Catylist Mobile: An alternative mobile listing search app

While most readers are probably familiar with Loopnet, Costar and Xceligent and their mobile apps, some may not be familiar with Catylist and their mobile app.
Rather than building a native app, they have elected to use jQuery Mobile's framework on which to build their app.

One thing which is awesome about jQuery mobile, is that you can actually use it - and it is fully functional - in a normal web browser, not just your mobile device's browser. For instance, here is what an office space search on Catylist mobile looks like in a normal browser.

And here is what it looks like on an iPad, which is pretty darn similar:

Here is the description of Catylist's mobile app from their website:

Designed to work beautifully on Android/iOS smartphones & tablets, including iPhones & iPads.
Sophisticated, map-based searching including an unlimited number of results.
View full listing details, including photo galleries.
Sync'd with your listing catalogs for access during showings, client presentations.
Access to your CIE's member directory to call/email colleagues.
View your inventory of available property listings.
Email listings and catalogs directly from your device.
Read the latest commercial real estate news articles, aggregated from around the Web.
Free public search allows tenants & investors around the country to find your property availabilities on their mobile devices.

It is certainly a solid alternative to the big-boy mobile search applications; although, while growing, their inventory is not as extensive.

Access Catylist mobile and try a search for yourself.

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