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Join Michael Beckerman as he #TALKSHOP with the industry’s innovators on Twitter Live Stream. To access upcoming #TALKSHOP sessions, go to on the date/time listed below.

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Start Date: Thursday, April 27, 2017 12:30 pm EST | End Date: Thursday, April 27, 2017 1:30 pm EST

Where: Live On Twitter Follow @officialcretech

Host: Michael Beckerman Founder/CEO, The News Funnel @m_beckerman

Guest: Poonam Mathis Founder, Stealthforce @stealthforceco

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Poonam Mathis, Founder, StealthForce


I recently caught up with Poonam at our SF event this Spring and was so pleased to see how StealthForce continues to grow and evolve. StealthForce is the gig economy of real estate. They deploy an army of industry veterans, from junior through C-level, both moonlighting and employed, for project-based consulting on demand, and the company earns a portion of each engagement. They carry no overhead, and can therefore create great value for their customers. How is that even possible?!?! They are disrupting the human capital portion of the real estate investment process and are developing the platform for integrated access to all top CRE softwares thus enabling clients to hire the best talent, and arm them with the best tools, all on a project-by-project basis, and all through one integrated platform as you may have heard from our recent #TALKSHOP live.

The concept for StealthForce was conceived when Poonam was traveling globally as deputy to the head of asset management for a RE PE team, and realized that all the major shops deployed “expensive generalists” like herself to review deals across asset classes and around the globe, arming them with only broker opinions and general market studies. She recognized that it wasn’t a lack of budget for specialized talent that was preventing global investors from getting deeper insight – it was the lack of a method to access them on short notice. Resourcing for insight is totally inefficient and having been a part of the early team at GLG she was determined that she could make it happen. And she did! In an incredible fashion.

If you haven’t met Poonam, you can catch up with her this fall. She will be speaking or moderating panels at ULI, CCIM, ICSC (wow what a resume of speaking engagements!) and of course exhibiting at our CRE // Tech NY Conference on December 7th! She is a high quality person as well as an exceptional entrepreneur and business person!




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#CREtech Exhibitors: StealthForce


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Scale resources according to your dealflow – rather than the other way around. has built an army of real estate investment professionals from analyst level through C-suite, and designed a platform which makes them available for project-based consulting, on-demand. Investors, developers, auditors, family offices and even CREtech startups leverage their network to hire conflict-free, experienced industry veterans for everything from building an excel model to building SOPs for asset management. StealthForce launched as the gig economy of commercial real estate, but is rapidly expanding through integration partnerships to become the Trello of real estate insight, software and talent resourcing. This will be their fourth CRE // Tech.

Our team at CRE // Tech recently caught up with StealthForce to learn more about their site, strategy and vision.

What does your site do?

StealthForce is the global rolodex of a real estate stakeholder’s dreams. We scope projects, define deliverables, vet for conflict and match consultants with clients who want to hire them by the day, by the project, or as a test-drive for a permanent role. Our fee is a percentage of the project total. Currently we’re building out integrations with CREtech software providers whose tools can add even more value for our clients on a project-basis.

Who are your customers?

We serve investors, developers, funds and related third-parties looking to streamline their operations (brokerages, accounting firms, etc.). Our typical user is a director of acquisitions or asset management, or a principal investor. What they all have in common is a  need for targeted insight, and an appreciation for flexible support.

What are the core benefits of using your site?

Unlike other gig economy platforms like UpWork, we focus exclusively on real estate talent, enabling us to not only productize many of the items a typical client will need to move through the deal cycle, but also to design the entire process in a way which protects both parties. And the caliber of our talent is a testament to that. Unlike leveraging outsourcing companies like Situs, you personally select your consultant on each project, and work directly with that person, to get the work done correctly the first time. And unlike hiring a recruiter, when you use StealthForce and then hire someone full-time, you’ve had the chance to effectively rent them before you buy.

How’s business?

