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CRE Capital Plans Need Strong Front-ends and Back-ends

Ed Bartlett, Vice President of Capital Planning, Accruent Forward-thinking commercial real estate organizations know that rigorous planning for their capital needs is an essential part of their facilities fully supporting their mission over the long term. It’s essential to completely grasp the funding level it will take to keep the roofs from leaking, the lobbies and conference rooms modernized, HVAC running at top efficiency, hitting CSR-related green targets, and maintaining safety systems that are in compliance. It can be a daunting task, especially for managers of large dispersed portfolios or complex campuses. When real estate managers ask what I see as the fundamental building blocks...


  • Commercial Real Estate CRMs: Do Expectations Match Reality?


    Not long ago real estate professionals relied on a paper Rolodex to track their contacts. The technology revolution brought us new ways to communicate, and with that, the first digitized contact database started in 1986. The earliest version of customer relationship management (CRM) software first hit the scene in the 90s with the intent to...Read more

  • CRE Comes To CREtech! Introducing's NEW Apartments Tech Event


    One of the most extraordinary developments in my own CREtech orbit is the interest, cooperation and support of the “mainstream” media that covers the commercial real estate sector. Many, many great examples, but one of the most significant is and Realshare (owned by the same parent company). I have long been an admirer of...Read more

  • How 8 Leading CRE Crowdfunding Platforms Make Their Mark


    Once upon a time, access to quality commercial real estate investments was limited and guarded with high fees. Now crowdfunding platforms connect CRE projects with private party lenders. The multiple CRE crowdfunding platforms typically: Have a vetting process for project sponsors and their investment properties Promise regular reporting updates and 24/7 access to track investment...Read more

  • Research Demonstrates Smart Building Tech Growth and Opportunities


    To claim smart building technology is growing is an understatement. From an $8.49 billion global market in 2016, it’s projected to reach $51.44 billion USD globally by 2023. The Intelligent CRE for Enterprise: Smart Buildings, Intelligent Workplace, and Management Systems 2018 - 2023 report analyzed the challenges and opportunities ahead for the smart building tech...Read more

  • Virtual Reality Saves Construction Big Bucks


    The World Economic Forum study reports digital technology–including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)–could save the construction industry up to $1.7 trillion (USD) globally within 10 years. Adopting these technologies are crucial to the industry’s future success. VR and AR technology adds advantages to every stage of developing a new property. #1- Building Information...Read more

  • Why CRE Professionals Must Embrace Tech


    “Business as usual” does not exist in the commercial real estate industry. The modern world demands mobility, instant information, and better customer service. Commercial real estate professionals can’t meet these challenges in the “old way” of conducting business. Embracing technology solutions delivers clear benefits, like: 1) Efficient daily workflow Negotiating for clients is a small...Read more

  • Tech To Consider For Your Office Space Retrofit


    What tech upgrades can add the "wow" factor to your office space? The rate of innovation makes choosing the most desirable features is challenging, and a tight budget complicates decision-making. The following retrofits marry modern conveniences with cost savings. #1- Destination dispatch-equipped elevators Does your building run more than one elevator? Rather than stopping at...Read more

  • Exclusive Feature With Buildout, the Leading End-to-end Solution for Marketing Commercial Real Estate Listings


    Buildout is the nation’s leading commercial real estate marketing software. Since launching in 2010, Buildout has revolutionized the entire listing process for brokerages around the country. Buildout’s marketing tool allows brokerages to produce beautiful, brand-consistent marketing instantly, save time by eliminating tedious tasks and focus on what's most important: closing more deals and growing their...Read more

  • How Much Might Building Management Tech Save You?


    Smart building management technology isn’t just trendy. The sensors and online platforms maximize existing systems for optimal operational savings and tenant satisfaction. However, some sources claim implementing building management software (BMS) costs $2.50 per square foot at the minimum. Is utilizing the latest in smart building technology really that expensive? Let’s dive into the existing...Read more

  • The Information Revolution is At Hand


    A real estate professional’s biggest asset is information. Not just lots of it (there already is!) but understanding that information, tracking its change over time, and relaying key insights to our clients. What will CRE professionals gain from this information revolution? Understanding behaviors We’d like to think human beings are unpredictable. Science shows we like...Read more