As part of our commitment to keep workplace clean, safe, and responsive, CrowdComfort, a modern mobile service request platform, is offering a free simple set-up through June 2020. 

We know things are crazy right now and we hope you and your families are well. Your offices have likely been required to work remotely at least for the next four to six weeks for non-essential personnel.

While the past month has been overwhelming for many, we believe the following weeks may offer an opportunity to regroup and do some project planning around workplace responsiveness with an emphasis on cleanliness.

In an effort to be helpful during this challenging time, CrowdComfort is offering a free simple setup that will enable your employees and real estate teams to easily report cleanliness and hygiene issues. The goal is not only to demonstrate your team's commitment and awareness of cleanliness as a top priority, but also give employees an easy way to report these issues.

We believe deploying this type of responsive solution is of high importance to employees.   “In the first weeks of the virus entering the US, we observed a 40% increase in employee requests about hand soaps and sanitizers before most of our clients shut down” says Eric Graham, CEO of CrowdComfort. He went on to say that “Seeing this, we quickly created a set of categories for cleanliness, hygiene, and safety, then offered it to our existing clients at no additional cost. About 60% of them took us up on the offer.”

Our goal is to support our communities and businesses that are struggling to empower their organizations with simple communication tools.  We believe we can do this by providing services that will position companies for success when employees return to the workplace.    

You can reach out to if you think this may be helpful for you and your team