Tenant Engagement Soars with New Interactive, Digital Amenity Platform

HOM’s live-streamed, interactive event offerings provide a much needed antidote to the quarantine blues

Social distancing and “stay at home” orders have meant tough times for many community management platforms. However, the New York based startup HOM (pronounced ‘home’) has managed not just to survive during the COVID era, but to thrive. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, HOM’s programs have seen a 25% increase in overall tenant engagement, and a 64% increase in per event attendance. In addition, they have begun providing services for an additional 100 properties and expanded to 10+ new markets with new and current clients.

In part their success has been the result of a quick pivot to offering digital programs - including fitness classes, social events, and month-long skillbuilding seminars. HOM’s growth has also been driven by an affordable property syndication model that makes it easy to roll-out services portfolio wide. 

However, a larger part of their success comes from their personal, interactive approach to the digital offerings. 

Every HOM offering is presented via livestream with tenants able to engage with their providers in real-time either through Zoom-style video conferencing, or a chat feature. These interactions are then viewable to everyone participating in the event, which creates not only a sense of connection between the tenants and the providers, but a sense of community between the users themselves. 

Tenants report that this interactivity and real-time engagement has a huge impact on preserving a sense of connectedness and normality during these challenging times. This is a boon for property managers, too, as they look for ways to maintain their amenity offerings despite amenity spaces being closed.

Looking forward, HOM is continuing to innovate with the launch of two new features. The first is a drag-and-drop sales platform they’re calling the “Community Operating System.” The goal of this system is to allow properties to quickly and easily schedule a la carte events at their building contract free. The second new feature is an on-demand “Wellness Marketplace” which will be available to tenants in buildings that already offer HOM programming. With this feature tenants can schedule virtual one-on-one wellness sessions in a wide variety of modalities depending on their needs and interests. 

“We realize that this is a challenging time for everyone,” HOM co-founder Ryan Freed explains, “but we’re finding that it is presenting us at HOM with a unique opportunity to be of service - to property managers and to tenants. Feeling connected and staying healthy is more important now than ever before. We are excited to develop new ways to give that to people.”



HOM is a tech-enabled community management platform working with the country's top landlords across the country in 250+ properties. HOM delivers digital and physical lifestyle events, fitness, and wellness services and classes direct to building tenants.

HOM generates savings from greater operational efficiency while also driving higher retention and enabling ancillary revenue opportunities. Their easy-to-use platform allows clients to choose offerings that serve their tenants, and track engagement through their data platform to maximize the impact of their offerings. 

The HOM platform is seamless for landlords, providing full support, including: on-site equipment sourcing for events and fitness, dedicated account management, proprietary technology for landlords, tenants, and vendors, white-labeled marketing, and API integration.