A Photo Is Worth a Thousand Words with SpeakingPhoto

Although video will probably remain a powerful tool for real estate professionals, there is a new solution that has gained a tremendous amount of respect. SpeakingPhoto was designed to capture narrated images. This mobile app can be used by virtually anyone, but for real estate professionals, it has become an outstanding way to add personality and information to photographs of properties.

SpeakingPhoto is a free app available for both Android and iOS users. Since it first launched a few years ago, the app has become the top choice for simple yet sophisticated audio recording. To any photograph, whether a room within a home, outdoor space, or commercial/industrial property, this app gives new meaning. SpeakingPhoto is also an excellent way to capture real testimonials, thereby boosting confidence in potential buyers.

Creating Compelling Photographs

Once photographs are personalized, they can be shared immediately on any social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. In addition, finished photos can be emailed or texted. By having more avenues to reach existing and potential clients, this app will improve your marketing efforts.

SpeakingPhoto has changed the way that property photographs are captured and shared. Ultimately, this tool has the ability to capture, document, maintain, and share valuable information and stories intended for a targeted audience. With this app, you can gain an edge over the competition in a very tough industry.

With SpeakingPhoto, you have different options. For instance, you can create and share a single photograph or, if preferred, a complete slideshow. Especially when promoting a specific property or when creating a virtual open house, this tool is beyond amazing.

The problem with still photographs is that they offer no attached information. With videos, people have to stop them periodically to focus on a particular image. SpeakingPhoto resolves this and other problems. With this app, people see detailed images while gaining tremendous insight.

Easy Operation

Because SpeakingPhoto is a mobile phone app, you never need big and expensive camera equipment. Instead, you simply use your smartphone. In no time, you have annotated photos complete with voiceover. This gives each image real meaning and dimension that helps sell properties.

The popularity of SpeakingPhoto has reached such incredible heights that it is now offered as a localized app for both iPhone and iPad in seven additional languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Of course, when you are not using this app for your real estate business, it can capture voice images for personal events.

As explained by Dawn Davis, founder of SpeakingPhoto, this app began with the creation of an art donation for an auction to raise money for her son’s school. As her husband and other dads got together to create an interactive art piece, which combined photography, museum-quality framing, and sound technology, she came up with the concept for the SpeakingPhoto mobile app.

Today, this app is frequently used by inspectors, designers, homebuilders, contractors, and Realtors from around the country. With SpeakingPhoto, everyone becomes a storyteller.


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