Breakthrough Mobile App Helps Agents Capture Details at Open Houses

One of the most relevant opportunities for real estate agents to capture leads is an open house. Yet, such events can often be so hectic it can be difficult for real estate professionals to capture the vital details necessary to follow up on those leads. Now, Homepass, a revolutionary new mobile app, has made it much easier for agents to capture visitor details during open homes, setting the stage for greater customer development and more informed conversations. As a result, agents are also able to create engaging customer experiences aimed at winning more listings.

Benefits and Features of Homepass

All it takes is a few taps of a mobile phone to register visitors. Pre-registered visitors can even use the app to self check-in. The groundbreaking app also features an automated welcome SMS while also providing visitors with a mobile brochure when they check in at an open house. With the advanced check-in feature, open house visitors can check in automatically via their mobile device. Agents can even set up a Homepass-enabled kiosk at the home's front door, giving visitors the opportunity to self-register.

Among the most beneficial aspects of the app for real estate professionals could be the ability to set a mobile profile for each visitor. That profile includes properties that visitors have seen. As a result, real estate professionals will be able to get to know their customers better, develop a greater understanding of the customer's needs and wants, and have a more informed conversation.

Additionally, agents are able to take advantage of the availability of property-related documents that can be transmitted immediately from their mobile device. This makes it possible to take action on the spot by sending requested documents to interested buyers immediately, add customer and inspection notes, and keep vendors informed with instant campaign snapshots.

Optional 24/7 Broadcasting Beacon for Signboards

An optional Homepass beacon is also available to help agents power up their signboard. This beacon broadcasts to nearby mobile devices 24/7. No longer to real estate professionals need to worry about keeping brochure boxes at listed properties filled. Now, whenever a prospective buyer is nearby with his or her mobile device, the buyer can receive broadcasted property information.

Ongoing interactions make it possible for agents to keep customers continually engaged. This could prove to be vitally important in an ever-increasing digital world in which agents must not only compete against other real estate professionals but also against a myriad of digital resources.

A complete game changer, Homepass has dramatically changed the client experience. With more and more buyers now utilizing their mobile devices to assist in their search for the right home, Homepass is leveraging that technology to provide clients with greater customer service while also giving real estate professionals the tech tools they need to manage property listings more conveniently.

Once sellers see how effective the service offered by Homepass is, real estate agents may also find they are able to garner even more listings.

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