10MinRealty: Connecting Motivated Real Estate Buyers with Licensed Agents in Real-Time

10MinRealty (TMR) is a smart mobile device app for consumers and real estate agents that can be downloaded in the Google Play Store and the App Store. With this innovative application, a connection is made in real-time between a potential homebuyer and a qualified real estate agent.

As an example, perhaps you want to purchase a home, and while driving around a particular neighborhood, you spot a property of interest. You simply sign in to the TMR app, and a request goes out to agents within close proximity. Using the phone’s GPS technology, nearby agents are provided your location. Once a connection is made, you can set up a showing within a matter of minutes.

Typically, you will have the opportunity to view a home within a very short timeframe after making a showing request. However, there are instances when the seller may have placed some restrictions on showings, such as an unrestrained dog, daytime sleeper, disabled person in the home, and so on. In those situations, the agent can schedule a showing at a time that works best for you and the seller.

Showings Have Never Been Easier

As the name of the app implies, the goal is for a real estate agent to show up at a property that you chose within just 10 minutes. Once a request is received, the agent will do everything possible to arrive quickly, but unexpected things do arise. Because the agent has no control over new road construction, getting a flat tire, or being slowed down by an accident, the company cannot guarantee a 10-minute response. However, every agent strives to arrive as quickly as possible.

A unique feature of the 10MinRealty app is that you can see where the real estate agent is located. Once an agent accepts your request and you follow up with a confirmation, a map appears on your phone. The map shows your location, as well as the location of the responding agent. To make the connection between you and the agent seamless, the TMR app provides the phone number and vehicle license plate number of the agent. In addition to convenience, this enhances overall safety.

There is no charge to use the 10MinRealty mobile app, nor are you required to sign any short- or long-term contract. Instead, you simply download the app to your Android or iPhone mobile device and log in when you are ready to use it. For fast and professional service, your request for a showing goes out to a number of agents near your location. Therefore, you might receive more than one response. However, with the TMR app, you get to choose the agent you prefer.

The 10MinRealty app provides a media page to track the properties you have already seen. There, you can store photographs, videos, and even notes pertaining to a specific property. For making comparisons as part of choosing the perfect home, you can refer to this information whenever you want. The TMR app also allows you to save the agent’s contact information should you ever want to work with that individual again.


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