10 Best Apps for CRE Professionals on the GO

The way commercial real estate professionals conduct business changed drastically over the last decade. Just ten years ago contract offers still routed through slow mail systems! Thanks to mobile apps, CRE pros accomplish more tasks and from anywhere. No need waste time driving to the office to check in. These are our favorite time-saving apps for busy CRE professionals.


Brought to us by our friends at Evernote, scannable snaps paper documents into high-quality scans ready to send. The smart app recognizes the difference between a business card and a receipt, auto-cropping and enhancing photos for clear digitized documents. Our favorite feature is how business cards instantly transform into contact data with LinkedIn data.


This is an incredible artificial intelligence app that schedules meetings for you. Just send Amy an email and she’ll coordinate the best time and place with your contact before automatically adding to your calendar.


Skype keeps busy CRE professionals in contact with their business. Host virtual face-to-face meetings with clients across the globe from mobile or desktop devices. Skype offers free online calls and easy international calling.

My Life Organized

For professionals that love task lists, My Life Organized is the way to go. Organize tasks by projects, break down large tasks into smaller actionable steps, and track progress. The app is searchable and can viewing can be customized. It’s available on Windows, iOS, Iphone, and Android devices.

The News Funnel

Stay up to date with the latest industry news customized to your preferences. The News Funnel app sources from over 5,000 media outlets and 3,000 real estate companies to deliver real-time information about the real estate industry.


Make documents official anywhere at anytime. The top eSignature app helps busy CRE professionals finish agreements in days, not hours. The digital platform provides secure access, send reminders, and allows on-the-go professionals to check signing status anytime. Embed electronic signatures into your existing applications to speed up your workflow.


Excellent for CRE brokers, landlords, and tenants, use LeaseMatrix to compare and analyze lease terms to ensure the deal is fair. Conduct lease vs buy analysis or record lease comps. Reports update automatically. LeaseMatrix is a huge time saver for CRE professionals.


CompStak is a comprehensive database CRE professionals can’t live without. Its database of CRE data and analytics makes deals and lease terms transparent for appraisers, researchers, landlords, investors and more. Users can trade the comps they have for the ones need to conduct their deal.


Don’t forget anything ever again with Evernote. Snap pictures of sketches, make reminders, create to-do lists: Evernote is a powerful all-in-one app that saves information for you to be available where you are. The powerful search helps find text, images, and documents fast and share with anyone.

Photo Credit: Michael Coté


Make receipt tracking easy with Expensify. The app automates expense reporting tasks in real-time saving CRE professionals serious time uploading and generating data. Take photos of receipts, create and submit expense reports, track mileage, billable hours and more.

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