Roadrunner email is a well known emailing service mostly used for personal as well as for professional use. People prefer using Roadrunner mail as it offers few additional features and services to make your job easy. Some features of Roadrunner email are large storage, message sorting, online address book, good security, user authentication, etc.


Setting up Roadrunner email on Android device:

You can also set Roadrunner email on your Android phone which allows you to access your email anywhere. If you want to use Roadrunner on your Smartphone then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open your phone and go to the Email app
  2. Enter your Roadrunner email address
  3. Press the Enter button
  4. Click on Personal (POP3) and hit the Next button
  5. Enter your Roadrunner password and press Next button
  6. Incoming Server Settings
  7. Username:
  8. Password Your roadrunner password
  9. Server:
  10. Port: 110
  11. Security type: None
  12. Press the Next button
  13. Outgoing Server Settings
  14. Server:
  15. Port: 587
  16. Security Type: None
  17. Require sign-in: Check
  18. Username:
  19. Password: Your Roadrunner password

Hit the Next button. Once completing all the details, you can easily use a Roadrunner email on your phone. 


Resetting Roadrunner password

You should change the password of webmail Roadrunner frequently. Changing the password prevents email hacking issues. Here are the steps for resetting the password of Roadrunner email account:

  1. Open your Roadrunner email
  2. Click on Account
  3. Go to Privacy
  4. Tap the Change Password option
  5. Type your current password
  6. Enter a new password for Roadrunner
  7. Re-enter the password for confirmation

Hit the Confirm button and your password will get changed. Sometimes users forget the password and face login issues. If you have forgotten your Roadrunner password then you can follow the given steps for resetting the password:

  1. Go to the Roadrunner email login page
  2. Tap the Forgot Password option
  3. Type your email address
  4. Captcha will appear on your screen
  5. Type the captcha carefully
  6. Hit the submit button
  7. Check for the Cable Modem ID

Type cable MAC address on the text box and click on the Submit button. Password reset page will appear. Enter a new password for your Roadrunner and use it reliably.


Connect your Roadrunner email to Outlook

You can also connect your Roadrunner email to Outlook. This feature helps you to access both the emails in one place. For connecting Roadrunner to Outlook, click on the File button. On the File page, select Add Account option. Tap the Manually Configure settings option. Click on Internet Email on the account type section. Enter the username and Roadrunner email to connect your email. Follow the on-screen instructions and connect the Roadrunner email to Outlook easily.


Fixing Roadrunner Mail Not Working Error

Indeed Roadrunner is a reliable webmail but some people face few errors while using Roadrunner. Not working errors on Roadrunner can appear due to malware infection, weak connection, outdated browser, or device junk. Whenever your Roadrunner gets into error, check the internet connection. If the device is connected to a public or shared network then try to connect it with a personal network. If the internet speed is slow; wait until the internet connection gets stable.

You should also run a powerful malware scanner. Malware like spyware and Trojan Horses can steal your information and can interrupt various processes. Use a good anti-malware which can remove all the malware from your computer. Don’t forget to remove temporary files from the PC. Temporary files and other system junk can cause various runtime errors. Remove browser junk like cookies and caches and then check for the error. If you are still facing Roadrunner related errors then ask the technical team for help.