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CRE Buzz: Give the People What They Want!

The most relevant news, in real time.
The 24-hour news cycle that exists today has caused many people to seek (and expect) instant gratification when it comes to the content they consume. They want their news to be timely (hence the 24-hour cycle) and they want it to be relevant. This is why sites, such as Reddit, have experienced such a great deal of success. They often get the news the fastest, and segment it as well, so everyone gets exactly what they want, exactly when they want it.

CRE.Buzz is a new site created with the intention of supplying real time news to the commercial real estate industry in a similar vein. Membership to the site is free, and there aren’t a lot of restrictions in terms of the content being posted. Nonetheless, for the sake of common decency, a few ground rules have been laid down. On that note, we’ll refer to the words of the site’s creator and fellow CRE App Review Advisory Board member Duke Long to break it down for you:

  • What to submit – Anything that people in the commercial real estate industry would find interesting. We’re especially looking for anything with a unique angle on an industry article or story. Videos or pictures are ok, but please keep it on topic
  • Submissions – Please don’t use uppercase letters or exclamation points, or say how great an article is in the title. It’s implied in submitting something that you feel it’s important. Please submit the original source. For example, if a blog post reports on something they found from another site, submit the site it was found on
  • Comments – Please add to the conversation and be civil. When disagreeing, please refer to the argument itself, rather than calling names

So, there it is, not too complicated. And, neither is how the site itself works.



Users posts their content to the homepage, where it is then upvoted and downvoted, depending on the mass appeal it has to the site’s audience. How the articles are displayed can also be configured in different ways depending on the personal preferences of each user. Showing the posts organized in a different order, such as beginning with the most recent or the highest rated of all time, is an example of one of the adjustments that can be made.

We will now refer back to the site’s mastermind, Duke Long, to supply some additional reasons as to why you should be using CRE.Buzz right now as an industry professional:

  • It’s free
  • It’s CRE crowd sourced
  • It’s CRE’s front page
  • It will be created by CRE
  • It will be created by YOU

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