Agorafy Announces National Expansion Plans

Agorafy, the New York-based real estate tech company, has recently announced strategic expansion plans that will take the company into multiple markets across the United States over the next several months. The company, which has developed a reputation for providing a free search and listing platform, will retain the same model.

Real estate professionals, particularly brokers, are able to benefit from the services provided by Agorafy. While the company stresses that it does not function as a broker, it does work to help brokers facilitate their work. For instance, brokers can search and submit listings at no charge.

Agorafy has plans to grow its presence on a national level. According to the company, it has a significant advantage in the current marketplace, as technology helps to ease the process and provide the information that real estate professionals need to make listings more efficient. Agorafy states that it has plans to expand into markets where real brokers have a desire to make highly informed decisions by leveraging current market data.

Since its inception, Agorafy has worked diligently toward establishing a gradual process by which revenue streams from two avenues: advertisements and subscriptions. Now that the company is mature and stable, that revenue model is primarily comprised of real estate-related advertisements, along with subscription plans for brokers and agents.

As an open platform, the company makes it easy for brokers and agents to both organize and share real estate information. In the past, that information has been limited to the New York City market, but recent expansion plans will allow Agorafy to give the power of information sharing to real estate agents in multiple markets across the U.S.

Users are able to navigate the platform via a mobile app or desktop version. The mobile app is available on both Android and iOS, giving users the ability to access information at any time and from any location. Rather than searching multiple sites for listings, users can take advantage of the single site provided by Agorafy, which serves as the most comprehensive real-time database for local listings. Not only does this make the search process more efficient, ensuring that listings do not fall between the cracks; it also helps to save a tremendous amount of time.

Each listing includes the asking price for the property as well as direct contact information and high-quality photos. Furthermore, each listing is verified on a continuous basis with the listing agent to ensure that it remains accurate and timely.

With a goal of becoming the most accurate resource for residential listings, commercial listings, and property information, Agorafy creates tremendous value for real estate professionals.

As the landscape of real estate continues to change, it also becomes increasingly competitive. Agorafy is working to develop the most intuitive platform possible while providing real estate professionals with the tools necessary to develop a competitive edge. The company’s latest expansion plans are one step closer to helping brokers and agents take full advantage of available data and technology.


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