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Goodbye Silicon Valley: The Geography of Proptech Startups

It’s no secret that funding for startups is through the roof right now. As the summer months heat up, so has venture capital activity. Since June 2019, total dollar volume invested in private real estate tech companies has reached an estimated $3.6 billion, a 126.1 percent month-to-month growth in funding. Startup funding increases are happening across the board: Overall venture funding is up, and “the biggest funds continue to capture much of the upside as more capital flows into private technology company equity.” While only a small percentage of total deal volume, super giant rounds are not slowing down, “accounting for 56 percent of the...


  • AI vs A-Try: 3 Questions to Help Cut Through the Hype


    By Guy Zipori, CEO and co-founder of Skyline AI From Deep Blueto DeepMind, the pace of AI progress has been dizzying. Exponential growth in AI has led to compounding interest from investors and consumers alike. Over a decade in the industry, I’ve seen AI’s breathless growth firsthand. Watching the miraculous become routine is enough to...Read more

  • Retail’s Future Prospects Hinge on Creative Solutions


    There are clear signs retail is undertaking a transformation like we’ve never seen before. The Financial Times’ article “Death of the high street weighs on landlords round the world,” reports that compared with last year, “rents agreed in UK shopping centres in the first quarter of 2019 dropped by a third,” and that in the...Read more

  • The Coming Resi/CRE Convergence


    Residential real estate has always been thought of as sales and, to a lesser degree, rentals. Commercial has operated with five pillars for decades: office, retail, industrial, multi-family, and hospitality. There was historically little to no interaction or cross-over between the two. Now, tech companies and even landlords are blurring the lines between these historically...Read more

  • Coliving’s Historic Rise to Modern Prominence


    While many used to sneer at the concept of co-living, not any longer. Forms of cohabitation have been happening from the beginning of time—spiritual ashrams and monasteries, tribal villages, boarding houses, residential hotels, and communal kibbutzim, to start. While the desire for increased privacy and space have ruled housing trends for centuries, coliving has always...Read more

  • The RE-evolution of Real Estate Capital Markets


    If time is money, then blockchain is gold. But when you talk to landlords and real estate professionals about blockchain’s potential impact on their business, many have no idea what it is, some don’t care, and others simply don’t understand its practical use. Across all industries, blockchain is making its mark. “According to a 2015...Read more

  • Coworking Sector is Ripe with Opportunity


    The Future of Office Space As A Service It was less than 10 years ago when “shared- office space” was a dirty word. If you didn’t have your own lease, you wouldn’t dare risk telling clients as they would question your legitimacy of being a real business. Then came WeWork. Today, coworking has transcended the...Read more

  • Real Time Facilities Experience - Is it the Future?


    CREtech sat down for an Exclusive Interview with Prabhu Ramachandran, Founder & CEO, Facilio Inc. CREtech: While they were late to join the tech revolution, the real estate and FM industry is now undergoing a huge transformation. What do you think is changing in the built environment of late? Prabhu Ramachandran: I feel a lot of things...Read more

  • Exclusive Interview with CEO and Co-Founder, Guy Zipori of Skyline AI


    Skyline AI is an artificial intelligence asset manager for commercial real estate. Skyline AI partners with leading commercial real estate firms to establish next-generation investment vehicles augmented by artificial intelligence. Using a proprietary ensemble of both supervised and unsupervised machine learning models, Skyline AI produces deep, hyper-accurate predictions regarding any asset in the United States....Read more

  • An Exclusive CREtech Q&A with Logan Soya, Founder and CEO of Aquicore


      Logan Soya is the founder and CEO of Aquicore, a leading commercial real estate software company with an all-in-one asset operations and management platform. In his role, Soya is responsible for creating and implementing business strategies, managing the company’s investments and resources, as well as driving Aquicore’s future innovation and growth. With a background...Read more