Business is growing! Quarter over quarter our pipeline has nearly tripled, and in particular we’ve begun to develop strong word-of-mouth. Not only are our clients telling others about us, but some of our consultants have become clients as well. This fall, our Founder will be speaking or moderating panels at ULI, CCIM, ICSC and more, which should provide an additional boost to our reach.

What are your future plans?

Next up for us is raising another round of financing, and building out our roster of software integration partners. The prototype of our project management system has been well received, and we look forward to building version 2.0, which will not only reduce match times from two days to a matter of hours, but will arm them with quick trials of fantastic softwares which they may be considering integrating across their companies at a later date, an on a permanent basis. For us, it has always been about enhancing efficiency in resourcing. We’ve got our sights set far beyond talent.

Come meet StealthForce at CRE // Tech New York on December 7th and follow them on twitter @Stealthforceco!

About CRE // Tech

CRE // Tech is the “Center for Innovation” within the commercial real estate industry. The platform’s mission is to connect brokers, owners/developers, investors and service providers with the leading start ups devoted to commercial real estate. CRE // Tech is owned and operated by The News Funnel, the leading content, connectivity and event platform devoted to the commercial real estate industry.

To learn more about our upcoming events in Los Angeles on September 28 at CBRE Headquarters in Downtown and New York on December 7 at SL Green’s 55 West 46th Street, to become an exhibitor or to purchase tickets, visit

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Q&A With Poonam Mathis, Founder of StealthForce


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From time to time we at The News Funnel come across truly unique players in real estate tech – innovative entrepreneurs addressing industry challenges with tools or approaches unlike anything else we’ve seen. One such example is a Founder we recently met, with a surprisingly simple solution to a universal problem. Her name is Poonam Mathis, and in the language of their website, the StealthForce team is “disrupting the human capital component of the real estate investment equation – one project at a time.” She’s addressing a need that we think more than a few of our readers can relate to.

The News Funnel: Who and what is StealthForce?  Did you intend for it to sound like a special ops team?

Poonam: In a way, the name was a subliminal attempt to evoke the image of magical real estate ninjas parachuting into your boardroom, getting the deal done, and disappearing over a wall into the ether. But on the surface, we wanted to mirror the word workforce, and make it clear this is more ‘stealthy.’ To answer your actual question, StealthForce is the gig economy of real estate. We’re a global real estate consulting network for project-based work. We match real estate investors looking for scalable talent with project-based consultants from industry ,and we earn a matching fee. Consultants range from appraisers, architects and construction managers through acquisitions and investment professionals from analyst level through the C-suite. No project is too large or small; including board placements.

TNF: How are you different from recruiters or outsourcing firms?

P: It’s all about mission. The best analogy I have is Uber; they provide rides, but are not a taxi company because their mission was to provide the world with a private driver. We facilitate talent matches but we’re not a recruiter because our mission is the democratization of talent access.  Unlike recruiters, we do not focus on full-time placements. Our focus is everything else. Someone to build a financial model or do an appraisal, for example. And unlike outsourcing firms like Situs or even a typical appraisal firm, we carry no overhead, so we pass no overhead on to the employer. All members of our consulting network are contractors to the platform and the client. The value proposition of StealthForce is that real estate investment is a deal-based business with variable talent demands, which needs a matching solution. But it demands that solution at a professional level, which is why nearly 75% of our consultants are employed full-time (and the other 25% are independent, between roles or semi-retired). We are focused on uncovering non-conflicting opportunities for the upper echelons of real estate investment talent. Professionals wants to monetize additional capacity, and employers want to minimize fixed overhead. We meet them both in the middle.

TNF: Why now? Why you?

P: This was the right time for the gig economy model in real estate, because not only are we seeing a major shift towards gig work economy-wide, but the demographic trends support it. Experienced industry veterans who want to step away from full-time work but aren’t ready to retire are looking for consulting roles, at the same time as a whole new generation of younger real estate investment professionals is starting careers firmly focused in work/life balance, and therefore less likely to spend 25 years at any one REIT or global firm. It’s just not the life they picture anymore. This was the right time for me to launch StealthForce (earlier in 2016) because I had spent over 10 years in real estate (private equity and development), and I finally saw the writing on the wall. There were so many times when I wanted more specialized talent but didn’t have the rolodex or the time to source it and still get my deal done. I figured there had to be a better way; when I began to understand the potential of on-demand as a movement, the pieces fell into place. I had started my career helping to build the original expert network, GLG. So all things considered, I saw that my career had been building towards this moment.

