Augmented Reality for Commercial Real Estate

Rofo has teamed up with Junaio to create the first Augmented Reality Apps for the commercial real estate industry. Maybe you've seen similar applications for restaurant and other service reviews, now the CRE industry has its own, too. From Rofo's blog:
If you’ve ever searched for office space you know the painful experience of walking/driving around calling on generic ‘for lease’ signs. You end up calling on 20,000 square foot spaces for your 8 person company. You probably also know that not all available spaces even get a sign on a building (certainly not the sublease space or shared spaces). Well, we think we’ve found a solution to your problem.

Rofo has partnered with Junaio, a new mobile augmented reality platform. And together we have created the first commercial real estate augmented reality mobile application. The free junaio app is currently available for your iPhone 3GS and will soon be available for Android users.

How does it work and what exactly is Augmented Reality?

Simply put, Augmented Reality brings real world objects to life through your mobile device.

Once you download the free app, search for Rofo and subscribe to our channel and you’re ready to go. When looking for an office space, retail location or warehouse for rent, point the camera on your mobile phone at an appealing office building or city block. If there are available commercial spaces icons will appear on your screen. With just a tap of the finger you can now explore properties, email listing brokers, see interior photos, find the exact square footage and price and get directions. All from your mobile phone.

What does Rofo's Augmented Reality Application allow you to do?

Browse nearby spaces within a specified radius
View listing details including; photos, price and size of the space
Email the listing broker or landlord
Get directions to a listing using Google maps

Download the app:  iPhone

One disclaimer, Junaio is an Augmented Reality Browser, so you must subscribe to the "Rofo" channel in order for listings to appear in the browser. We'd love to see Rofo develop a stand along app at some point...

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