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Do you notice how technological trends like blockchain, machine learning, and IoT are on everyone's lips? The aforesaid seems to be directly associated with the future; thus, how  can traditional businesses make sure they don't get left behind as the likes of Amazon transform themselves
Global property startup Propy is launching a pilot program with the city clerk's office in South Burlington, Vermont, where it is using blockchain technology to record real estate conveyance documents, that is, paperwork related to the transfer of property ownership. Propy CEO Natalia
Blockchain technology company Harbor raised $10 million in venture funding, in a deal that could have major implications for the real estate industry. Fifth Wall Ventures, a venture capital firm that specializes in real estate startups, participated in the Series A round along with Vy Capital and
  Harbor Aims To Revolutionize the World’s Largest Capital Market with Innovation in Crypto-Securities Compliance   Fifth Wall is excited to announce our investment in Harbor, the first blockchain technology company addressing the regulatory challenges of trading private securities on blockchains,
A small startup hopes to take on real estate portal giants such as Zillow and using the same tech behind cryptocurrencies including bitcoin and ethereum--though it has a long way to go. Propify, an Australian company that launched in January 2017, aims to use blockchain technology to
Entrepreneur William Skelley co-founded iFunding, an investment platform that helped pioneer real estate crowdfunding, in 2012. But the company quietly shuttered last year, while several other crowdfunding startups also fizzled. Now Skelley is trying to shake up real estate finance again, but this
With a friendly in person and then email invitation from Maria Seredina M&A and Partnerships at Zillow Group and Patrick Janson CEO ProDeal360 I attended the NYC Real Estate Tech Startups Winter 2018 Real Estate Tech Meetup – Blockchain & Crypto Now, I say I get invited to all kinds of stuff and I do but why single this one out? Well, of course, it’s the ever-mercurial topic of Blockchain & Crypto, add in real estate and I’m there. You might want to make sure you scroll all the way down just in case you think you may miss my “opinion.” The event was sponsored by Zillow, ProDeal360 CitrusByte The event was hosted by Rise NYC  If…
Recently, we found that, for 2018, the amount of money being raised by blockchain and blockchain-adjacent companies via traditional VC rounds is on pace to surpass 2017’s highs. But despite more than $900 million in recorded venture funding in 2017, and more than $375 million in known venture funding for the first two months of 2018 so far, traditional VC rounds — convertible notes seed, angel, Series A, Series B, etc. — now pale in comparison to ICOs in terms of dollar volume. Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’ve at least heard about initial coin offerings(better known by their initialism…
The co-founders behind Centrifuge have previously created an essential company with Taulia. Now, they want to do it again, but on the blockchain. Taulia is a supply-chain financing company. It has raised over $150 million and moves billions of dollars per day. 97 out of the Fortune 100 companies use it to improve liquidity when it comes to accounts payable. Let’s say you’re a big industrial company and you have a client that represents 50 percent of your revenue. If you want to meet your client’s deadline and manufacture everything on time, you need to start producing right now. But chances are this…
The blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrencies could change the way property is bought and sold, experts say, and Sweden’s land registry authority is likely to become one of its pioneers. A Pioneer in Real Estate Blockchain Emerges in Europe