Are you a CRE dinosaur? Here’s how to find out.

Commercial real estate continues to be dominated by CRE dinosaurs.
What is a CRE Dinosaur? You might be a CRE Dinosaur if:

You regularly ask that documents be faxed to you
You just bought another BlackBerry "smart" phone
You ask your assistant to "MapQuest" directions for every offsite meeting
When you say, "I need to check my files" it means you are going over to a file cabinet

If you've recently done one of these four things, it is time for a change. For the dinosaurs willing to take the plunge, what next steps are recommended?

First, we recommend taking baby steps, but here goes:

1. Stop using Internet Explorer. It's not 1998 anymore. Just because it came preloaded on your Dell, doesn't mean you have to use it. Even Microsoft knows IE sucks.

Instead, try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. They are both free to use and make the web beautiful. If you don't want to use either of those, at least upgrade to IE 9, if you can...

2. Try using GMail. If your company still demands you use Microsoft Exchange and Outlook for work, try using GMail for your personal email account. (If you are still paying for an AOL email account, you should probably retire and move to Boca Raton.) There are TONs of benefits of using GMail; the top 10 are here.

3. Hire someone young as an assistant or member of your team. Youngsters can do amazing things with free technology and a little know how. And, many are hungry for a job. The efficiency a younger team member can add can be amazing, if you can find the right one.

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