The Real Estate Tech Community Comes Together to Rapidly Develop Solutions to Critical Challenges Now Facing the World

New York, NY (July 29, 2020) - CREtech (, the largest intelligence platform devoted to Reimagining Real Estate, announced today their plans to launch the first ever global virtual real estate tech Hackathon in an effort to meet the urgent tech needs of real estate owners and developers. As the industry faces the significant challenges from the pandemic and subsequent economic fallout, real estate organizations across the world are trying to navigate through uncharted waters to reopen their facilities and embrace innovation and technology in an urgent manner. 

CREtech’s Reimagining Real Estate Hackathon is engaging innovators and experts from the real estate tech community to contribute to this history making event. The free Hackathon allows real estate companies to submit challenges to be solved, as well as invites technology and solution providers to provide responses to these challenges. Collectively the participants in the Hackathon will be part of creating groundbreaking solutions to some of the most complicated issues of our time. 

Confirmed real estate companies who will be submitting challenges include: 


The Hackathon will start accepting challenges on July 29 and will run from August 20 to September 10, 2020 with teams collaborating and presenting solutions virtually. This is a free, open access platform to solve some of the world’s most pressing current issues the real estate sector is facing in an effort to drive innovation and tech adoption. 

“Thank you to our friends at Integra Ledger for suggesting this groundbreaking Hackathon event and providing the technology to support it, “ stated Michael Beckerman, CEO, CREtech and FUTURE PropTech. “Never before in the history of this massive industry has technology been given the attention it is getting today. Our goal with the Hackathon is to help accelerate this moment in time where innovation and tech adoption is being so widely embraced around the world,” Beckerman concluded.

How to Get Involved:

Real estate owners, developers, landlords, brokerage firms and more can get involved in the following ways:

  • Contributing challenges to be solved during the Hackathon 
  • Encouraging decision makers and staff to participate in the Hackathon 
  • Enabling working time to be spent on taking part in the Hackathon 
  • Coordinating teams and large-scale participation 
  • Discussing challenges with other organizations and forming joint teams to tackle them 
  • Registering to participate in the challenge as individuals or teams



Teams and participants will take part in the challenges held during the three-week Hackathon period. Teams will work remotely to develop a prototype solution to a business challenge. More details are here:

  • Posting the Challenges: July 29 – August 19
  • Participant and Team Registration: July 29 – August 19
  • Hackathon: August 20 - September 10


Be Part of the Solution:

Join CREtech now in being part of creating the solutions to some of the most challenging issues of our time. Register or post a challenge here.

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