Denver, July 24, 2019Upsuite is excited to announce that we have successfully raised $850,000 (US) fundraising from a stellar consortium of international and domestic investors led by angel investors and global CRE powerhouse firms. The funds will be used to support product development, market expansion and talent acquisition.

The new investment round will enable Upsuite to further capitalize on its position as a leader in connecting teams with coworking spaces in North America, where coworking members, operators and commercial real estate brokers are looking to connect teams with the perfect fit coworking office requirements..

New product innovation is a key area of focus for Upsuite, which will enable further expansion into more US and Canadian markets. The funding will also enable Upsuite to execute on growth plans related to growing the coworking advisory, product development and operator relationship management teams at Upsuite.

About Upsuite

Founded in 2018, Upsuite is a marketplace of coworking offices that helps leaders at growing technology and services companies find and secure an office that is convenient for employees and clients, meets their budget, allows for growth or change in their team, and which requires little time and expense to secure.

Upsuite provides the easiest way to find, evaluate, and secure the coworking / flex office at the location, price point, and terms that teams want. Upsuite removes surprises and saves users time in their search by providing 99% of the market inventory, actual suite availability and pricing, all before they tour. If teams book through Upsuite, their membership also comes with exclusive discounts, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Upsuite Verified Operator Partners gain access to a steady stream of the most interested companies and corporate teams, all at no risk or up front cost. Working with Upsuite maximizes their revenue, minimizes their sales and marketing risk, and ensures that they will have the kind of profitable members who will help their coworking business thrive.

Commercial real estate advisors utilize Upsuite’s network of Coworking Advisors to help find short-term coworking space for their clients.

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Ben Wright
Founder & CEO