Virtual Demo Day

Discover the Hottest CREtech Startups

Event Overview

Welcome to our second annual Virtual Demo Day, featuring live demos from the most innovative tech companies in the commercial real estate industry. Virtual Demo Day allows you to participate in Real Estate Tech Week without leaving your desk.

Missed it? Check out the demos below.

Event Details

Start Date: Tuesday, November 06, 2018 9:00 am EST | End Date: Tuesday, November 06, 2018 12:00 pm EST


Demo 1 – Transactency



Transactency is an online contracting platform designed for dealmakers to build and negotiate agreements. It’s for people who are sick of the time, expense, and headache of “doing the redline dance.” Our platform effortlessly identifies issues, and drafts language to address them, in a cloud-based environment visible to all parties. The result: 10x time and cost savings—and a new era of powerfully protective, efficiently executed contracts, tailored for you. Do deals. Sleep well. Rock on.


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Contact: Michael Denker, 



Demo 2 – VirtualAPT



VirtualAPT is a robotics and 360° video production company. We build autonomous robots and create moving, 4K quality, 360° videos for the built world. Our one of a kind technology allows the viewer to move through space as if they were actually there. VirtualAPT’s web-based content can be viewed on any modern device, in any language, anywhere in the world, allowing for maximum global engagement.


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Contact: Bryan Colin, 



Demo 3 – Mallcomm



No other tool in the industry provides the whole shopping center with such wide-ranging functionality, high efficiency, easy integration and effortless use. Now available in the USA and Canada, Mallcomm unites shopping center management, marketers, retailers and operations in one powerful universe facilitating instant two-way communication and effective operations. Mallcomm makes everyone more efficient, builds relationships and makes the center more secure and well-managed. Mallcomm provides control over operations by harnessing the power of effective B2B communication.


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Contact: David Fuller, 



Demo 4 – Real Estate Financial Modeling (REFM)



Valuate is REFM’s web-based property financial analysis and property transaction marketing platform that can make you more efficient in screening properties by streamlining your workflow, and that can enhance your collaboration internally and with your partners. The results of using Valuate will be increased productivity, faster insights, and more time and energy to see more deals and to use your judgment as a businessperson instead of to just verify that the numbers are adding correctly.


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Contact: Bruce Kirsch, 



Demo 5  – Bixby



Bixby is a building amenity platform that makes it easy for property managers to provide top quality service to their tenants. Our software enables managers to automate and organize their operations, resulting in less time and money spent on overseeing repairs, communicating with tenants, and collecting payments. At the same time, tenants benefit from a better building experience through access to on-demand services, weekly discounts, and a single platform to interface with their smart-home devices.


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Contact: Mark Smukler, 



Demo 6 – Lyra



Lyra Intel is a commercial real estate business intelligence solution designed to unlock your property’s revenue potential. Lyra takes the guesswork out of important property decisions by analyzing demographic and behavioral data within an intuitive BI dashboard. Our solution is designed to improve data quality, provide advanced segmentation capabilities, increase resident and tenant retention, and provide an additional revenue stream to property owners.