Becoming a More Efficient and Effective Owner or Property Manager with Green Apps

For a physical commercial building, Green Apps designs and develops a custom-branded app. In addition, this technology publishes native apps directly to app stores, which makes it easy for tenants to download. With this extraordinary residential portal app, owners, property managers, and landlords can immediately communicate with tenants. Overall, this makes life more enjoyable for everyone.

Green Apps is loaded with innovative and beneficial features. For example, a tenant can connect with other tenants using a social “wall.” In addition, special events can be listed using this app. Both of these features encourage communication, interaction, and a greater sense of community that ultimately improves the daily lives of everyone living in the building, as well as the owner, property manager, or landlord.

In all, Green Apps boasts more than 20 features that can be integrated into residential portal apps. With everything combined, it transforms any commercial building into a smart building. This equates to better internal communication with tenants, enhanced convenience and comfort, faster response to a tenant’s need and/or request, and streamlined business operations.

Additional Features

Tenant Feedback – Unless an owner, property manager, or landlord is made aware of tenant issues, there is no remedy. With this mobile app, tenants can provide feedback that allows for appropriate changes to be made.

Upcoming Events – This app is also used to inform tenants of upcoming events, such as major repairs to a common facility or a temporary utility shutoff. Messages can be sent to one particular tenant or, for added convenience, all tenants simultaneously. Even when the owner, property manager, or landlord is in another country, Green Apps makes it possible to stay connected with tenants.

Online Payments – There is also an online payment method associated with Green Apps that allows tenants to pay rent or condominium fees via phone anytime and from anywhere.

Reservation – A tenant who is interested in reserving a clubhouse, theater room, elevator, or other available service can use the complete reservation system.

Request – A request with all details can be sent by a tenant via phone, which is then forwarded to the building superintendent, who schedules the repair.

Information – With Green Apps, the owner, property manager, or landlord can provide tenants with building rules, an emergency guide, tenant responsibilities, a monthly newsletter, and more.

Office – The app is also used for providing office information, including business hours, email address, directions, one-touch call, and other relevant details.

As with any app dealing with tenants, there is always a concern of a breach by non-tenants. However, the designers and developers of Green Apps included a built-in safe social media login. Coupled with password-protected pages, this guarantees that the app cannot be accessed by anyone other than tenants.

The more communication and fluidity there is between a property owner, property manager, or landlord with tenants, the smoother things will run for everybody. With Green Apps, there is no more miscommunication and, as such, fewer problems.


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