Internet Explorer is a web browser which used to be the most popular browser in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Today people barely use this browser due to the slow speed and minimal features. But still, Internet Explorer is one of the most reliable and trusted web browsers till the date. People moved from IE to other browsers because using Internet Explorer can be bothersome. The user may have to face the regular freezes and crashes with Internet Explorer. One error which is faced by almost every IE user is the Internet Explorer has stopped working Windows 7. But the good thing is that you can fix this error easily with some manual techniques.


Resolving Internet Explorer has stopped working error:


Reset your Internet Explorer

This is the quick and probably the most common method for fixing this error. When you reset the Internet Explorer web browser; all the changes and modifications will get reverted. These modifications make the browser heavy which creates issues while loading any site. When you reset the browser, it will make the settings as default. Before resetting the browser remember that your saved passwords and other data will all get removed. You can save your password on password manager so you can easily get them back. Now reset the Internet Explorer and then try to browse. If your IE is still not working then ask the IE team for fixing the error.


Update your Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer provides regular updates to users. These updates fix all the weak patched or prior versions. When your Internet Explorer shows any kind of error while working then you should check for the new updates. If you see any new update for Internet Explorer, install it. Wait until the updating process completes and then restart your device. Open Internet Explorer browser and check for the error.


Update your OS

Sometimes the browser issues can occur due to the outdated OS. You should always keep your operating system updates for preventing all kinds of errors. Check for the Windows update. Install the latest update and restart your device. Open IE and try to load any page.


Scan your PC

There are many types of malware like bots, keyloggers, worms, spyware that not only steals the information from your PC but can also infect the various files. These malicious programs can corrupt the Windows and registry files on your devices. Sometimes the malware also makes inappropriate changes on the browser which interrupt the browsing. You should scan the PC with a good antivirus and remove all the malware. Close the web browser and all the files. Open the dashboard of your antivirus. Click on the full system scan feature and start the scanning process. The deep scanning of your device will take some time. Wait until the deep scanning process completes. Now you need to restart your device and then open the IE. Try loading a page and check whether your error gets fixed or not.


Try disabling the add-ons

Internet Explorer allows you to add various types of extensions on the browser. The browser extensions allow shortcuts for various tasks. But these extensions can create a huge load on your browser. Some add-ons can also be malicious. Many of the browser errors get fixed by disabling the extensions. You can follow the mentioned steps for disabling the add-ons:

  1. Close the running programs
  2. Open IE browser
  3. Click on the Tools icon
  4. Navigate to Manage Add-ons

Click on the Show menu option and choose all the add-ons. Click on the disable button. Restart your Internet Explorer after disabling the add-ons. Check whether the error gets fixed or not. If not then ask the IE technical team for help.