Building Occupants Control Elevators and Locks with the myPORT App

An increasing number of people working in larger cities want two things: safety and convenience. In response to this demand, an innovative app was developed that allows building occupants to control elevators and locks. The myPORT app has streamlined access control in office buildings.

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With this app, business occupants no longer have to fumble around for keys or access cards. Instead, this smartphone-based service makes opening and locking doors a breeze. The myPORT app includes a four-step identification verification process for entry, which means that occupants are provided the same level of security as e-banking.

After entering the building, the app host can move throughout the interior as long as he or she has a smartphone with the app downloaded on it. This gives building occupants far more freedom and convenience, as well as a greater sense of security. Even building owners benefit by having better control over access.

The myPORT app continuously communicates with the Port technology elevator on the inside. The app works with the interface, providing building managers, owners, tenants, and even visitors with information in real-time. Although this app can be programmed so that a user’s identity is verified, it also summons an elevator based on both preference and need.

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The myPORT app can also anticipate the requirements of a user thanks to personalized features. For instance, the app can turn lights on and off, as well as lock and unlock doors, once the user arrives at the building. This app is also capable of sending unique authorization codes using SMS text messaging to grant visitors building access.

Schindler Elevator, the maker of the myPORT app, started to research the role of the elevator several years ago. Today, this app is a culmination of that research in that it enables people to interact with the work environment in a completely different way. The app takes a new approach to the actual design of the building.

According to the latest statistics, over 60 percent of the population in the world will reside in cities by the year 2030. That means that worldwide, urbanization is rapidly increasing. As a result, the building market is becoming more competitive, forcing developers to find improved ways for maximizing building structures and tenant productivity. As part of this, developers need to identify ways to reduce wait time for elevators while enhancing security.

Additional capabilities of the myPORT app can be unlocked by building owners by pairing it to the lobby visitor station designed by Schindler. With this, the image and voice of visitors are sent from the lobby to the mobile phone of the host with the app. The host then grants or denies access. Even when the host is offsite, that person can allow a visitor in if wanted.

That means that delivery personnel and traditional visitors can get inside the building when the host approves them using the myPORT app. In addition to opening an exterior door, the host can assign an elevator that has been preprogrammed and unlock a specific office or apartment door.

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