Agorafy Expands Its Real Estate Platform

The New York City-based real estate technology company Agorafy has recently introduced new single-family home and townhouse features to its digital real estate platform. Currently, Agorafy's robust platform already provides support for thousands of residential and commercial property listings across the city's five boroughs. With the addition of the latest features, the site's capacity has been further expanded, giving users the ability to also expand their searches and marketing abilities. The additions will prove to be particularly beneficial to both international and domestic buyers in terms of their ability to seek out prime properties in New York City, which is historically a highly competitive market.

Agorafy Provides Insight into Growing New York City Real Estate Market

The Real Deal reports that New York City luxury market values have increased more over the past twelve months than values in competitive markets around the world. This emerging trend was revealed as part of a wealth report released by Knight Frank, a global property consultancy firm. According to the Prime International Residential Index, New York luxury product prices have increased by more than 18 percent last year. The Index measures the performance of prime real estate in luxury cities around the world. Four of the cities where luxury values have increased the most are located in the United States.

While the New York City real estate market has always been global, it has become even more so in the last few months. According to Cushman & Wakefield, New York brought in the most money in terms of commercial real estate investment last year. That growth was driven by significant volume increases to reach a total of $788 billion.

As increasing amounts of investment dollars continue to pour into New York City, it has become more important than ever for investors to ensure they have the latest and most relevant information available. Without that vital information, prospective investors may find it difficult to move strategically.

How Agorafy Works

With Agorafy, users are able to take advantage of a customized option for viewing available real estate opportunities. Real estate professionals in New York City will be able to submit listings directly to the Agorafy platform. Those listings will then become completely searchable by users of the site as well as the public. Agorafy already supports listings for a variety of apartment sales and rentals, including condos and co-ops. Commercial sale, lease, and sublease listings are also supported.

Designed as an open platform that allows users to organize and share real estate information in NYC, Agorafy has stated its mission is to provide the most accurate information possible, thus enabling users to make better-informed decisions based on the most current market data. As Agorafy aggregates residential and commercial real estate data, it becomes easier for the real estate industry to leverage verified info for spurring both growth and commerce.

Offering a robust array of features and more insight into various markets, Agorafy is set to change the New York City real estate market.

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