 million Series A round led by Navitas Capital, bringing its total capital raised to $9 million. The commercial real estate platform makes the office search process more efficient for businesses needing space less than 10,000 square feet.

#CREtech Picks: Week of 9/1/17

Why energy efficient investments will be huge for CRE success

Blog - Buildout

As energy costs rise, businesses will need to make energy efficient investments in technology that keep the costs of maintaining and running an office under control.

AI IN E-COMMERCE: How artificial intelligence can help retailers deliver the highly personalized experiences shoppers desire

News - Business Insider

One of retailers' top priorities is to figure out how to gain an edge over Amazon. To do this, many retailers are attempting to differentiate themselves by creating highly curated experiences that combine the personal feel of in-store shopping with the convenience of online portals.


Blog - CommissionTrac

This was the finding of a global survey conducted by KMPG. The day of “mom and pops” managing regionally is over. Owners now handle complex and often global portfolios. This gives rise to an increased number of players, stakeholders and moving pieces with not millions, but often billions on the line.

4 Ways CRE Leaders Can WIN With Data

Blog - Jon Schultz

Data is playing a much larger role in business these days, especially in day-to-day business operations. With the Internet of Things, companies can measure every aspect of their business at a truly amazing and granular level. CRE is no stranger to this data-everywhere approach to business. In fact, as a leader, not being fluent in data is quickly becoming a liability in today’s business environment.

LEVERTON signs funding round with DAH and Anyon

Press Release - Leverton

LEVERTON, an intelligent information extraction and document management platform, has secured a funding round of up to € 10 million (c. US$ 11.2 million) with DAH Beteiligungs GmbH (“DAH“) and Anyon Holding GmbH (“Anyon”)


Press Release - Mynd

Mynd, the tech-powered property management company with the industry’s first real-time data management and mobile app, announced today that it has acquired San Diego-based Pacific Shore Management’s 595 unit portfolio. The deal makes Mynd one of the fastest growing mid-cap property management companies in the US and will more than double their unit count to nearly 1,100 in just 10 months of operations.

Technology is Keeping Bodies in Brick and Mortar: Here's How

Blog - NAI Global 

Cutting-edge technology is essential for big-brands who want their retail empires to continue to succeed and outpace competitors in today’s (and probably tomorrow’s) retail landscape. E-commerce has created a shift in consumer wants and behaviors towards retail, however, the right technology can feed into those wants and positive behaviors.

Find Apartments Easily with New App Keyo

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Moving is such a hassle. Before you even pack the first box, there’s the rigmarole of finding a new place to live. That process in and of itself is time-consuming. You want to find a cozy apartment in a safe neighborhood, close to amenities, with good neighbors. 

Ten-X Secures New Leading Investor with Thomas H. Lee Partners

Blog - Real Estate Tech News

Ten-X, an online real estate transaction marketplace, will close a majority recapitalization deal with Thomas H. Lee Partners (THL) for a controlling stake in the company. THL is a private equity firm that invests in middle-market growth companies.

Ad-tech startup Adwerx raises $4.3M as it looks to expand beyond real estate

News - Tech Crunch 

Adwerx is a well-known advertising and re-targeting network for real estate agents (though if you’re not in that line of business, chances are you’ve never heard of it, of course). The Durham, NC-based company today announced that it has raised a $4.3 million funding round led by Grotech Ventures, with participation from Bull City Venture Partners and Alerion Ventures.

Smart apartment platform Dwelo grabs $4.9M in funding

News - TechCrunch

One of the big issues with the smart home is that so many of the country’s tech lovers aren’t living in homes. Dwelo is designing large-scale smart home solutions built for renters living in apartments.

Virtual Reality Transports Patrons Out of This World

News - Wall Street Journal

The other day I made a terrible mess in my cubicle, flew over an iceberg, and sliced through floating watermelons with my samurai sword.

New York is second most expensive city for renting co-working spaces

News - Real Estate Weekly

New York is the second-most expensive place in the country to rent an office desk, according to a study from workspace network start-up LiquidSpace. In its flexible offices second quarter report, the firm found that the average rent per person in New York stands at $740. The figure is lower than the average in San Francisco, which was at $911. However, it was 45 percent higher than the national average of $512.