PORTLAND, OR — IOTAS, provider of smart home technology for multifamily rental properties, introduces Prospect Tour, a self-guided touring feature that makes it easier and safer to show and fill available units. 


Prospect Tour enables leasing staff to provide building and model unit access to prospective renters—without being physically present at the time of a scheduled tour. Prospects receive a virtual key via email, allowing them to let themselves in and tour the space at their leisure, then leave it to automatically lock when the visit is complete. 


With social-distancing measures in effect across most of the country, IOTAS saw the need to minimize physical contact between property management teams and prospective residents. Many properties have been forced to stop welcoming new residents to their communities, and they’re missing leasing opportunities while units sit empty. But self-guided tours allow management to keep showing and filling those units; it’s a solution that makes everyone feel safe, without restricting access for apartment shoppers. 


Even beyond the current reality of quarantines and six-feet of separation, self-guided tours offer a sense of privacy and independence in the apartment search process. Prospective residents are increasingly expecting this level of autonomy while viewing properties, and self-guided tours are an upgrade that improves the experience for everyone involved.  


“It has always been our goal to enhance the daily living experience of renters through smart, simple technology,” says IOTAS Founder Sce Pike. “That experience starts on the day they first see a unit that might become their home. Self-guided tours make renters feel more comfortable and they streamline the process of filling units fast.” 


Leasing staff can choose to sync a model unit with Alexa voice commands so prospects can try out the IOTAS smart apartment technology for themselves without the need for hands on operation. A model unit can also be programmed with IOTAS routines to automate the entire tour; lights can be set to turn on when someone enters and off when they leave, and all smart devices can be programmed to shut down at the close of business hours to save on energy costs. 


Saving time on guided tours allows leasing staff to focus on following up with promising prospects, answering their questions, and take the next steps toward welcoming new residents to the community. 

Pricing for Prospect Tour by IOTAS

Property owners can choose between two options when adding Prospect Tour functionality to their building. The full price for unit-only access is $2,800 (inclusive of hardware and 1 year’s service fees), but new customers receive one month free until May 15, bringing the total package cost down to $2,600. For building and unit access, IOTAS integrates with ButterflyMX, and pricing can be obtained by contacting IOTAS. Both packages include an IOTAS Connect 2 Hub, 1 Yale Pushbutton Smart Lock, 1 Cellular Module, and 1 year of IOTAS service and support. Existing IOTAS customers should contact IOTAS for a special discount code. 



IOTAS is the leader in smart home technology for multifamily rental properties, built on the idea that simple, user-friendly automations make a space feel and function more like a true home. Founded in 2014 by Sce Pike, IOTAS is streamlining multifamily management and increasing rent premiums for property owners, while attracting and retaining residents who value the seamless integration of smart home technology with their daily lives. The IOTAS app provides one-touch and voice access to smart lights, locks, plugs, thermostatic control, and more, along with options to set personalized home automations per resident preferences. With personal data becoming increasingly integrated with so many aspects of our daily lives - from home controls to food deliveries to music selections and beyond, IOTAS leads the way on protecting user data in the smart home technology space.