• How Covid-19 will change the way we work forever

    Radius Data Exchange 4/3/20

    With swathes of the global population on lockdown, remote working looks set to kick-start rapid and widespread digital upskilling. For real estate this won’t just mean employees become more tech-savvy – it will fuel a change across the entire sector, from the way buildings are managed to the future of... Read more

  • How Covid-19 Is Impacting Fintech Financing

    CBINSIGHTS 4/3/20

    Fintech has been on a tear over the past couple of years, with record funding levels and rising valuations. With so many companies competing for market share, fintechs have prioritized growth and customer acquisition over profitability. Read more

  • Industrious Makes Staffing Cuts Affecting 30% of Workforce

    Bloomberg 4/3/20

    The co-working business is rapidly retrenching. Industrious joins a long list of startups making deep cuts in recent weeks. Industrious is dismissing or furloughing about 30% of staff and reducing salaries in response to the economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the company said Thursday. The New York-based startup, which designs and... Read more

  • What Does The Future Of Retail Look Like?

    MEVO 4/3/20

    We caught up with Marit Elisabeth Jensen, retail advisor for real estate developers, to get her thoughts on the current state of retail. Marit was involved in the launch of the luxury department store Eger Karl Johan in Oslo and was also responsible for the relaunch of Vikaterrassen. Real estate developers and retailers... Read more

  • Wicked Fast: 5g Expected To Accelerate Proptech Evolution

    Goodwin Law 4/3/20

    With its blazing speed, higher capacity and reduced lag time, the approaching fifth generation of cellular communication technology – commonly known as “5G” – is expected to bring sweeping advancements across multiple industries and generate trillions in new economic value. What’s less certain is how quickly and how dramatically 5G... Read more

  • Itochu takes stake in BigRentz

    Vertikal 4/3/20

    US based rental network BigRentz has finalised $15 million in funding from private investors and a new lead investor, Itochu. The company is using the proceeds to acquire Atlanta based Equipment Management Group, a site services provider, and complete its deal with Lizzy Lift. See BigRentz to merge with Lizzy Lift Read more

  • Coronavirus will change travel, work and commerce in big cities

    AXIOS 4/3/20

    The coronavirus pandemic will leave its mark on urban centers long after the outbreak itself recedes. Why it matters: The most densely populated cities are ground zero for the virus' rapid spread and highest death tolls — and they're also likely to be pioneers in making lasting changes to help prevent... Read more

  • A Feature on Zoom Secretly Displayed Data From People’s LinkedIn Profiles

    New York Times 4/3/20

    For Americans sheltering at home during the coronavirus pandemic, the Zoom videoconferencing platform has become a lifeline, enabling millions of people to easily keep in touch with family members, friends, students, teachers and work colleagues. Read more

  • Ikea acquires AI imaging startup Geomagical Labs to supercharge room visualisations

    TechCrunch 4/3/20

    Ikea, the Swedish home furnishings and decor giant, has been one of the leaders among retailers when it comes to adapting to tech innovations that impact its business, being one of the first to launch augmented reality applications, partnering with others to develop smart home devices and launching a business unit to build... Read more