5 People You Should Follow on Twitter, but Probably Aren’t Following

Are you making the most of your Twitter account for your real estate business? With so much going on, it can be easy to miss critical news, so it's important to make sure you are following the best people in the real estate industry.
The real estate industry has changed significantly in just the last few years, primarily as the result of the rapid growth of the social media sphere. Industry experts are now making full use of social media channels to publish content that in the past could typically only be accessed via training courses and expensive hardback books. Today, people with an interest in real estate, regardless of whether they are just entering the industry or veterans, can access that wealth of information online. The key is to ensure you are following the right people on social media. Unfortunately, as more and more people become active on social media, an increasing amount of information floods news feeds, which can make it difficult to find valuable, actionable information amid the chaff. Below are five of the top people you should make sure to follow.

1. Seth Williams

As the founder of REtipster.com, Seth knows his stuff when it comes to providing information about the real estate industry. In fact, Seth runs one of the leading real estate investment blogs online. Whether you're looking for information about selling properties, finding motivated leads, or information about real estate investments, you will find a little bit of it all in Seth's tweets.

@retipsterseth2. Elias Nathaniel

A real estate investor and promoter, Elias is recognized as being extremely active when it comes to social media. In his tweets, you will consistently find a wealth of insightful information regarding market conditions and real estate trends. If you're looking to stay updated on the most current real estate data and trends, you should be following Elias.

@eliasnathaniel_3. Brandon Turner

An investor as well as VP of Marketing at BiggerPockets, Brandon has a lot to offer, and his publications should not be missed. By following Brandon, you will receive a continual stream of actionable information.

@BrandonAtBP4. Lynn Pineda

Based in Coral Springs, Florida, Lynn has developed a reputation as a highly successful real estate agent. She also happens to be incredibly active on Twitter and frequently curates a wealth of valuable information related to real estate marketing as well as industry forecasts and trends. If you want to know what is going on in the real estate industry today as well as what is likely to take place tomorrow, Lynn is a must-follow.

@LynnPineda5. Maya Paveza

In addition to being a successful real estate broker, Maya is also a coach and marketing strategist. Specializing in the real estate industry, Maya has contributed to a number of large publications, including Realtor.com, RE Technology Inc., and Social Media Today. Her tweets frequently cover marketing strategies as well as real estate industry trends and news.


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