Can you DIY SEO? Well, the short answer is yes, but it might not be the best idea for your business. Make sure you keep reading to learn more.



According to a study conducted a few years ago, the majority of small businesses say that they don't have enough room in their budget to pay someone to do SEO for them. About 54% reported that they aren't able to pay an SEO company to take care of search engine optimization for their website.

As a result, many of these small businesses either don't have SEO done or attempt to DIY SEO. They assume that doing SEO themselves is better than not doing it themselves, right?

That might work out for some small businesses that have at least a little bit of knowledge when it comes to SEO. But if you do your own SEO, there is also a good chance that you'll end up wasting a lot of time by not taking the right steps.

Here are some reasons why do it yourself SEO might not be the best choice for you.

You Might Not Choose the Right Keywords When Doing SEO

One of the first things you're going to want to do when doing SEO for your website is find out the different keywords that you should include on it. These keywords will play a big part in giving your site a boost and helping you to get more traffic.

Experienced SEO companies have the tools that it takes to decide which keywords to use on websites. Unless you have these same tools at your disposal, you might not know which keywords to pick for your site.

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You Might Not Know How to Build up SEO Through Backlinks

Adding a bunch of keywords to your website isn't the only thing you'll need to do to improve SEO. You'll also need to figure out ways to get backlinks for your website.

This alone can take up more time than you're willing to devote to DIY SEO. You'll need to take on tasks like guest blogging and link swapping to create backlinks for your website.

Rather than spending a ton of time trying to learn how to do SEO yourself as far as backlinks are concerned, you should leave the job up to someone else.

You Might Not Be Able to Tell Whether or Not Your DIY SEO Efforts Are Working

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you do your own SEO or outsource SEO to a company that specializes in doing SEO for small businesses. You want to see results.

But the problem is that you might not even know how to monitor how your website is doing on your own with regards to SEO. An SEO company will be able to show you where your site is improving and what you need to do to continue to improve in other areas in the future.

Consider Hiring a Company to Handle SEO for Your Website

If there is truly no way that you can afford to pay an SEO company to provide you with SEO services, DIY SEO might be your only option. But you should avoid doing your own SEO if you can.

Try to find some room in your budget to bring an SEO company on board to help you out. It'll be one of the best investments you ever make in your small business.

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