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Start Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2020 12:00 pm EST | End Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2020 3:00 pm EST


Demo 1: Modo Labs

Trusted by hundreds of the world’s most recognized universities and brands, the Modo no-code app platform offers enterprise-scale mobile engagement and communication capabilities that allow users to quickly and easily create unified mobile workplace experiences that increase connectivity for its users. Using Modo, customers quickly unlock innovation and digitally transform their organizations by empowering the domain expertise of any person within their organization, regardless of technical skillset.

Website   |   @ModoLabs


Demo 2: AvidXchange

AvidXchange is the industry leader in automating invoice and payment processes for mid-market businesses. Founded in the year 2000, AvidXchange processed 9.5 million payments last year across its network of more than 500,000 suppliers, transforming the way 5,500 customers in North America pay their bills. AvidXchange is distinguished as a global fintech unicorn and one of the fastest growing technology companies in the U.S. with 1,300 employees in seven office locations.

Website   |   @AvidXchange


Demo 3: Rockport VAL

Rockport VAL, LLC (“Rockport VAL”) is a customer- and industry-driven commercial real estate technology company that equips the fast-paced world of underwriting, cash flow modeling and commercial property valuation with a modern and reliable cash flow modeling software. Leveraging a team with decades of expertise in commercial real estate and technology, VAL is built in response to the industry’s need for a technologically advanced platform for discounted cash flow valuation, maximized collaboration and ease of use while ensuring optimum security.

Rockport VAL is a majority-owned subsidiary of Rockport PA, LLC (“Rockport”). Rockport VAL maintains its own staff and management team and benefits from the infrastructure of its parent, Rockport. Rockport, founded over a decade ago by Rick Trepp, is the recognized industry standard provider of a SaaS solution for commercial mortgage loan origination, underwriting, securitization and asset management. Today the platform is widely used by banks, funds and life companies for the origination, securitization and asset management of performing and non-performing loans and REO.

Rockport VAL enjoys the benefit of having Moody’s Analytics, a subsidiary of Moody’s Corporation a global institution, as a minority investor in Rockport VAL and joint developer and licensor of VAL. Moody’s Analytics provides financial intelligence and analytical tools supporting their clients’ growth, efficiency and risk management objectives. The combination of Moody’s unparalleled expertise in risk, expansive information resources, and innovative application of technology helps today’s business leaders confidently navigate an evolving marketplace. Moody’s Analytics is recognized for its industry-leading solutions, comprising research, data, software and professional services, assembled to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Website   |   @VALRockport

Demo 4: facilio

Facilio is a unified suite of facility management software that harnesses IoT and machine learning to help manage buildings operations, maintenance, and sustainability, together as one.

At Facilio, we aren’t just building products. We’re continuously rethinking the way buildings are being managed – shifting traditional, tactical facilities management towards smarter, sustainability-first facilities experience. By empowering people, machines and buildings to achieve high levels of efficiency, we help the built environment thrive towards continuous sustainability.
The future of real-time facilities experience is here.

Website   |   @FacilioInc


Demo 5: REMLogics

REMLogics, LLC is a Real Estate Management (REM) software development company who provides the next generation of future-proof Complete Simple-Single-Source of the Truth Pure Cloud PaaS + SaaS Solutions for retail, office, corporate, industrial, residential, and mixed-use landlords. REMone™ gives you the flexibility to perform complicated recurring billings through more accurate best practices configurable CAM/Insurance/Tax calculations and recoveries, and innovative easy-to-use asset, tenant, lease, and billing management applications. REMone™ also provides you with quick access to vital information to perform data analytics through real-time, role-based dynamtic dashboard visualizations so you can make faster decisions to minimize risks and capture new opportunities.

REMone™ is the only enterprise-grade REM software solution designed to integrate to any General Ledger, is built for the web and mobility right out of the box, and offers a 100% no code rapid application builder toolkit for authorized subject matter experts to design, build, test, and deploy custom apps without the help of a software vendor, expensive consultant or a programmer. Customization is no longer a dirty word.

Our future-proof next generation REM solutions will help you stay ahead of what’s always coming next so you can respond faster to the ever-changing real estate and technology landscape to achieve growth, minimize risk, advance NOI, drive continuous innovation, and provide industry leadership.

Website   |   @remlogics


Demo 6: BrainBox AI

We are proud to be at the forefront of a new era in building automation and a leader in the green building revolution. Located in Montreal, Canada, a global AI hub, our team is comprised of experts in the fields of AI, data science, real estate, HVAC and energy efficiency.

We are driven by the fact that 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions originate from buildings and that HVAC systems are responsible for over 50% of those emissions. Without serious intervention, these gases will only continue to rise, having detrimental impacts on our environment. At BrainBox AI we are fighting climate change by bringing innovation and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to the built environment, making buildings smarter and greener.

Website   |   @brainboxai