7 Real Estate Apps You Need in 2015

Kicking off a new year usually results in a lot of fanfare and a few personal resolutions that few of us actually follow through on. But it doesn’t have to be so when it comes to developing your business in 2015.
Using these seven apps, compatible with both iOS and Android, you’ll not only rule technology and be one step ahead of the game, your competitors will never be able to keep up.

1. Nest

Recently purchased by Google, Nest offers a wide range of home security and helpful features that make home technologies super appealing. Using a Nest app, you can control your thermostat at the flick of a finger. Moreover, you can receive notifications if smoke, fire, or carbon-monoxide is detected in your home.

2. Carrot

A good real estate agent is usually a very busy one. That’s why you need a person assistant that helps you keep track of your day. Carrot keeps track of your to-do list, rewards you for finishing a task, and even scolds you if you aren’t following the plans you made. Hilariously unique!

3. Waze

Driving is an unfortunate side effect of being a real estate agent. That’s why you need all the time you can spare with this amazing app! Waze gives you real-time traffic updates based on your location, complete with road closures, police traps, accidents, and more. Remember, saving time means saving money.

4. Dashlane

Using a lot of apps or programs generally means you have a lot of logins and passwords. Not only is it annoying to remember, you often have to manually login to these things each time. Dashlane saves logins, payment methods, receipts, and notes; and even has an auto-fill feature for online forms.


An acronym for 'IF This Then That,' IFTTT can automate services between social platforms. For example, if you post on Facebook, it will automatically post your status to Twitter as well, and vice versa.

6. Genius Scan

Real estate agents scan and email a LOT of documents. Why not have a scanner in your pocket? Genius Scan is an app that scans documents right from your hand-held device, then exports them as JPEG or PDF files.  Time-sensitive documents have met their match.

7. MailTracker

Knowing when and if people read your emails is a quite a bit heads up in the real estate world. MailTracker does this, and tells you how long an email was viewed, how many time it was opened, long it was viewed, and where (location wise) it was opened.


This is a list about apps, but you do need something to manage them all on the go! When you use a lot of apps and need technology right away, the Pebble smartwatch comes equipped with more than 1,000 apps and can even help you manage the list above!

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