Disable Gmail Compose

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Gmail Compose Feature: How to Disable

While Gmail is generally a really great cloud email service, sometimes they roll out features that are odd or just plain bad. Gmail Compose is one of them. I'm not sure what what the Gmail folks had for breakfast the day they released compose, but apparently they think writing emails is analogous to sending an IM or text message. It's not. For us Gmail CRE users in the real world who need to write real emails, rejoice! Take the following steps to disable the new compose feature and get your normal Gmail experience back:

In the compose window, select the down button to the right of the trashcan
Select "Switch back to the old compose"

Image credit: dottech 

 And that's it!

This will be the final post covering Gmail, as I've switched to using AOL's (yes, that AOL) new ALTO mail - which I'll cover next.

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