AddressReport Reveals In-Depth Property Listing Information

Have you ever thought about running a background check on a potential property? Well, now you can! With AddressReport, you can find out everything from whether there have been any recent rodent sightings to amenities offered by that property.addressreport
Reports generated by AddressReport include a wealth of vital details, including any complaints or violations that may have been lodged against the relevant property, as well as all building details. In addition, you can gain access to pricing histories for properties, information that can prove to be particularly beneficial for prospective buyers who may wish to know whether the price has recently been either increased or lowered on a subject property. Buyers can also benefit from crime statistics and demographic breakdowns for properties. Information regarding local amenities is available, including proximity to public transportation, gyms, grocery stores, and more. The report even generates information about recent sales nearby to give both buyers and owners an idea regarding market value for that particular neighborhood.

addressreport3Benefits to Buyers and Tenants

Considering buying a property? Don’t buy without checking AddressReport first! AddressReport helps reveal information about a relevant property that is not typically provided in a listing. It’s kind of like the CarFax of real estate. This can be important in situations in which the listing may sound like a dream come true and even the property seems ideal during the standard tour. As most buyers know, however, there can always be more to the story than what is seen in a listing or even a tour. The property that looks like a dream when you tour it during the day could turn out to be a nightmare after the sun goes does and the rodents and the criminals come out.

The information presented in AddressReport can help shed light on information that might not be revealed otherwise, helping buyers avoid potential unpleasant surprises. Additionally, anytime that the report changes, you will receive alerts to ensure that you are always up to date. So, whether you’re thinking of buying or renting, you can always be sure you have the full scoop.

addressreport6Evolving History of AddressReport

AddressReport actually received its start as Rentenna, a popular apartment search engine in New York City. Rentenna’s founders launched their Green Score app in 2013, giving prospective tenants the opportunity to research the amount of green space in a particular neighborhood. As Rentenna’s popularity began to grow, the idea to expand eventually led to the development of a new website, and AddressReport was born. As a more comprehensive search tool, AddressReport fills the gaps where Rentenna fell short. According to the founders of AddressReport, they were frequently approached by Rentenna users who were seeking additional information. Today, AddressReport leverages the wealth of publicly available information and presents it in an easy-to-use and access format. To get started, users simply need to type an address, and AddressReport will do the rest by providing a wealth of information on that building, whether it is commercial, residential, or mixed use.

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