CREtech Talks: The VC Perspective Part 3

CREtech Talks

Event Overview

Tune in to CREtech’s new limited virtual event series to hear from the most influential owners, investors, and leaders in proptech as they share their perspectives in a time of uncertainty.


CREtech Talks: The VC Perspective Part 3

Friday, May 08 2020 12:00 pm

The global pandemic has exerted unprecedented disruption in just a few months across multiple countries, economies, real estate companies and more. Public and private financial markets have been met with extreme volatility and many of today’s real estate tech startups, their clients, and financial backers are left trying to figure out how to survive and mitigate risk.

To help companies navigate these unprecedented time, our four expert panelists, Julie Lein of Urban Innovation Fund, Vik Chawla of Fifth Wall, Louis Schotsky of Navitas Capital and Shawn Hill of Moderne Ventures,  will share their near and long term perspectives on the impact of the pandemic, how they’re helping their portfolio companies, discuss how the pandemic has impacted their investment strategies, and more.

Moderated by the esteemed Steve Weikal of MIT Center For Real Estate, this panel is a must watch for everyone concerned and interested about the future of the global real estate tech industry.


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Event Details

Start Date: Friday, May 08, 2020 12:00 pm EST | End Date: Friday, May 08, 2020 1:30 pm EST

Host: Steve Weikal Head of Industry Relations, MIT Center for Real Estate

Guest: Julie Lein Managing Partner, Urban Innovation Fund | Vik Chawla Partner, Fifth Wall | Shawn Hill Partner, Moderne Ventures | Louis Schotsky Managing Partner, Navitas Capital


What You’ll Hear

– Four of the most influential real estate tech investors will share their perspectives and discuss strategies in a time of uncertainty.

– From seed to corporate venture capital, our VC thought-leaders will share their perspective on the global real estate tech market, investment strategies, and changing market dynamics.

– From early to late-stage startups, discover how today’s real estate tech investors are analyzing companies in the wake of COVID-19.



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