Accurate Group Releases Next-Gen Responsive Interface for Appraisal Management and Titles Services

Accurate Group, a leading provider of real estate appraisal, compliance, and title technology, has announced the delivery of a responsive interface for appraisal and title transparency in real-time. Accurate Archer, a managed services platform, is capable of delivering an unprecedented level of transparency in the real estate finance industry, according to the company. By providing mortgage lenders, banks, and credit unions with on-demand access to insight and analytics regarding turnaround time, revision rates, compliance, and quality control, the platform is paving the way for improved decision-making capabilities.

The platform uses smart process flow technology along with built-in compliance rules, which helps accelerate turnaround times while simultaneously ensuring regulatory compliance. Additionally, the interface is able to facilitate the delivery of appraisal and title information by using the most up-to-date data.

Greater Access to Critical Data from Any Location

Lenders will find they are able to benefit from the new responsive interface design, which offers the ability to submit, monitor, and track property appraisal and title reports faster and more easily. In fact, lenders can track such reports nationwide using any web browser or mobile device. The company has also announced plans to roll out a new version of the interface that is being designed specifically with appraisers in mind in the near future.

A Wealth of Robust Features

Among the features included in the Accurate Archer managed services interface is a user-configurable Dashcard that offers information on key metrics in real-time. Such metrics include upcoming orders due, open orders, orders past due, revision rates, turnaround time, property owner action required, lender action required, and more. Mapping technology that allows users to identify details regarding property location quickly is also included. Additionally, the platform offers the ability to conduct a heat map analysis using regional appraisal demand.

New Platform Delivers Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Real-time reporting and analytics capabilities are also made available, giving lenders and servicers the ability to generate charts, tables, and graphs. Users can also view aggregate trending data in order to obtain greater details and insight.

The unrivaled transparency regarding the service level agreement status as well as estimated delivery dates offered by the platform gives lenders the opportunity to monitor performance in the most detailed manner possible.

While the real estate lending and servicing industry can be quite complex, the introduction of this type of platform is helping ensure that key players are able to benefit from the most accurate and timely title information and property valuations possible. At the same time, users are able to benefit from an advanced knowledge of compliance guidelines, thus helping avoid potential compliance issues. With the latest release of the Accurate Archer managed services platform, every aspect of appraisal management and title services functions is covered, ranging from order generation to delivery cycles. It even becomes possible to spot trends over time, resulting in improved cycle times and lower costs per loan.


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