Appraisal Flow: Innovative Tool Used by Appraisers for Trends Reporting, Order Management, and Status Tracking

On any given day, literally thousands of appraisals are entrusted to Appraisal Flow. This management tool is powerful yet extremely easy to use. For order management, status tracking, and trends reporting, there is no tool that appraisers prefer most.

One of the primary benefits of using Appraisal Flow is that virtually everything is in just one place. That means as an appraiser, you no longer have to depend on out-of-sync Excel job logs, outdated calendar software, or the dreaded dry erase board. Instead, you can manage your appraisal business from a central location. With Appraisal Flow, you have access to an assignment log, central dashboard, client database, and more.

Another outstanding benefit of using Appraisal Flow is that you can gain access to what you need from anywhere. Because this is a web-based solution, you never have to mess with downloading or installing software. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a mobile device, such as a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

One of the many features allows you to track the progress of appraisals. Because the assignment job log is smart, it tracks all of your jobs through each step of the valuation process. As a result, you will find that adding updates and managing your jobs has never been more streamlined or easier. List and map views are included in job status tracking. In addition, you have the ability to track an unlimited number of appraisals.

With this innovative job status dashboard, coupled with automated important email reminders that send out daily messages and a built-in calendar, you will never again miss an important client deadline. You will always deliver appraisals on time. The days of things falling through the cracks are over when you use Appraisal Flow.

When it comes to trends and reporting, it is hard to beat what Appraisal Flow offers. Designed with analytics and powerful reporting tools, you can make informed decisions by focusing on the trends that really matter the most. Appraisal Flow also calculates critical metrics and generates charts automatically. In other words, you gain access to valuable data, such as average bid and job fees, volume and revenue trends, turn times, and time to pay, without doing much of anything.

Regardless if you are just one appraiser or you work with a team of appraisers, Appraisal Flow is a perfect solution. Any office, regardless of size, will benefit from this web-based solution. Not only does this product make it easy to assign jobs, it also boasts flexible preferences. That way, you can make adjustments based on the number of appraisers involved.

By using Appraisal Flow, you will never stress about the schedule for your next inspection, how well your business did in the last quarter, who currently owes you money, or what percentage of bids you are winning. Instead, you will stay on top of your business, watching it grow and become even more successful.






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