• Will Artificial Intelligence Close a Commercial Real Estate Transaction End to End?

    Michael Beckerman 2/20/18

    Read this fascinating article about how A.I. is transforming the financial sector. Not completely. But certainly making inroads: A.I. Has Arrive in Investing. Humans are still Dominating. Artificial intelligence programs increasingly help fund managers in running their portfolios, but will they will be good enough to replace them? I have...Read more

  • ProspectNow Helps Agents Generate More Listings

    CREtech Blog 2/20/18

    The digital age is simplifying many formerly cumbersome real estate tasks, but until recently, prospecting remained its usual tedious, often unscientific chore. The ProspectNow platform gives agents a tool to more quickly identify those owners who may put their properties up for sale within the next year. It can also...Read more

  • Homie raises $4M to help London's ‘Generation Rent' find their next property

    TechCrunch - All Stories 2/20/18

    So bad is London’s housing crisis, which sees house prices make homeownership a pipe dream for many, a 2015 report by PWC reckons that by 2025 more than half of under 40 year olds will be living into rental properties. The answer, of course, is to build more affordable and/or...Read more

  • How chatbots are breezing in to the workplace

    JLL Real Views 2/20/18

    Office workers around the globe are turning to a new assistant to answer their HR queries and requests for data, one who never calls in sick or steps away from their desk for meetings. The advent of chatbots—conversational artificial intelligence (AI) tools developed for specific functions—is giving employees on-demand assistance...Read more

  • How Technology Is Transforming Commercial Real Estate Office Space eBook

    HqO Blog 2/19/18

    In 2017, the real estate technology sector raised over $5 billion in funding – more than 150 times what was raised in 2010. Once a sector largely overlooked by investors, two out of the three most valuable private companies in the United States, WeWork & Airbnb, are products of a...Read more

  • Deedcoin goes live with cryptocurrency token sale

    Inman News - Features 2/19/18

    The real estate cryptocurrency startup Deedcoin has gone live with its public token sale, the company told supporters via email Monday. The public launch follows a private sale in January and several delays (Deedcoin said it was originally scheduled to launch around Thanksgiving 2017). Deedcoin plans to disrupt real estate...Read more

  • 10 cool coworking spaces in London for freelancers and startups

    Search Office Space Blog 2/19/18

    When it comes to office space, our standards have been raised. Why settle for a boring box in a drab building when so many inspirational – and affordable – coworking spaces exist in every corner of the city. Many of the freelancers and startups we work with want a workspace...Read more