ACS Cloud Revolutionizes Energy Efficient Buildings

Throughout the commercial real estate industry, efforts are underway to provide techniques that will result in improved energy efficiency. Genea has announced the introduction of the Afterhours Control System, also known as ACS Cloud, which will provide tenants with direct access to lights and HVAC on an afterhours basis via a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The system works by connecting directly with the automation system in a building. As a result, it is able to eliminate a significant amount of work for property management teams.

Automation Drives Increased Tenant Satisfaction

Since ACS Cloud can be connected with the automation system in a building, there is no need for tenants to provide advance notice when submitting a work order request. The new ACS Cloud system features an impressive array of benefits, such as the ability to provide technical support on a 24/7 basis. This helps to ensure that tenant requests are always met, thus improving tenant satisfaction and helping to reduce bottlenecks in work orders.

Additionally, ACS Cloud is capable of managing billing automatically. This can prove to be helpful for afterhours rate structures, which can oftentimes prove to be quite challenging and may include concessions or even different rates or allowances for afterhours. Thanks to the implementation of the new system, tenants will be empowered to manage their own users.

Increased Energy Efficiency Made Possible

Yet another vital benefit of ACS Cloud is the fact that it will help to drive improved energy efficiency by making it possible to turn off the HVAC in a building during lower lease periods, such as during holidays and on weekends. This is an advantage that provides tremendous benefit, particularly as building owners seek strategies that will allow them to not only slash energy costs but also make a positive contribution to the environment.

ACS Cloud can also be customized to export files for billing data uploads to the most popular accounting software programs. This can help to eliminate the need for manual entries, which can prove to be a tremendous time saving feature. Additionally, ACS cloud is also capable of sending automated email notifications in order to provide property teams and tenants with detailed notifications regarding all requests.

While ACS Cloud certainly offers a number of benefits to tenants, it also makes the task of managing properties infinitely easier, as well. For instance, with ACS Cloud, it becomes possible to implement 24/7 monitoring for each work request. Building managers no longer need to worry about whether a service has been filled or whether it may have been overlooked. This makes it much easier for building managers to do their jobs while simultaneously delivering superior service.

In today's highly competitive commercial real estate industry, the need to operate in the most efficient and streamlined manner as possible is vital to long-term success. ACS Cloud delivers the ability to do so, giving commercial property owners and building managers the tools they need to operate properties with maximized efficiency.

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