The commercial real estate transaction volume totaled $537 billion at the end of 2018. If you are looking to claim a larger piece of that pie this year, you need to up your marketing game.

Commercial real estate marketing tactics can help you generate buzz and get the word out about your available properties.

Which of these tips can you work into your marketing plan?

1. High-Quality Photos

The most important thing you need to know when marketing any type of property is that you need high-quality images. People notice and are drawn in by images; then they read the information.

Follow these tips for phone photography to ensure your listings stand out. These days we all have a decent quality camera on our phone.

Start by taking your picture at the right time of day. The best ambient lighting is early in the morning or early evening. The shadows are softer, and the light is less harsh.

If there is any structure on the property try to center it in the image. Also, make sure that your camera is level.

Pay attention to anything that may be blocking the view of the property. You may need a couple of different angles to capture the property entirely.

2. Email Campaigns

If you have networked, which you should have, then you already have a list of contacts with emails. So why aren't you using it to market your available properties?

Create an attractive email blast to help generate interest. This is standard practice in the commercial real estate industry.

To make your emails stand out, put a little effort into the visual attractiveness. Make use of color and images to create an attention-getting email.

Be sure to include a call to action or CTA at the end. You want to motivate people to act.

If you don't have an extensive contact list, you can enlist the help of third-party services. You could also buy an email contact list. Keep in mind the information on this list may not be up to date.

3. Broker Meetings

Many major cities have professional organizations that host networking events for people in the industry. A good place to start is with Retail Live or ICSC. These are two organizations for retail development.

Use these events to pass out marketing materials, give a quick talk about your property, or stay connected with the local market.

4. Display Ads

A well-placed sign on the property can generate more calls than you realize. In today's market though, display ads can be both physical and digital.

Start by creating and placing a physical sign on the property. Keep the information to a minimum. Often, all you need is your contact information and site size.

Then go digital with your ads. You can create online ads and have them target people within the industry.

If you go this route, be sure to understand how to target your ads with Google Adwords. You don't want to waste your investment by appearing in front of the wrong people.

5. Property Webpage

The easiest way to make your property details available to people is to create a page dedicated to that property. You could do this on the company website, personal website, or a simple single page website.

Whatever you choose, it doesn't need to be fancy. The goal is to give potential buyers all the information they need to generate interest.

This gives you a place to direct people through all your other online channels. You also have the additional benefit of Google Analytics.

With tracking, you will know how many people view your site, where they come from, how long they spend, and many other useful metrics to target your marketing efforts in the future.

You can be especially enterprising and require registration details to view the full information of your properties. Now you can build your email lists and marketing database.

6. Online Listings

One of the first places people go to look for property is online listings. This makes it easy to sift through all available properties in one place.

So if your property listings are not there, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity. The most popular place for commercial listings is LoopNet, but there are several other more niche sites too.

There is also the MLS, which dedicates themselves to residential property but does have a commercial section.

When you list your property try to find the right balance of information. You don't want to give too much. Then no one will have a reason to contact you.

Yo also don't want to give too little. This won't generate interest and possibly frustrate potential buyers.

7. Blogging

If you aren't creating new content for your website, you are dropping the ball on current marketing strategies. Google wants to give searchers relevant and up to date information.

By consistently creating new content, you show Google that you are relevant and authoritative in your industry. You also give visitors to your website something new. This new content helps build trust and authority.

This will help increase your exposure and reach, which in turn gives more exposure to your available properties.

Have Effective Commercial Real Estate Marketing

With effective commercial real estate marketing, you can find more buyers and close more deals. Before you know it your business will begin to grow.

Doing too many new things at once can be overwhelming. So start by choosing one or two tactics to try. Then build on your strategy by adding another.

If you need help marketing your commercial real estate, then you need to check out our directory of professionals.