Going for a date with your partner in Delhi has become easier these days. Well going for a date doesn’t always mean going to big restaurants there is more to it. Delhi being such a beautiful place you have a lot of places to visit in Delhi.

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Best places in Delhi where you can take your date 

  • Coorg camping: why to go to a restaurant when you have the option to explore. Coorg is one of the best places in This place is on the top of a mountain where you get a perfect view to have a romantic evening with your date. This date can be a little adventurous as well as in Coorg you will get to do trekking, and you can also do camping over there. Going for a date with your partner to Coorg can make a memorable trip.


  • Night trek at Kunti Betta: this is another amazing place where you can take your date. Going on a night trek with your partner can give something different to your date. Start trekking at 1:00 am reach the peak, relax, have a campfire and spend some good time with your date and sleep under the star gazing at it. This can be the best feeling one can have. This date can be the most memorable one for your date to cherish it for life long.


  • The Gokarna beach: if you want to have some fun while your date then one must try this beach out as this beach has the cleanest water as well as the cleanest This beach is different from other beaches because it has rocks on the other side. Over here you also get to trek through the forest. This can be a fun date and also will get time to spend with each other.


  • Day outing at Bheemeshwari: this is the best place one can go in the daytime. The climate of this place is amazing. This place remains cloudy the entire day and gives you the perfect feeling of a romantic atmosphere. Over here the couple can do trekking through the forest watching some unique birds and animals throughout the way and then they can take rest at the bank of river Cauvery. While taking rest you can also spend some good time with your date.


  • Fun day at Jain farm: well if you are planning to go somewhere out of the city rush. Then this place can be the best place on can visit. While going to the temple on the way you can have a lot of fun, you can experience the fun of games, together with your date you can try making pots and also experience the magic show. This can be a different date type of date which you can experience with your partner.

Always try something new and try to explore it with your date rather going on a coffee date or a lunch or dinner date. Try to make your dates worth remembering by these you can have more effective dates in Delhi.