Nine Strategies for Cities to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Construction

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Today, the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Urban Transformation unveiled a report showcasing innovative approaches by leading cities to slash carbon emissions from urban development projects. As cities worldwide expand, construction activities surge, with global floor area projected to double by 2060. The report, titled "Reducing Embodied Carbon in Cities: Nine Solutions for Greener Buildings and Communities," outlines nine groundbreaking strategies for greener construction and demolition processes. Highlighting the need for comprehensive action to tackle carbon emissions across building life cycles, the report offers solutions ranging from reimagined construction methods to revitalizing existing structures. Case studies include the transformation of the One Westside Office Campus in Los Angeles into a sustainable science hub, San Diego’s electric vehicle transition program for fleet operators, and London’s Material Reuse Portal promoting sustainable material practices. Additionally, the report features initiatives by cities like Vancouver, Seattle, and New York City, implementing mandates, incentives, and benchmarking tools to reduce embodied carbon emissions. Accenture, in collaboration with the City of Los Angeles, spearheaded the report following a City Sprint workshop, emphasizing cities' pivotal role in driving emission reduction efforts. With the momentum to decarbonize the built environment, cities are leading the charge towards a sustainable, resilient, and equitable future. Effective collaboration between public and private sectors, including policymakers, businesses, and technology firms, is crucial for scaling and implementing these solutions globally. The report aligns with the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance's efforts, supported by Infosys and C40 Cities, providing essential tools and guidance to advance sustainable building practices.

Original article posted on April 22, 2024

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