CCNZ Launches Property Buddy App, Gives Landlords the Ability to Manage Their Properties from Their Couches

Property management can be lucrative, but it can also be time-consuming. In the last couple of years, a number of technological tools have been introduced to the real estate industry that has made it easier to do everything from find investment properties to finance those properties. Now, CCNZ has launched a new app that gives landlords the opportunity to manage their properties without ever leaving their couches.
Clearly, this segment of the industry needed to be filled. Acting as an iPhone/iPad app, Property Buddy has become so popular that it is now the #1 top grossing business app. Featuring an intuitive dashboard, the app allows landlords to log rent payments, keep track of payment history, show all upcoming rents, set up recurring expenses, log expenses, take and store photos of receipts, set reminders for events, email tenant rent receipts, export data to Excel, email overdue notices to clients, and even phone or SMS tenants with a single click. Landlords can also generate PDF reports, which could prove to be helpful for documenting expenses for tax purposes or even providing financial information for prospective investors. Whatever a landlord needs to do to manage his or her rental property can now be done easily while relaxing on the couch with an iPad or other device in hand.


Potential to Transform the Property Management Sector

The primary goal behind Property Buddy was to give landlords a one-stop solution for managing their properties easily and with a laidback approach. This app was literally designed to give landlords the opportunity to manage their properties from their couches or even their beds, if they like. According to the firm, 10 years ago, everyone managed business matters on a desktop computer. Today, that trend has shifted to mobile devices and tablets. As a powerful platform, Property Buddy is set to provide the same transformation for the property management sector.


Because of the suite of features offered by Property Buddy, landlords and property managers can take advantage of the opportunity to know precisely what is going on with each managed property regardless of where they may be. This can help to free up landlords tremendously. For instance, even if a landlord is on vacation or traveling out of town for business, he or she can check the status of payments, log expenses, or send a late notice to a tenant who has not paid the rent yet. Ultimately, this can help landlords save time and work more efficiently. In a business in which time is most definitely money, landlords and property managers may find that Property Buddy can also help improve their bottom line.

Property managers who are interested in test-driving the app can take advantage of a 12-day free trial. The cost for the app is subscription based, requiring an annual subscription. Costs vary based on the number of properties managed by the user and begin at $6.99.

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