(August 2, 2018) CHICAGO - Enodo, an automated underwriting platform for multifamily real estate, announces new features and platform updates that enable subscribers to track, analyze, and compare multifamily properties. Enodo’s existing features empower users to optimize revenue performance, identify statistically relevant comps, and test new development and value-add strategies.

“The current approach to CRE analysis and underwriting is broken,” said CEO Marc Rutzen. “For investors, developers, brokers, and lenders the process of data collection, curation, analysis and decision making is expensive, time-consuming, uncertain and inefficient. Enodo is fixing that.”

The new features are targeted at everyday operators and service providers that need real-time information that delivers actionable insights to increase property performance and maximize returns.

New Features and Platform Updates:

  • Unit Level Rent and Concessions Tracking - Developed for both ongoing subscriptions and one-time reports, customers can track individual properties and receive weekly email updates on unit availability, pricing, and concessions.
  • Enodo Lite - A map-based tool providing high-level detail including Unit Mixes, Market Rents, Historical Trends, etc. enabling a lower price point solution to acquire meaningful property information without the larger platform commitment.  
  • Enhanced Rent Roll and T-12 PDF Upload - Allows users to convert rent rolls to floor plans, map T-12s to their chart of accounts, and export in Excel. This is an all-in-one lease analysis tool to extract the most relevant and impactful information regarding property performance.
  • API as a Service – Understanding the “product exhaustion” in the commercial real estate market, Enodo now offers a menu of API calls to extract value for large organizations. Users can both query historical property data and run Enodo’s predictive algorithms with API access.


About Enodo: Enodo is an automated underwriting platform for the commercial real estate industry. Utilizing predictive analytics and machine learning, Enodo offers a suite of underwriting tools including Rent Surveys, Lease Activity Tracking, Amenity Analysis, Expense Benchmarking, Value-Add Modeling, and Ground-up Development Planning.

Through an intuitive platform interface and API services, Enodo delivers actionable insights that accelerate the underwriting process and enable more informed decision making. Learn more at www.enodoinc.com.

Join a member of Enodo every Tuesday at 11:00 CST for a live product demonstration and ask platform-specific questions. To join a live product demonstration visit: https://www.enodoinc.com/webinar/live-demo.