Asset Dynamics Rolls Out Cash Flow Projection Tool

When it comes to succeeding in commercial real estate, cash flow projection is vital. Making even a smallasset dynamics mistake could put the future of your investments at risk. Asset Dynamics has released a cloud-based tool that makes it much easier for investors to perform cash flow projection analysis in real time.
With the tool, users are able to organize as well as track tenants, market rates, and expenses. The tool offers a number of benefits to commercial real estate professionals. In addition, with the Asset Dynamics platform, users are able to view and analyze relevant data using any tablet, smartphone or desktop, meaning they are not tied to a single limiting device. Users can also share that information with any email address, which makes collaboration much easier. This can prove to be quite advantageous, given how quickly deals can move in the commercial real estate industry.

Numerous Features in a Single Platform

One of the features offered by Asset Dynamics is a Lease Rollover calculation. What happens when the tenant's lease expires? What happens next? By using the tools offered by Asset Dynamics, you no longer have to guess about what the future will bring.

Asset Dynamics also offers a lease cash flow projector that gives users the ability to develop individual tenant reports. With this tool, it is possible to determine exactly where you stand with individual tenants so that you can make more informed decisions regarding your investments. A property cash flows feature offers the opportunity to develop 30 years of monthly cash flows in an easy-to-ready summary.

If you need to export the data from the reports produced by Asset Dynamics, you can do that, as well. Export info to a PDF so that you can use it in presentations or export it to an Excel spreadsheet.

The Benefits of Centrally Stored Information in the Cloud

Since everything is centrally stored in the cloud, you gain the ability to access all of the relevant information related to your investments in one easy-to-access location. As a result, you can review your information from any location and at any time. This feature also makes it much easier to collaborate with anyone from any location. Since things can often move quite quickly in the commercial real estate business, it is vital that you be able to obtain the information you need at the right time.

Thanks to the breadth of this platform, you also gain the ability to present both the current as well as the future value of your commercial real estate assets. This can prove to be vital when you need to make presentations to clients and want to ensure that you present a realistic view of the value of those assets.

Even better, this platform is quite easy to use. Not only is it fast to set up, but the Asset Dynamics platform makes it easy and quick to change inputs. Considering its ease of use and number of great features, Asset Dynamics looks like a winner.

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