7 of the Most Influential Technology Executives in Real Estate You Need to Know About

As the real estate industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years with a profusion of new tech companies, the number of players in the industry has also increased. No longer are the biggest names in real estate limited to a select few people brokering the largest monetary deals. The most powerful people in real estate are also often involved in the tech side of real estate. Below are seven of the most influential tech executives in the real estate sphere you need to be aware of and the contributions they have made to the industry.

1. Spencer Rascoff

A founding member of Zillow, Rascoff served as the firm's COO from 2008 to 2010, at which time he transitioned to CEO. Under Rascoff's leadership, the firm was able to attain record levels of both web and mobile traffic. In 2011, Rascoff led Zillow to an incredibly successful IPO. Three years later, Zillow made one of the industry's biggest acquisitions when it purchased competitor Trulia.

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2. Ryan O'Hara

As the president and CEO of Move, Inc., O'Hara has extensive leadership experience. Prior to becoming the CEO of Move, Inc. earlier this year, he led several other companies ranging in revenue from $50 million to $800 million. O'Hara holds a B.A. in Economics from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard.

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3. Keith Rabois

A highly successful entrepreneur, Rabois is the founder and CEO of OpenDoor, a service geared toward transforming the home-selling process through the latest technology. As an entrepreneur and investor, Rabois has had affiliations with such firms as AirBnB, YouTube, Yelp, and LinkedIn.

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4. David Mele

Based on his previous 15 years of experience in the technology and media industries, Mele was selected to take over as the CEO of Homes.com last year. Prior to joining Homes.com, Mele served as the president of Pilot Media and the publisher of The Virginian-Pilot.

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5. Tom Gonser

Prior to founding DocuSign, Gonser was the co-founder of NetUPDATE. As the founder of DocuSign, Gonser is considered a leading innovator when it comes to facilitating the online exchange of documents and contracts. Consequently, he has played an incredibly important role in transforming the way that real estate transactions are handled.

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6. Takeuchi Shiro

Shiro, the chairman and CEO of Movoto, is certainly a tech executive to watch. Last year, his firm climbed to the number 7 spot nationally in terms of traffic. Movoto has also become licensed in almost three dozen states. Previously, Shiro worked with SUUMO, a Japanese real estate website.

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7. Grier Allen

Allen is heading up what is one of the fastest growing real estate software as a service firms in the world. The CEO of BoomTown, Allen has more than a decade of experience in real estate and software development. Prior to founding BoomTown, Allen obtained a degree in Computer Science and later worked for SLANT Media.

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