Buyer Needs: Agent-to-Agent Website for Posting Buyers’ Needs

For both listing and buyer agents, Buyer Needs has proven to be a highly effective website. Because this website was designed specifically by real estate agents for real estate agents, it takes a unique approach typically not found with other sites in this arena. Ultimately, you end up with more viable information that simplifies your job while boosting your success.

The Buyer Needs service is completely free and also available via a web app. Using this site, you have the ability to post your buyer’s needs, which then become shareable and searchable by listing agents who are looking for buyers who might be interested in their listings. This cohesive link leads to better connections, resulting in a greater number of closed deals.

All too often, listing agents do not have access to good information on potential buyers. As such, they spend a tremendous amount of time and effort hunting down prospects. Unfortunately, many of these “potential buyers” simply do not match the criteria set by the listing agent, making the effort a complete bust.

With this innovative agent-to-agent website and app, things work in a more efficient manner. Using Buyer Needs, a listing agent can search for buyers that match set criteria. For the listing agent, buyer agent, and buyer, this eliminates a lot of stress. The days of being frustrated in trying to find the right matches is finally over with Buyer Needs.

For listing agents to search for prospective buyers, whether listings or pocket listings, only a few fields need to be completed. This step consists of entering the location of the property, the type of property, price, and any relevant keywords. At that point, the agent can search by “most recent” or “most relevant.” The process for posting a buyer need is just as quick and easy.

In the past several years, the real estate industry has gone through some interesting changes. For the most part, those changes have to do with technology and its many advancements. Compared to how listing and buyer agents worked in the past, technology has changed the game forever. As a result, agents actually have more opportunities for success and at a much higher level.

Although good real estate agents have always been able to earn a lucrative income, using tools like Buyer Needs creates even more possibilities. Keep in mind that while the goal in using this program is to connect the right buyer and agent, it also has the potential for increasing leads.

By using Buyer Needs, you connect with more people but also the right audience specific to the types of homes that you typically sell. Therefore, you can promote your listings by showing more properties to prospective buyers, who in turn are happy to spread the word about your real estate business. Within a short period of time, you will notice a dramatic change in your current operations as well as see increased potential for the future.

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