TNF: Who’s the typical client? What does a common project look like?

P: Our clients vary and can include anyone from a small developer to a global REIT or corporate real estate team, but the early value proposition we’ve uncovered is simply lean investment firms seeking to tap into top-tier talent. When they do three deals a year, they can’t keep BlackRock alums on full-time payroll, but when it’s time to run methodical due diligence, they know that’s what they need. And we’re here to make a match. Employers join the platform for free, and describe their ideal consultant. We curate and propose the top three candidates, and if the select one, they sign contracts and get started with the work. We can go from signup to consultant match in as little as 96 hours.

TNF: What’s next for StealthForce?

P: We are building our customer base. In the long-term we anticipate a fairly even spread of clientele across the investment spectrum from small investors through global firms, but at the moment our business development efforts are focused on spreading the word to developers, mid-size investment firms, and family offices.

Poonam Mathis is the founder of StealthForce, the real estate industry’s answer to the gig economy. A global real estate consulting platform, they connect investors with curated real estate talent through the investment value chain, by the day, by the project, or as test-drives for permanent roles. Prior to founding StealthForce, she was Global Deputy to the Head of Real Estate Asset Management at Partners Group, a $40+ bn private equity fund. StealthForce advisors include Phil McAndrews (former Global Real Estate CIO for TIAA), and Barry Barovick (former CEO of Grubb & Ellis as well as FTI Consulting).

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StealthForce: Global On-Demand Platform for Project-Based Consulting Assignments


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For project-based real estate consulting assignments, StealthForce is the only global on-demand talent platform available. With a network of top industry professionals that offer outstanding experience, employers can scale talent on a project-by-project basis as opposed to paying inflated payrolls throughout the year.

The problem is that many professionals in real estate take on projects in which they have no real expertise or passion. By using StealthForce, teams are tailored according to need. In addition, consultants have the opportunity to choose projects that align with their skills and interests. Thanks to the concept of StealthForce, hiring models in the real estate market have forever changed.

Using StealthForce

The process involved in using StealthForce is quite simple. First, a project is posted. In the posting, an employer provides details and requirements for a particular assignment. The employer sets milestones, establishes a deadline, and creates deliverables and the fee. From there, consultant matching occurs; only consultants with relevant experience can see the posting. After consultants apply, the employer receives a list of the top-rated consultants. At that time, the employer can see credentials and ask questions. Once satisfied, the appropriate talent is selected.

Next is the phase completion portion of StealthForce, which uses interim feedback and predesignated milestones. Throughout the time a consultant works on an assignment, agents from StealthForce are available to help facilitate communication and, ultimately, ensure the project is completed seamlessly.

Finally, the project is closed out. Once the final project deliverable is accepted by the employer, funds for work performed are released to the consultant. Feedback is requested from both parties at that time based on their overall experience. With this information, StealthForce can optimize the matching process and make the experience even better for future projects.

Helpful Information

In looking at the consultants who work through StealthForce, there is no one specific type of person. All members are professional, whether working full-time, on a sabbatical, or self-employed. The experience that the consultants bring to the table varies, although it all focuses on real estate.

Before a project is launched, a deposit is made by the employer. After the completed project is delivered to the satisfaction of the employer, the funds owed are released, minus fees associated with the services. From there, the completed work becomes the property of the employer.

To ensure the quality of services provided to employers is never compromised, team members with StealthForce consider feedback. The team also eliminates consultants from the database on a regular basis as needed. For example, if consultants cannot perform work at the level expected for any reason, they are removed from the pool of talent. That way, employers only receive a list of consultants that meet high standards for experience and expertise.

