The Definitive List of This Year's Most Innovative Real Estate Technology Providers

Epic Cleantec is pioneering a modern approach to onsite water reuse for sustainable building design. Their modular and scalable system approach allows owners to increase system capacity over time. Epic’s systems are optimized for deployment in buildings where the cost for construction and standards for space efficiency are vastly different from conventional wastewater projects. Epic envisions a future where a modern, circular approach to water reuse is the foundation for the next generation of water infrastructure.

EliseAI is a machine learning technology company based in New York City. Their mission is to create conversational artificial intelligence that transforms industries crucial to sustaining our lives, starting with housing and healthcare. EliseAI Assistant & EliseCRM make it easy to communicate with prospects & residents, schedule tours, market your properties, & manage operations. Elise manages communication across multiple channels and automatically answers questions within minutes — even after hours.

Kastle is a leading provider of property technology solutions, protecting commercial real estate, multi-family residential, global enterprises, educational institutions and critical government facilities. Every day, tens of thousands of businesses use Kastle’s state-of-the-art access control, video surveillance, visitor management and identity management technology solutions to enable a smarter built environment. Kastle believes that ensuring people's wellbeing with exceptional spaces for living and working together safely, sustainably, and conveniently, will enhance their quality of life to make the world a better place.

Every year CREtech hosts the Real Estate Tech Awards (RETAs) to highlight the companies making the most profound impact in the space. Our goal is to recognize the most innovative and cutting edge companies who have played an integral role in advancing tech in the real estate industry throughout the year.

Congratulations to our 2023 Winners and Finalists!

Daniel Fetner

General Partner, Alpaca VC

James Pellat

Director of Innovation, GPE

Mikki Ward

SVP, Technology & Innovation, EQ Office

Cecilia Li

Chief Information Officer,

Urban Edge Properties

Faisal Butt

Managing Partner & Founder,

Pi Labs

Naqash Tahir

Executive Director – Global CIO Office, 

PGIM Real Estate