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Enough with the Embracing! Take Your Existing CRE Tech to Next Level

Apparently, the commercial real estate technology industry is full of love. Blog after blog talks about “embracing” tech concept. AI. VR. Big data. Let’s hug and move to the next base: finding how to use the existing technology tools to deliver even better service outcomes. CRM Today’s CRE-oriented customer relationship managers (CRM) deliver some excellent options to supercharge their work. Let’s look at two ways an adopter could improve their CRM use. To get the most from a CRM, it must automatically sync with one important program: your calendar. The best platforms can see when a client appointment has been scheduled via email or calendar...


  • 5 Ways Tech Improves the CRE Project Management Workflow


    If commercial real estate projects were easy, everyone would do them. A project’s life cycle is complex and requires numerous parties keeping tabs on its progress for an extended time period. Even shorter build-outs take weeks. Project management solutions help commercial real estate professionals tackle pain points and improve their handling. Benefits include: #1. Streamlined...Read more

  • Are You Ready for AI to Join Your Team?


    What happens when you bring artificial intelligence into your workplace? You add tremendous potential to boost productivity. However, adding AI isn’t as simple as plug-and-play. Adding AI might drastically alter your team operations. Commercial real estate professionals must be prepared to manage and interact with numerous intelligent agents. Laying the Groundwork We often expect humans...Read more

  • Guest Blog - Shiny Hubcaps… Indefensible Startups


    By Poonam Mathis, Founder at StealthForce Anyone who was at the Fall 2016 CREtech Intersect in San Francisco and remains in the space today can tell you how rapidly we’ve moved from a small, pioneering community (bemoaning the widespread resistance to adoption of the amazing tools we’d created) into something much more like Burning Man...Read more

  • Truss Helps You Find An Awesome Space for Your Business to Call Home


    Truss helps small and medium businesses lease amazing space. They put you in control of the process so you can land a perfect-for-you space at the best price. Their technology and people help you get it all done in record time. Our team at CREtech recently caught up with Truss to learn more about their...Read more

  • Guest Blog - Building Emotional Engagement with Tenants using Virtual Reality


    By David Gull, CEO & Co-Founder, Outer Realm People are funny. They make decisions based on emotions and justify their decisions with logic. Well actually, it’s a bit more nuanced than that. According to a Harvard Business Review article by Michael D. Harris, major decisions are made subconsciously, and these subconscious decisions are based on...Read more

  • Want Innovation? Turn In-House


    We tend to look outward for leading innovations, but sometimes the best ideas lie underfoot. If your commercial real estate firm aims to hire leading talent, then it makes sense that your best innovators already work for you. Take JLL’s example. While the company does have an outward-facing arm in JLL Spark, the company additionally...Read more

  • The Top Commercial Real Estate Conferences You Must Attend This Fall


    Ah, fall. Pumpkin spice, changing leaves, and conference season. That’s right: fall is a busy time of year for commercial real estate professionals to gather and exchange information. Don’t miss these exciting opportunities to expand your knowledge base, coming to a venue near you this 2018. CREtech Los Angeles October 18 Los Angeles, CA Los...Read more

  • Guest Blog - Value of Tech in Off-Market Deal Making


    By Richard Sarkis, Co-founder & CEO at Reonomy Anyone in commercial real estate knows that relationships are the gateway to success, especially for off-market transactions. Whether that means building relationships with new buyers, sellers, or investors, contacts are the key to off-market success. Some potential sellers question how the accuracy of property valuation can be achieved...Read more

  • Tackling Construction Challenges with Tech


    Construction professionals live under constant pressure to deliver quality projects on time and on budget. These demands are complicated by labor shortage challenges, increased implementation of new technologies, changing client needs, increased oversight, and vendor management. Face these key challenges head-on with the latest technology platforms designed to tackle for the construction industry's demands. Real-time...Read more

  • Meero’s Revolutionary Image-Editing AI Closes $45M Funding Round


    Investors are putting their money behind industry-changing artificial intelligence applications. One exciting field with implications for commercial real estate is computer vision, specifically, in image processing. After a photo shoot, processing usually takes hours. Meero is changing that timeline. With is proprietary application, AI reduces this processing time to seconds. About Meero Meero launched in...Read more