Founded by finance and real estate professionals, StealthForce takes a unique approach to matching employers with talented consultants. As a result, this service provides flexibility and enhances efficiency through a network for real estate professionals who need expert assistance.

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Guest Blog – Shiny Hubcaps… Indefensible Startups


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By Poonam Mathis, Founder at StealthForce

Anyone who was at the Fall 2016 CREtech Intersect in San Francisco and remains in the space today can tell you how rapidly we’ve moved from a small, pioneering community (bemoaning the widespread resistance to adoption of the amazing tools we’d created) into something much more like Burning Man (new folks appearing every day, looking less original each time). Such is the nature of a party at a tipping point.  The attention of the CRE industry was what we wanted, and with that attention came competition. But after the tipping point, things move quicker, which is why most CEOs I know are taking a step back to reevaluate, reinforce, and strategize. VTS and Hightower joined forces. Spotahome, Reonomy and others inked eight-figure funding rounds with specific gameplans in this quarter alone. And the first pre-2016 vintage startups are now shuttering or consolidating in waves. The next step on the minds of those who are making it through is not just with whom to consolidate; that’s just an increase in headcount. Smart minds are focused on how to own their space.

In their HBR piece The Consolidation Curve, Deans, Kroeger and Zeisel outline the four stages of industry evolution as (1) Opening, (2) Scale, (3) Focus and (4) Balance & Alliance. Per that model, we’re at the mouth of Stage 3 where leaders will “focus on expanding their core business and continuing to aggressively outgrow the competition.” But CREtech is unique in that the entire space, and all the stakeholders, are being bombarded with new technologies simultaneously. It’s not just supply chain, or just sales management, or just mechanical enhancements, or just financial engineering improvements. It’s an entire industry evolving together, with the same major customers adopting various new technologies across their firms at once. If you’re Hines, or Related, or any other big fish, you’re vertically-integrated, so you understand that you can’t upgrade the engine without reconsidering the wheels, fixing the windows, checking the oil and everything in between. So no one hubcap salesman owns you.

The companies which survive to the next phase won’t just be the biggest by acquisition, or have the largest business development army…they will be the ones who’ve made themselves indispensable. Too many CREtech/proptech companies claim to be ‘changing the game’ while in fact just being the most successful vendor so far in a particular niche, be it the hubcap or the broker CRM. And just getting there is impressive, but it’s not enough to get you to stage 4. Vendors are vendors. If a company with a measurable lead in proptech today can figure out how to become truly embedded in their clients, leading with the tool but layering in other services and value that in total is worth more than the value of the parts, rendering the customer truly reliant on them….they will carry us into stage 4 of the Curve. The only question is who will it be?

Click here for more information on Poonam.

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Guest Blog – The death of The Firm?


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By: Poonam Mathis, Founder of StealthForce 

It’s important to be a geek about your business, and as an entrepreneur I take that responsibility seriously, which is how I know that in 1937, while Amelia Earhart was disappearing over the ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge was having its grand opening, a guy named Ronald Coase published “The Nature of The Firm”. Coase made the case that the only reason why firms need to exist is if there are economic benefits (lower organization costs, increased precision, lower supply costs) at scale. It was never about internal-knowledge-sharing or a company’s special sauce.  Along those lines then, one can imagine the conditions that might lead to their demise. From where I sit, that time might be coming sooner than we think. Thinking about CREtech through the lens of how it will change specific functions in the business is a lot like thinking about blockchain solely through the lens of bitcoin. (Translation: There’s a much bigger picture you’d be missing.)

It’s not only the functional business practices of real estate which are being transformed by technology…we are in the midst of a movement comprised of small players with specific tools which, taken together, will forever change the nature of the business of ‘bricks and sticks.’ The real estate firm, as we know it…is facing days that are numbered.

