Orlando, FL, March 18, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Disruption is all around us. Change is happening rapidly. The pace of change is quickening. You can feel it every day - in your personal life and in your work in the commercial real estate (CRE) arena. Best-selling author Blaine Strickland examines nine forces that he believes are poised to disrupt the world of CRE in his latest release: "Adapt: Disruption is Coming to Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. Are you ready?"

“I’ve been in the commercial real estate brokerage arena for 40 years, and although technology has accelerated our productivity, the basic thrust has been the same for all of those years,” said Strickland. “Now, radical change is at hand.”

As CEO of HBS Resources, a coaching and consulting firm serving the commercial real estate industry, Blaine Strickland sees the start of these changes firsthand. On a daily basis, Blaine works with agents, brokerage owners and company leaders at both large and small firms across the country. His constant focus is helping the team accelerate their performance and increase their durability.

In his latest book, "Adapt," Strickland organizes these disruptive forces into three groups:

  • The transformation of our clients
  • The activities of the biggest players in the arena
  • The demographic evolution of our workforce

“Based on the feedback I’ve gotten from my early readers, you are likely to laugh, worry, remember, nod, frown and make a to-do list as you read this book,” said Strickland.

Strickland is also a highly regarded speaker and instructor. He has been a CCIM designee since 1987, and a senior CCIM faculty member since 2007. Along with his father and son, Blaine is part of the first 3-generation CCIM designee family in history. Blaine lives in Winter Garden with his wife, Eileen.

Adapt is available on HBS-Resources.com and Amazon in hardcover, e-book, and audio on March 18. Stickland's first bestseller, Thrive, also available on Amazon.


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