Boosting Real Estate Sales with Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO, a game played by millions of people, has become a key selling point for some real estate professionals. Launched in the United States, the United Kingdom, and now Japan, this crazy game has taken the world by storm. As with other technologies, this game is presenting many possibilities.

For people looking to rent apartments and homes, Pokémon GO may be a viable solution. As an example, people in larger cities are now using their proximity to Pokéstops and gyms as a way of attracting roommates on Craigslist. In addition to providing a description specific to the game, individuals provide information on the apartment or home, along with amenities in the surrounding area.

Interestingly, some real estate professionals feel that Pokémon GO is affecting property values. For example, some agents are throwing out proximities to Pokémon GO locations as an amenity. In British Columbia, one listing advertised a single-family home located between two Pokémon gyms and eight Pokéstops, all within walking distance. Because of this, the home became a hotspot, slightly increasing in value.

Real estate agents throughout the United States are also turning to Pokémon GO as a way to sell homes and businesses. As a prime example, an agent working in the San Francisco Bay area advertised an apartment complex located within walking distance to three Pokéstops. In this case, the promise of Pokéstops was used to attract potential renters.

In Nashville, Tennessee, another complex was advertised using game amenities. In this case, there was no promise of a Pokéstop. Instead, it promised a rare Pokémon. The ad claimed that the complex was near a large number of Pokémon, again enticing people to the spot. In this type of situation, prospects have the opportunity to play Pokémon GO as well as find potential housing.

There was even a story about a real estate agent who was trying to attract buyers to an open house at his client’s $2 million listing. Although there was some traffic, it was not what the agent had hoped for. At that point, this real estate professional decided to get Pokémon GO involved by stating that he was sure there was a Pikachu at the open house. Although this did attract more people to the home, just one person who showed up actually played.

The bottom line is that people who work in real estate selling homes and businesses share the same goal: getting people to show up and look around. Therefore, if using Pokémon GO works to entice more potential buyers, fine. However, this should never take the place of more traditional marketing strategies.

What Pokémon GO does is add to the allure. Even for people who seldom play or those who never play, just being involved with Pokémon GO is fun. At the very least, these individuals can tell their friends about their unique experience. However, some agents believe that if the trend continues, the game could have more of an impact on selling.

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