Our company, in pioneering the gig economy for CRE, has made a small dent in the concept of the real estate investment firm. We’re essentially enabling the small guys to operate with the resources of the medium guys, and the medium guys to manage their margins while trying to grow into the big guys, and so on. Some of our counterparts in CREtech targeting brokers may be enabling small brokers to maintain connectivity to their prospective client list on-par with the major brokerages. Other firms may be enabling smaller investment funds to convey portfolio value to their LPs in a more real-time way than every before – therefore operating more like the big guys with entire investor relations teams dedicated to relationship management. The point is that there’s a groundswell emerging around us, chipping away at virtually every small function of the business of real estate. Taken as a set of tools, the CREtech movement is promising. Taken as a litany of microevolutions collectively aimed at making the industry better/faster/smarter than ever before…it looks a lot more like the dawning of a new era, not just for the businesses operating in commercial real estate, but in fact for the nature of the firm, period. And if the firm becomes less relevant to real estate over time, then individual actors become more important. So the question you should be asking yourself, if you plan to stick around in this industry for the long haul probably isn’t “Where is it headed?” but rather “What’s special about me that will keep them calling…even in the absence of the company name on my business card?”

Enjoyed reading this article? Read more from Poonam, here.

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Accelerating Real Estate Tech and Innovation Powered by Women at {HER}oic by CREtech


Event Overview

On March 8th, and in honor of International Women’s Day, CREtech held its first annual {HER}oic event that was widely attended by both male and female professionals in the commercial real estate tech space. The event was created to celebrate and recognize the amazing female leaders and mentors in the commercial real estate tech industry. While the industry statistics have tech startups at 74% male and 26% female, here at CREtech, we are proud to be 75% female and 25% male.

Held on the stunning second floor ballroom event space at WeWork Bryant Park, the event began with lots of caffeine and breakfast goodies to fuel the attendees for the day.

The event sessions kicked off with a morning meditation led by Lilli Markle of hOM. Imagine a room full of business professionals – quiet, focussed, unplugged and centering their day. Talk about something that doesn’t happen often in our world of technology today!


Following the meditation, a panel discussion moderated by Lindsay Fierro of NAI Global, panelists included Emily Line of Realtors Property Resource (RPR), Caren Maio of Nestio, Francesca Loftus of hOM and Poonam Mathis of StealthForce, on Tackling the Invisible Barriers that exist in today’s workplace. Gender exclusion is still prominent in today’s work environments putting women in a challenging position. The panel provided an in-depth look on how these top female commercial real estate tech executives overcome diversity challenges, the role of entrepreneurship in industry evolution and what the future holds for women in the workplace.

The event concluded with a keynote presentation, From One of the Guys to Proudly Female, from Sarah Spain, columnist for espnW, a SportsCenter Reporter, the host of ESPN Radio‘s “Spain & Fitz” and the host of her own ESPN podcast, “That’s What She Said.” In her presentation, Sarah shared her personal experiences as a woman in a predominantly male industry.

Sarah concluded her presentation with “nut up and change it” which received a round of applause, laughs and cheers from the crowd.

The event was sponsored by Realtors Property Resource (RPR) and WeWork.

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2018 women in commercial real estate tech: the top 20 female leaders and influencers


Event Overview

Women play a significant role in today’s commercial real estate tech industry. Under their leadership, guidance and mentorship, the commercial real estate tech sector has grown substantially within the past few years. The twenty individuals below are working fearlessly to transform and redefine the industry as we know it.

Please join CREtech, in partnership with Realtors Property Resource (NAR) and WeWork, for its first annual CREtech HERoic event on International Women’s Day, March 8th at WeWork 300 Park. This important event was created to recognize and celebrate all of the amazing women in commercial real estate. For more information and to register, click here.

Susie Algard,

Algard is the CEO of, a marketplace connecting tenants searching for local office space with local brokers. She has a proven track record of success, driving consumer business from $0 to over $50 million in revenue. Follow her on twitter at @susiealgard.

