BioConnect Sets The Standard for Property Access Control

The BioConnect platform ends the days when access-control systems were site dependent -- having to log into separate software applications depending on if your functions were biometric or non-biometric. BioConnect eliminates that hassle with one software suite that serves all of your needs.

BioConnect helps property managers deploy, manage and scale biometrics across their organization. This industry took off in the days after the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Suddenly, there was an increased demand for security; technology raced to develop more sophisticated biometrics -- a measurement of human characteristics as a form of access control.  

BioConnect was born in 2011, with the innovation of customers implementing biometric security without overhauling their existing software system. The platform continued to evolve as smart devices became more varied and mobile. The company is aligned with the mission of the Quest for Rightful Identity.

Its biometric solution hardware products include fingerprint and facial recognition, card authentication, and cabinet biometric lock. Also available: accessories, including cables, power adapters, backplates, and marketing stands.

BioConnect Enterprise -- with over 25 integrations -- allows you to add biometrics to your existing access-control infrastructure.

Multiple biometric hardware options let you choose from a wide range of multifactor readers, such as face, fingerprint, card and PIN. Any changes, deletions, or updates made to users in BioConnect Enterprise seamlessly syncs with your access control software.

The Enterprise platform helps simplify the enrollment process using fingerprint and face biometrics. You can set a minimum capture quality score and capture template on a card. You can also speak to and manage hardware, with the ability to complete such tasks as firmware updates, new device additions, reader setting configurations as well as setting your enrollment readers.

You can also manage user credentials and information such as biometrics enrolled, active status, sort and filter. Simply click “sync” at any time to re-sync data with ACM. You can also gain insight into monitor compliance and event reporting with such features as Token Search, Reader Enrollment and Template Updates.

Hardware preferences include devices fit for indoor and outdoor scenarios; IP-based facial recognition, including PIN/card capability, among others.

Compliance goals are also taken into consideration, including meeting the requirements within HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC-2, ISO with biometrics, multi-authentication, and security and audit trails.

BioConnect is  Suprema’s operating partner in North America, the UK, Ireland and Puerto Rico. Its Suprema Facestation 2 product offers a fast matching speed, capturing both static and dynamic templates. This gives you a better grasp on the daily changing expressions of the face.

BioConnect has forged partnerships that now cover 80% of the global access control market.

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