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Where is Augmented Reality Going?

Glasses, Oculus, and Pokemon--oh, my! Augmented reality has made serious strides towards reality in the last five years, and the future is looking bright. Investment in AR and virtual reality tech is projected to reach $2.6 billion by 2025. Digi-Capital predicted AR alone could generate $85 billion to $90 billion in revenue with a 3.5 billion installed base within five years. With all this growth, what advances in AR technology are coming down the pike? Headset Design Headset design will be critical to mainstream adoption. Before the wider population purchases VR/AR headsets, consumers want to see a blend of function and value. Expect headset designs...


  • Immersive and Interactive Technology Solution for Landlords and Brokers


    VirtualAPT develops autonomous robots that capture smooth, moving 4K 360° videos for advertising and marketing in a number of industries. Their content is web-based and available to a global audience in any language and on any modern device. VirtualAPT is one of the top service providers for your company’s cutting-edge visualization needs. Our team at...Read more

  • Guest Blog - 5 Ways to Get Employees to Learn, and Use, New Tech Tools


    By: Dealpath CEO, Mike Sroka Businesses are increasingly benefitting from a rich and maturing landscape of specialized software tools designed for their needs. Sales organizations use customer relationship management (CRM) systems, while marketers use marketing automation, and real estate investors use deal management platforms. These specialized services are what powers businesses to grow. While valuable technology is...Read more

  • 17 Ways Co-Working Has Literally Changed Everything


    Forbes made the point of how the Apple iPhone upended Nokia’s dominance in the cell phone industry and compares that to the way that WeWork and new co-working models have changed everything. It’s changed the types of places where offices are located, it’s changed the way that offices are designed, and it has changed the...Read more

  • Exclusive Interview with CEO and Co-Founder, Chase Garbarino of HqO


    Chase Garbarino is the CEO and co-founder of HqO, a tenant engagement platform that helps landlords optimize their property and create a workplace experience that tenants will love. Chase's background and expertise lies in building and implementing technology that connects professionals to real-world communities. Prior to HqO, Chase founded VentureApp, a business community platform, and...Read more

  • Will Solar be Mandated for CRE, Too?


    California is now requiring new homes to have solar panels installed on all newly built homes and low-rise multifamily buildings. Will this come to commercial real estate everywhere and in all states? As the first of its kind in the U.S., California will be the test case and will likely determine the answer to that...Read more

  • The 5 Best Real Estate CRMs of 2018


    Every year we take a look at some of the best real estate CRMs out there. This year, when we picked the top five, what we found is that several of the best real estate CRMs of 2018 have made several lists for years now and continue to get better every year. Here are the...Read more

  • Guest Blog - Opening the Door to the New Economy


    By: Rick Haughey, Vice President, Industry Technology Initiatives, NMHC There’s a question I ask when I hear folks in the apartment industry pondering the deployment of smart locks in apartment homes: “when was the last time you used a metal key to gain access to your hotel room?” If the hotel industry figured out electronic...Read more

  • 5 Ways that Commercial Real Estate Technology is Changing Office Design and Layout


    Work styles and generational changes have been impacting office design and spatial layout trends in the commercial real estate space for years now. As mobile technology and demographic shifts have impacted U.S. culture overall, the office has had to continue to keep pace. There are several ways that how an office is laid out is...Read more

  • 5 Coolest Tech on Display at ICSC RECon


    The Innovation Exchange is a highlight of the annual International Council of Shopping Centers RECon. The latest tech developments on display are what the Washington Post calls the “future of retail.” We’d like to highlight some exhibitors from the Innovation Exchange that we found have implications beyond retail. #1- Robotics Two different companies showcased the...Read more

  • 3 Examples of Brokerages as Tech Providers


    Now that more information is available online to the client, commercial real estate brokerages must prove their value. Some leading firms have “got the memo” and are developing and providing cutting-edge tech tools designed specific for the commercial real estate industry. Check out these tech tools offered by some pioneering commercial real estate brokerages. JLL...Read more