Lindsay Baker, Comfy

Lindsay is President at Comfy, leading relationship building and serving as chief brand evangelist. As an established leader in the green building community, she previously served as Sustainable Operations Consultant at Google. She did her PhD work in Building Science at UC Berkeley and was on the original team developing the LEED Rating System at USGBC. Follow her on twitter at @lindsaytherobot.

Natalie Bruss, Fifth Wall

As a partner at Fifth Wall, Natalie oversees partnerships for LPs and portfolio companies, as well as marketing and brand strategy.  Previously, she was Vice President of Digital Strategy and Partnerships at ID, where she built and ran digital partnerships and strategy for consumer and entertainment brands, and talent. Follow her on twitter at @nataliebruss.

Julia Davis, WeWork

As the Global Head of Real Estate Transactions and Analytics for WeWork, Davis has spent her career primarily in commercial real estate. Prior to WeWork, Davis spent time at JLL in a variety of leadership roles and also launched and led a tech startup in the San Francisco market. She’s a member of ULI, CoreNet, and NAIOP and on the Community Leadership Committee of Girls on the Run NYC.

Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList

With over 25 years of professional commercial real estate experience, Harrison founded theBrokerList, a virtual commercial real estate network, to create streamlined operations for the industry. She is also a partner at Manager Labs and founder of OnSiteOffice. Follow her on twitter at @dayharrison.

Elizabeth Dukes,  iOffice

As EVP and CMO at iOffice, Dukes is responsible for building partnerships and business relationships, communicating company solutions, expanding the team and advising the CEO and senior leadership team on business issues. Elizabeth’s expertise has helped grow the company from their very first client to the more than 1,200 that they have today. Follow her on twitter at @ElizDukes.

Dana Dunford, Hemlane

Dunford is Co-Founder and CEO at Hemlane, an online solution to help better manage long-term rentals. Prior to founding Hemlane, Dunford worked at Nest, Apple and Symantec in various roles with finance, analytics and business development and over 10 years’ experience in the industry. Follow her on twitter at @dana110001.

Beatrice Fischel-Bock, Hutch

Founding Hutch (then ZOOM Interiors) during her senior year at George Washington University, Fischel-Bock serves as CEO for the company. Hutch is an online and mobile platform that mixes 3D technology and online shopping to help you design and furnish your home recently recognized in Built In LA’s Top 50 Startups to Watch in 2018.

Jilliene Helman, Realty Mogul

Helmen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Realty Mogul, an online real estate capital marketplace. Before that, she was Vice President at Union Bank where she worked in Wealth Management, Finance, and Risk Management. She has been featured in The Huffington Post, Forbes, and Commercial Property Executive. Follow her on twitter at @JillieneHelman.

Olga Koroleva, Capital Brain

An avid mountaineer, between summiting the world’s peaks Koroleva is the CEO and Co-Founder of CapitalBrain by Monetarex, a sales intelligence platform. She has over ten years’ experience in the commercial real estate industry.

Marissa Limsiaco, Tenavox

Limsiaco is Co-Founder and President at Tenavox, a tenant-driven platform helping small businesses to make better lease decisions. Prior to Tenavox, Limsiaco was Chief of Staff at National Realty Club and Principal at Advon Capital. Follow her on twitter at @MJLimsiaco.

Emily Line, NARRPR

Line is Vice President of Commercial Services at NARRPR and has over ten years’ experience in real estate. Formerly, she was Manager, Commercial Development and Outreach for NAR and sits on the Board of Advisors for CommissionTrac and Board of Directors for Special Days Camp. Follow her on twitter @EmilyGoBlueLine.

Francesca Loftus, hOM

Loftus left TechMeetups to found wellness amenities provider hOM. The self-described taskjuggler teaches acrobatic yoga and trained for stage performance at venues across her native Canada and the U.S.

Poonam Mathis, Stealthforce

The CEO and founder of, Mathis has over ten years’ experience in real estate investment, private equity, and development. She is the former Global Deputy to the Head of Asset management at Partners Group. Her work is featured in the New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Bisnow, and more. Poonam is a current CREW Network member. Follow her on twitter at @Poonammathis.

