CREtech Special Report: WeWork Mergers & Acquisitions

The innovation of real estate has evolved significantly since we’ve begun publishing venture capital investments in private real estate tech companies in 2011. That year we observed that real estate tech, while nascent, was clearly more than a fad. Today the industry has tremendous global appeal across multiple real estate businesses including commercial, residential, industrial, and others with billions invested in private companies, globally.

With $8.4 billion in financing, a publically debated valuation of $47 billion, over 1,200 employees, and an impending IPO, no other company has made more headlines and a bigger impact on the global real estate industry than WeWork (The We Company). The coworking platform, which leases large blocks of office spaces from office landlords and provides beautifully designed plug and play offices, community, and services to early stage and established businesses, offers Real-Estate-as-a-Service and optimal office design and engagement, making the company’s value proposition far more than imagined.

In this report, we aim to bring to life the capital markets behind WeWork’s M&A activity, including companies acquired, deal economics, key economic statistics, and other key findings. This report will highlight scaling and expansion—and how WeWork thinks about M&A.