May, 2019 - Upsuite is proud to announce the launch of our newest coworking market: Chicago. Upsuite provides businesses with the largest coworking selection, a no cost Coworking Advisor, exclusive 5% discounts, plus a satisfaction guarantee for members who book through Upsuite.  

Upsuite currently has contracts with 40 local and national coworking operators, including IWG, WeWork, Industrious, Novel and Convene, as well as local favorites in Denver, Toronto, and Chicago.

The launch of the Chicago market follows a very successful entry in the Toronto coworking market in Q4 of 2018. Upsuite has detailed listings for over 70 coworking locations in the Chicago market, featuring editorial reviews, photos, maps and amenities, Upsuite provides a one-stop location for Chicago coworking search.

Coworking member tenants use Upsuite to find the perfect fit office space for their high-performing teams and Upsuite’s coworking advisors help potential members navigate dozens of potential locations and then will help them negotiate the best rate possible. All at zero cost to the member.

Coworking operators take advantage of Upsuite’s “Verified” status and are able to manage their listings, receive preferred placement in marketing and search results and also receive referrals from Upsuite for potential new members.

Commercial real estate advisors/brokers use Upsuite to help their clients find coworking space when traditional office leases are not the right fit for their client. Upsuite handles the search, negotiation and placement of the advisor’s clients, all at no cost to the advisor.

About Upsuite

Founded in 2018, Upsuite helps teams find the perfect fit coworking office so they can do their best work. We provide access to the largest, most thoroughly researched and constantly updated coworking inventory available. Teams that use Upsuite get more relevant information about coworking offices than they do on any other site.

We give teams great photography, maps, cost and availability information, a list of amenities, and descriptions about how people feel when working in the space. Even more importantly, we give teams a no cost dedicated Coworking Advisor so they can find the space that fits them, their work style, and culture.

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