Caren Maio, Nestio

As CEO and Co-Founder of leasing management and marketing solution Nestio, Maio has a diverse background working for top companies like Nike and the Wall Street Journal. She is an RE200 Mentor for MetaProp NYC and is a self-described power suit enthusiast. Follow her on twitter at @carenmaio.

Clelia Peters, MetaProp

With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, Peters is currently Co-Founder and Partner at MetaProp and President of Warburg Realty. Prior to this, she also founded Latticeworks, worked as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group and served as Program Manager for the International Rescue Committee. Follow her on twitter at @cleliapeters.

Elizabeth Redmond, CoWorkr

Redmond is Co-Founder and President at CoWorkr, a software company that offers tools to optimize corporate real estate. In addition, this University of Michigan graduate also founded POWERleap and was a partner at Ecolect. Follow her on twitter at @powerleaper.

Joyce Reitman, Motionloft

Motionloft CEO, Joyce Reitman, created five companies before working on her current passion of delivering big data intel on movable objects like pedestrians and vehicles. She has served as a CEO and CFO and worked in numerous industries, including finance with AXA Advisors and J.P. Morgan.

Susannah Vila, ‏Flip

Vila is the Co-Founder and CEO of Flip, a flexible leasing marketplace helping tenants escape leases and find subletters. The Columbia Business Graduate assisted building The Engine Room, a IT service helping social change agents maximize their data and technology resources. Follow her on twitter at @susannahvila .

Diana Vrkic, Waypoint

Founder of Waypoint, Vrkic also serves as CEO. Waypoint is a software and analytics provider for commercial buildings changing the way commercial real estate decision-makers access and use information to improve the performance of their assets. Vrkic has over 20 years’ experience in the industry.

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The 65 Best #CRE and #TECH Podcasts Of 2017!


