AdEspresso: Optimizing Real Estate Facebook Ads

To generate leads and stay connected with current and prospective clients, Facebook is one of the more popular social media platforms used by professional real estate agents. With AdEspresso, you also have the ability to optimize ads on Facebook, which can take your real estate business to the next level of success.

Boosting Overall Performance

To understand the full potential of AdEspresso, consider some of the ways this technology works.

Campaigns – For starters, you can create powerful marketing campaigns. For a successful campaign, you need to reach your targeted audience, which means that you have to know what copy and picture in your ad are going to get the greatest response. With AdEspresso, you can test multiple ads within a matter of minutes using a combination of titles, words, and pictures. Without the ability to automatically create endless possibilities, you would spend valuable time trying to determine the titles, words, and pictures with the most impact.

Demographic Testing – AdEspresso also allows you to conduct a split test on demographic targets. As you know, in real estate, it is imperative that you reach the right audience with the right message. Using this technology, you can experiment by testing audiences. As a result, your campaigns will be given a much-needed boost. In addition, you have the opportunity to gather important information on your best clients.

Custom Audiences – For Facebook advertising, the Custom Audiences feature makes it possible for you to focus better on campaigns. In addition to targeting and managing your current audiences, this unique feature is designed with Custom Audiences Manager, which literally speeds up operations on a daily basis. With Custom Audiences, visitors to your website are retargeted.

Dayparting – Using this feature of AdEspresso, you have full control over when your ads will be displayed. Having worked in real estate, you know that results of your efforts change from day to day and, sometimes, hour to hour. With Dayparting, you decide when your ads will appear on Facebook based on your knowledge of the most opportune times. Therefore, you avoid wasting a lot of money and time.

Placement – You even have control over where ads will be displayed using AdEspresso. With the Placement feature, you simply click one time to control the exact placement of your ads. If preferred, you can also use this feature to run experiments in determining which of your Facebook ads are the highest performers.

The Bottom Line

AdEspresso is truly a remarkable technology that has changed the way real estate professionals generate leads and stay connected with clients on Facebook. With this technology, you can accomplish a lot more in less time. Analyzing tons of data to identify strong ads and then manually entering the information takes a tremendous amount of time. With AdEspresso, these processes are streamlined.


Designed with an array of innovative features, you can save targeting options for future ads, copy an entire campaign, keep your campaign in draft mode until you are ready to publish, and much more.

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