Event Overview

At the urging of several close friends, I decided to start a podcast at the beginning of 2017. And by all accounts, it has been a phenomenal success. It continues to grow and grow and full disclosure here I was a bit shocked at the level of acceptance. The people, the points of view, the fun and ridiculous along with the educational and serious. It has it all. Below I have posted each and every one. Enjoy. Podcast #101 Duke Long Commercial Real Estate With A Little Attitude. “Eat Me If You Wish.” Podcast #102 Beyond Brokerage 2017. Podcast # 103 Why We Are So Fucking Special. Podcast #104 10 Reasons You Will Never Become A Commercial Real Estate Broker. Podcast #105 Commercial Real Estate The Dirty Little Secret. Podcast # 106 LoopNet Raises Its Prices and All You Can Do Is Bitch. Podcast # 107. The mysterious missing Podcast #107. Podcast # 108 “It’s All About Relationships In Commercial Real Estate.” That’s Bullshit! Podcast #109 Michael Griffin CEO ClientLook. Unrivaled Commercial Real Estate CRM. Podcast #110 10 Hacks for #CRE #TECH #Start Ups That Will Get Completely Ignored. Podcast #111 The 15 BIG Questions You Must Answer About Commercial Real Estate And Your Data! Podcast #112 I Own A Building. You Are A Broker. I Don’t Need You Anymore. Podcast # 113 10 Ways Old School Commercial Real Estate Is Still Kicking Your Ass. Podcast #114 What Is The New Future Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Model? Hint: It Does Not Include A Broker. Podcast #115 “LoopNet: Where Deals Go To Die.” Podcast #116 Commercial Real Estate Broker Splits. Stealing From The Rich To Get Rich. Podcast #117 Commercial Real Estate Is All Straight White Males and That May Never Change. Podcast #118 You Are 50+ Commercial Real Estate Broker. This Is For Your Ears Only. Podcast #119 What If You Lost The Only Two Advantages You Have As A Broker? Podcast #120 #CRETech Is A Complete Failure. And Here Is Why. Podcast #121 James Milner CCIM. Are You A Better Broker? Podcast #122 Rob Sparke. The Open Box Real Estate Automation Engine Has Arrived! Podcast #123 Brandon Sedloff Juniper Square. Delight Your Investors. Automate Your Back Office. Podcast #124 Michael Griffin. Data, Integration, Automation, Xceligent and Co-Star. Podcast #125 Darren Powderly Crowdstreet. Investor Relationship Management + Fundraising. Podcast #126 Travis Barrington Founder CRE.TECH. Podcast #127 Diane Danielson COO SVN. Podcast #128 Michael Beckerman. Founder & CEO | The News Funnel | Official CRE // Tech. Podcast #129 We All Know True Innovation Does NOT Exist In #CRE And You Are Doing Nothing About It. Podcast #130 We All Now Live In The Commercial Real Estate As A Service World. Podcast #131 How Tenant-Only Broker Representation Will Shape the Future of Real Estate. Podcast #133 Andrew Bermudez Podcast #134 Yan Khamish Ten-X. Podcast #135 Katie Higgins. Content & Communications at VTS, Inc. Podcast #136 David Collier Co-Founder Podcast #137 Poonam Sharma Mathis CEO Podcast #138 Michael Schnabel Co-Founder Capstak. Podcast #139 Turner Levison CEO CommissionTrac. Podcast #140 Min Suh CEO and Founder Assess+RE. Podcast #141 Part 1 Antony Slumbers Founder Estates Today LTD. Podcast #141 Part 2 Antony Slumbers Founder Estates Today LTD. Podcast #142 Keith Kleinmaier CEO Tenant Tracker. Podcast #143 Richard Sarkis CEO Reonomy. Podcast #144 Stephen King CEO Podcast #145 Riggs Kubiak CEO Honest Buildings. Podcast #146 John Orr VP. Retail Services Colliers. Podcast #147 Ryan Baxter (REBNY) Real Estate Board of New York. Podcast #148 Diane Vrkic Founder CEO Waypoint. Podcast #149 Allen Buchanan Lee & Associates. Podcast #150 Michael Griffin Founder CEO ClientLook CRM. Podcast #151 Wes Snow Founding Partner AscendixRE CRM. Podcast #152 David Perlmutter Founder QuantumListing. Podcast #153 Dan Hughes Director of Data Information Products at RICS. Podcast #154 Coy Davidson Senior VP Colliers Houston. Podcast #155 Jeff Finn CEO RealNex. Podcast #156 David Collier Co-Founder Brokers Behaving Badly Part 2. Podcast #157 Vishu Ramanathan Ceo Buildout. Podcast #158 Duke Long Decentralise Your Data. Keep The Power In Your Own Hands. Podcast #159 Duke Long. What Is The Most Underrated Part Of Your Company Marketing? Podcast #160 Duke Long. Random Thoughts and Questions. What Is The Most Underrated Sector Of #CRE #TECH? Podcast #161 Dan Palmeri, SIOR Senior Director Cushman & Wakefield Las Vegas, NV. Podcast #162 Duke Long 4 Reasons Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Is Failing NOW! And You Can’t Stop It! Podcast #163 Tony VanderBeek Commercial Realtor Coldwell Banker Brooklyn New York. Podcast #164 Duke Long. What Are The Top Four CRM Companies in #CRE? Listen And Find Out! Podcast #165 Blockchain and #CRE Bring On The Haters. Duke Longs Commercial Real Estate With A Little Attitude Podcast. Thanks For Listening! See You In 2018! The Evolution of REX. Prototypes, Seed Rounds, and Beta. Let's fucking get it started! “Do you understand that most if not all of the people who will become or are already your customers come from real estate? Think about that. What do they do every day? Every day and have done for decades… What an amazing year it was. How far have we come and how far can we go? Scroll down and take a look back with me at the year that was for #CRE and #TECH as seen thru my eyes. Enjoy! Writing and these guys are blasting in the headphones. Yea… Where to begin……. It has been for me by all measures an amazing year. Next year is already shaping up to be even more incredible. I'm lucky, I have a certain type of freedom that most may not have and I know it. I can go where I…

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